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Reinstate UNZALARU, resolve conflict with union amicably, Oxfam urges government


International development organization Oxfam says it regrets that the government has terminated the recognition agreement between the University of Zambia (UNZA) and the University of Zambia Researchers and Lecturers Union (UNZALARU).

In a statement, Oxfam says although a number of different positions have been presented by the parties involved, the final decision is an infringement on democracy and lack of tolerance for divergent views that could provide a basis for collective resolution to the issue at hand.

“Oxfam is of the view that a deep analysis of the drivers of this break down needs to be undertaken as matter of urgency. The analysis should be on the quality of investment to the teaching and learning environment; financial viability in context of shrinking resources, how decisions are made and power is used in favour of better governance of the University of Zambia,” it said.

“In addition, the risks of terminating such an agreement are greater than seeking consensus and the resulting common good which is, excellence in human development. Therefore, Oxfam recommends that the agreement be reinstated and a platform for a risk reflective approach to address this impasse be used.“

”We urge government to support both short and long term solutions with dependable investment plans and a clear path of how the parties will regain a mutually beneficial relationship in the best interest of the institution.”


  1. Iliko tripartite iyo nkhani.
    The Union should have sorted Kelvin out. I do not have all the information regarding the laws or statutes or clauses in the constitution governing this UNZALARU.
    I am made understand that the nigga Kelvin did some apologies at some level to Government, maybe, an admission of guilt in this context but he wanted to hang on to the union leadership – wrong move even. Pride.
    The Union leadership allowed it inferring that Kelvin resentment to PF sympathizers or would be voters was a collective sentment of the entire UNZALARU. Where are the morals.
    Right now people in Chilubi are voting for PF are actually insulted by this disgraced Kelvin even when he specifically cited 2021.
    Oxfam, you will definitely will be misunderstood. Trust me.

  2. So oxfam can tell GRZ what to do? What is oxfam’s comments on the insult (PF I***ts) leveled against the ruling GRZ by UNZARALU general secretary?

  3. Civil liberty movements, Union groupings and well meaning NGOs ought not engage in unpalatable unprintables especially now that social media and other media platforms would literally record you as disparage others.
    We do not have the luxury of time to take political punches from Unions and NGOs. We would be encouraging moral degradation in societies and communities.
    Pretending that what this nigga of a doc Kelvin Mambwe said was alright is not only disheartening but negligence on our part.
    Trust me if Mambwe’s description of 2021 PF voters was uttered by a sworn politician, the wordings were gonna be water under the bridge by now.
    What’s the difference between an office holder and a politician in terms of conduct and press statements or generally public engagement? The…

  4. OXFAM’s focus is on issues to do with provision of food to relieve famine. Just how does this organization inject itself in union matters at a university? ,

  5. I have a problem when people who have been to school and always appear to promote peace can openly without shame call insults from Dr Mambwe to PF leadership and those who vote for PF as divergent views. What are divergent views honestly people? Can you classify insulting as divergent views? Please be sensible enough tell Dr Mambwe to apologise then ask government to forgive him . Simple.

  6. What had Oxfam got to do with a sovereigns internal political issue? Have they solved the worlds hungry problem , such that now they have all time in world to be meddling in our internal politics? Very worrying trend. Learn from the foote

  7. Seems the regime change is wider than earlier thought. How does a food relief organisation get involved in a union matter?? Did they counsel Kelvin Mambwe about using a union for his political ambitions???

  8. The biggest problem that we’ve in -Zambia now is strong language, leaders especially must moderate their language. This applies to everyone across the board. We can’t have a country where we disrespect each other. You can’t say only *****s will vote for a Party that’s in Govt and the entire Union stands by you? It’s easier to destroy than to mend, let’s guard our freedom jealously

  9. From poverty alleviation to union – university conflict matter. Has OXFAM changed its portfolio and mandate.What has hunger and poverty got to td with UNZALARU. Keep to your lane FOX as mwana mayadi would put it.

  10. Language, ba UNZA lecturers, language, that is the hallmark of civilised society. These guys have not even one iota of manners when you meet them, it’s like they were born from the same il mannered, insulting mother.
    The guy who spoke on behalf Oxfam must be a former member of UNZALARU executive, cannot see any problem with uncivilized language. Unfortunately Oxfam has inadvertently justified PF reaction which you must now expect from Sunday Chanda. Even Hamble will take advantage just listen to him in church tomorrow full 2021 campaign mode, interference in our country’s affairs, blah blah blah over a simple issue as if we dont have larger problems like $11.5bn debt.
    And Trible HH no different, listen to him tomorrow if he is in the country.

  11. When kaunda was calling you stupid ***** it was OK ai? Now you take offence. Just pay the lecturers their salaries instead of hiding in imagined insults. If grz is bankrupt close UNZA.

  12. The interest expressed by OXFAM was timely. The problem between UNZA Management and UNZALARU needed to be put in the context of the downfall of the UNZALARU diplomatic approach and ascendancy of the UNZALARU militant tendency that heaped the blame on UNZA Management and Government. Things were more complex at UNZA than met the the eye. First, the relevant Government institutions needed to be singled out and then addressed correctly without vindictiveness. The relevant Government departments included Higher Education Authority and Student Loans and Bursaries Committee as well as UNZA Management. It was oversimplification to isolate UNZA from the socio-economic context that was existing in the country. The win-win situation was when UNZALARU took the initiative in the transformation of…

  13. The win-win situation was when UNZALARU took the initiative in the transformation of UNZA into a viable financial institution. Among other initiatives, charging realistic user fees, alumni donations and/or loans, and issuing financial vehicles such as bonds and shares on the Stock Exchange. To do so, there was need to hire consultants to propose viable options based on real calculations.

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