NDC to petition Chilubi by election results

NDC President Chishimba Kambwili
NDC President Chishimba Kambwili

The National Democratic Congress President Chishimba Kambwili says his party will petition the Chilubi parliamentary by election results.

Mr Kambwili says the election won by the Patriotic Front was not free and fair as it was characterised by corruption, bribery and vote buying.

He said whilst President Edgar Lungu campaigned for nine days in Chilubi, the opposition Leaders were chased by the Police creating fertile ground for the PF to engage in electoral malpractices.

Mr Kambwili said in Chiba where he campaigned for his candidate telling the people about PF lies and corruption, the NDC performed well beating the PF an indication that the ruling party would have lost if he was given chance to campaign everywhere.

He told reporters that the Petition will teach the PF and President Edgar Lungu a lesson that elections must be free and fair.

Mr Kambwili lamented that the opposition were never given chance to campaign extensively as PF had taken over every mode of transport available in the area thereby restricting their movements.

But PF Secretary General Davies Mwila has thanked the people of Chilubi, Mongu, Lukulu and Mitete for continuing to embrace the PF as he congratulated the UPND for winning in Kalomo without bothering to campaign.

Mr Mwila has however thanked the people of Kalomo for at least closing the ever decreasing gap in Southern Province.

He said the PF Victory in Chilubi is a victory in honour of the late Member of Parliament for the Constituency Rosario Fundanga and also decisive victory for loyalty and devotion for the people of Chilubi to PF.

Addressing journalists in Lusaka, Mr Mwila said PF victories in Kaande ward of Mongu Central, Lukulu and Kakwacha wards of Mitete are victories of development over deceit and also victories victories of the valiant over the violent.

He condemned the UPND violence that resulted in the destruction of government property belonging to the Ministry of General Education.

He also denounced what he has termed as UPND’s own resultant carelessness that ended up in the sad and unfortunate loss of life of two of their cadres in an unnecessary road traffic accident when they were part of a pointless high speed convoy in Mongu.

Mr Mwila said no matter how violent they resolve to become, the opposition cannot stop the vigorous yet peaceful momentum of the PF in Western Province saying there is a wind blowing across Western Province replacing the backward agenda of the opposition with the development agenda.


  1. Kambwili should learn to use his common sense. Edgar cannot campaign together with the opposition. You are talking like you don’t know protocol. Why do you always want to campaign where Edgar is. Government protocol cannot allow Edgar to campaign with opposition. Wake up Kambwili and HH the [email protected]@n1st

  2. It’s not that these two they don’t know…..No
    They very well know but just that they want sympathy from the un known.
    They had all the time
    They could have camped in chilubi for even three weeks but just waiting for ECL programme so that they cry the loudest.
    One good thing is that Zambians know them very well.

  3. In our country, a Zambian life is so worthless that a senior leader in a governing party can refer to those that have died has” their cadres!” as though its a them and us situation

  4. To say CKinsultor is an experienced-ish politician is a mock-ish way of celebrating the dull-ish esteem he exhibits.

    Truly speaking he must be a political savvy but man! He just embarrasses himself every damn time. His noise making bursts worries the hell out’a me.

    See what life throws back atchu?

  5. A sign of what is to come in 2021. When I said that lungu will win by 95 percent of share of votes, some cadres here laughed at me. When I said I am willing to run naked from arcades to mandahill if pf lose , people thought i had lost my marbles. This by election was just a dyonko

  6. Zambia will never develop with these endless by-elections and endless politicking.Party leaders are only obsessed with winning seats.

  7. All the best! I hope you find a decent/good lawyer willing to represent you as it seems even they have realised just what a joke you are

  8. No need to waste time petitioning because the court case will go on up to 2021 when we are having general elections as it is. Just wait for 2021.

  9. Lungu and PF can never win any fair and free election , never ever……

    CK Zambian courts are terminally corrupted by lungu. Forget any justice.

    The oppositions only hope is to publicise lungus undemocratic brutality and sham elections. Let the world see lungu for what he is. Lungu like travelling and basking in the popular democratic leader banner.

    Publishing internationally, lungus sham elections is the only way.

  10. Yaaaaaa….what a sore loser!! He thought he was Sata 2.0 when he won Roan. Ati that’s how ba mudala started….did Sata petition any elections??? Uli chinangwa fye, iwe, imilandu shichili nobe elyo ulekakwa!! 600 votes chabe, you think the courts will win you elections??? What a waste!!!!!

  11. Ba Spaka-thinking with your backside always!! Brutality and savagery only exists in western/southern/NW noti kubu bemba or Chipata where civilisation is paramount. PF has hammered even in western my guy-2021 is bleak for you boneheaded tribalists…. Kwekwekwekwekwe…..

  12. Zambian Citizen 

    Tribalists from your mother’s virgina ?
    Son of a whore…..

    Chilubi has exposed the sham of lungus and PF election victories……

  13. These by elections are a blessing in disguise for Zambia………

    Each time there is a by election , PF have to spend hundreds of millions of GRZ money to bribe voters thus diverting more money from crucial services…..

    This cash diversion from crucial services to by elections to bribe voters is being noticed and felt by Zambians who are already hit hard by unemployment and high costs…..

  14. Well all is in order. Zambia can go to bed in peace! Congratulations PF.

  15. Loss ibaba zoona.Spaka as resorted to insulting winners here.Wait for 2021 and thats when you will hung yourselves in UPND!!! I predicted here that PF shall 100% retain the Chilubi seat and that happened exactly!!! Our opposition has no strategy which can enable them beat PF in 2021.All what HH talks about 24/7 is Lungu this,Lungu that,ECZ this,ECZ that,Zambians are suffering,corruption,PF has failed, and nonsense like that.UPND has no manifesto whatsoever!!Look,UPND has never won in PF strongholds since 1998 while PF is now winning in Western and N/Western,Thus,UPND’s stronghold today is simply tongaland!!!! WE CANT WAIT TO SEE KAINDE CRY FOR A RECORD 6TH TIME IN 2021!!!

  16. Spaka: that’s cheap, even by your low standards!! As I have put it, you dunderheads are sore and bitter losers. You think elections are won on social media or courts. Baminaya nafuti!! 2021, MWALALILA OWEEEEE…kwekwekwekwekwe……

  17. Zambian Citizen 

    You deserve any insult thrown your way….

    I have never insulted you before now for you to be calling me a bone head…..

    You draw fire to your self….

  18. Hehehehe …….

    The rats think chilubi is a victory ????


    Sorry, but PF have been exposed…..
    No one else was allowed to campain , ati we won , hehehe….

  19. He he he he he he he he. Ati NDC will petition. Hmmmmmm OK. Who is going to foot the bill when one CK cried before the Judges that had no money to hire new lawyers. Hence he asked for a period closer to a month. Ikalenifye. We know losing pains.

  20. Spaka: PF exposed?? No one else was allowed to campaign?? Even in western province where they whooped your butts?? Funding being threatened to be frozen that’s why the panic??? Ati they rigged??? Kwekwekwekwekwe…. Nkhani ya lula, mwisho…. Kwekwekwekwekwe….

  21. CK needs to learn a lesson that Zambia is Roan so should HH learn that Zambia is not Southern Province. The fat ted CK thinks he owns Bembas.

  22. Spaka please tone down.
    Language man, language.

    Even when we are hurting, observe some formal language.
    I always read your comments but this is a new low my man.

    You can do better bloggian.

  23. That is a litmus paper for 2021,Ba CK Roan constituency results were not partitioned but why do want that be a man and accept defeat we don’t want that nosense in 2021

  24. This Thorn in the Flesh

    I don’t insult any one on LT and expect not to be insulted. Read citizens post before that bad post by me.

    Yes I agree that was uncalled for , and I should not have insulted that way.

    Citizen , I apologies. But let’s be mindful of how we post.

    I am man enough to say , that was a low by me in the heat of people using GRZ resources to rigg…..

  25. Kambwili, a man vying for the top office and yet his own wife lives abroad in the UK. If your own family can run away as economic migrants then how can anyone have faith in you being loyal to this nation. What sort of relationship do you have when you don’t see your wife for months or even years..? Is she even still your wife?,

  26. Kaizar Zulu ©

    Again that is in bad taiste involving some ones wife in your dirty politics…..

    Pleas show some semblance of responsibility that the once great statehouse had…..

  27. Dr Chfentelo has cash to petition by election results he got 1000 votes and NO cash to hire a lawyer to defend himself against current cases. Hope the judge will refer to this nonsense next time he goes to court. By the way, why did upnd lawyers abandon him?

  28. Ba Spaka nimwe ba mutasha kalikwitobo. Sesheke UPND MP won the petition using the same judges. at this moment they were not corrupt. when you lose they are corrupt. Be principled and avoid condemning everyone just because they don’t agree with you. And believe it people will not agree with you on every thing.

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