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Great East Road to be closed on Wednesday to Facilitate Emergency Repairs

Economy Great East Road to be closed on Wednesday to Facilitate Emergency Repairs

The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) has announced that construction works on the damaged part of the great east road at Kacholola area in Nyimba may be completed on Friday.

This follows the arrival of new bailey bridges from Mongu on Tuesday.

DMMU National coordinator Mr. Chanda Kabwe has however stated that the road will be closed to pave way for the commencement of construction works Wednesday noon .

Mr. Kabwe indicated that this implies that even small cars will not be allowed to move to and from the province until works are completed.

“By tomorrow we are closing completely when we start working so that we are able to finish this project within two days . Latest Friday we should be able to handover the Bridge to the Provincial administration together with the road users .

What is important is the commitment from government that His Excellency the President wants to ensure that trade and Commerce continues to flow . This is a very economical road which is important to the nation including you truck drivers play a very important role to the economic development .” He stated.

Mr. Kabwe has since delivered tents and other logistics to be used by those working site .

“Government through DMMU we’ve provided some tents that you are going to use . Water has already come we should be able to give you to use for the next three days so what is important is to encourage your friends not to come here those who are coming from Lusaka let them be in Luangwa those who are coming from Chipata let them be in Nyimba until Friday then we can open the road “ He added.

Meanwhile Nyimba Council Chairperson Macson Kapanta has since appreciated government for the quick intervention.

“As a mayor for Nyimba I just want to appreciate Government for the quick response . I know our colleagues have a lot of challenges here but at lease with your response finally you have brought the Bridges , I think as a local authority we appreciate and our appeal to our drivers is to exercise a lot of patience because Government is a listening Government .” Mr. Kapanta stated .

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  1. Imagine the whole of Eastern Zambia has been closed off for one week as result of shambolic works due to corruption by RDA.

  2. In Japan there was a big sink hole in the CBD and they took 24 hours to fix it….these crooks who even imported precast fixtures from China last year are taking 7 days. I mean armies can erect a bridge across a river within 18 hours and for some like the US the can do it on the move using their mechanized units. Who is going to pay for all this when billions have been spent on this road? The same faces will appear on the scene like last year same moron Mr. Chanda Kabwe next you will see smiling moron Freedom Sikazwe if he is not in a 5 star hospital in Delhi .

  3. The disaster management act or the The Recovery Act should provide further room and continuous plans with the “army of engineering corps” to proactively address the challenges that are poised with infrastructure in view of disasters and climate change It should be within the National planing scenarios for the disaster management and infrastructure implementing and maintenance teams to proactively work with the army to review check and mitigate these disasters Its like the MILCON plans in the US recover act and we need this also, not only in areas of roads but also health and energy critical infrastructures we should be able to see the army capacities with massive equipment to move in…

  4. and address these challenges including those build programmes they are well doing at markets and others and help to save and service the citizens It should not be that it left to the disaster but the engineering army of corps must routinely inspect and identify those disasters and not move in when they occur and systematically increase capacities to react in real time If lacking there is no harm asking president trump for technical support as national friends and those programmes can be made

  5. Excellent prompt proactive reaction from the working government. Let those in opposition continue crying and being specialised critics while we work. They are good at criticising. If only there were elections to elect the best critic.

  6. So this Disaster Management is into everything, army worms to refilling Potholes??
    Why can’t Chanda Kabwe’s Disaster Management take over fighting “Gas Disaster” which Kampyongo failed to fix?

  7. He must be in coordination with Government units It must be with the disaster management act or recovery act He is coordinating the response but he needs to have an early warning program me that is why we have in the US the Engineering army of Corps to help plan see and mitigate and to help to recover from all disasters It sovereign resilient risk management processes

    its good that we have seen that with the army and others but it must start with identification also at planning and mitigate proactively before calamities which do not just occur suddenly occure those minor issues of gas must be left for public order

    That is what we know about resilient national disaster management…

  8. its a proactive MILCON PROGRAMME THOUGH CIVIL IN NATURE like in the disaster recovery act we know in risk management

    Okay April 2020 but ncwala may be so

  9. Only one road connecting one big area to another? We have a big problem in our nation. We need to hold a security conference as soon as possible and not prayers. I cannot see any lessons we Zambians have learnt from history.

  10. This is the more reason why we need the Serenje-Petauke connection. A simple road and the multi billion dollar rail line can follow later. This stretch is only 150km. In a disastrous like this all traffic to Lusaka would have been diverted to Kapiri and it would have been a bonus for traffic to the copper belt, northwestern and norther provinces. Now that would be good planning.

  11. Work on Early Warning Systems and avoid being seen to be reactive it must be routine within departments and only managed as a disaster in disaster management and mitigation

    As it is now we need those conferences to simply discuss our preparedness to recover-recovery act from natural disasters in real time all provincial centers must have the necessary equipment and infrastructure to react to disasters with the engineering army of corps well equipped to react to disasters it does not need to wait for bride plan to be redirected from mongu it must be their in chipata always and according to foreseen risks as per routine patrols by army of corps of engineers and departmental engineers it cannot be…

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