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Chief calls for calm as Census officials are beaten by villagers on suspicion of being gassing suspects

Rural News Chief calls for calm as Census officials are beaten by villagers on...

Chief Chanje of the Chewa speaking people of Chipangali District in Eastern Province has called an urgent meeting of all Headmen in Chikuwe and his Chiefdom over the increased cases of gassing in the two chiefdoms.

The traditional Leader who is a caretaker Chief in Chikuwe Chiefdom says the cases of gassing have in the last two weeks been on the increase in the two chiefdoms causing panic among villagers.

Chief Chanje said he is worried with the trend which has affected mostly school going children and people who are conducting the census mapping exercise.

He said the people conducting the Census mapping exercise are being beaten and their equipment stolen by villagers who are suspecting them of being behind the gassing of homes.

Chief Chanje said the meeting will help headmen to protect the people conducting the census mapping, an exercise he said is very important and should not be disturbed.

He lamented that failure to address the situation will affect the process as villagers are also removing the materials put on their doors by the people conducting the exercise.

Chief Chanje has urged President Edgar Lungu to use his constitutional powers to bring the gassing of people and their homes to an end.

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  1. Is it boredom or poverty causing mobs to beat people anyhow? How is it that people think there is an abundant supply of chemicals in Zambia that every JIM and Jack can have access to it. People don’t have food and yet we believe they can have gas(chemicals?)… I haven’t seen any pictures of these chemicals being sprayed in homes, all I see are mobs killing people.What has happened to peace loving Zambians?

  2. I told you guys that this gassing is all smoke screen…fake fake fake…just primitive way of thinking and poverty with no recreation activities and mob psychology

  3. @ex-moma, it is boredom and poverty. There are no jobs so people have been given bags of mealie meal to intimidate or beat up anybody and everybody to cause confusion. These people want to stay in power at any cost. This beautiful country is being run by PF cadres and the guys in positions are scared to touch them. Nobody is my favorite on the Zambian political scene…just saying…

  4. Not even one single case of this so called gassing has been verified by a Lab from a reputable institution.

    We are dealing with mass hysteria here and reading some of the comments from some (not all commentators) and politicians alike is a clear sign as to why as a nation and a people we still have a long way to develop.

    There is no gassing only false rumours and violent instant justice gangs that are trying to create a heightened tension in the country only a year before elections.

    Police please act swiftly to arrest all instant justice gangs and people who have been spreading gossip and fear regarding this false gassing which is not even happening for heaven’s sake!

    If we fail to arrest these lies more innocent people will be killed at the hands of ruthless gangs often…

  5. Ctn…
    If we fail to arrest these lies more innocent people will be killed at the hands of ruthless gangs often looking for an excuse to vent their life frustrations of poverty and alcoholism on others.

    My fellow Zambians it pains me to see an innocent person being killed over false rumours and fear. How dare you politicians scare people into believing lies, someone tell me which laboratory has confirmed that gas was used in any if these reported cases, if so which type of gas? Are you going to pay the funeral costs and are you going to take care of the children of those you have indirectly killed by way of of your fear mongering rumours and scare tactics? Shame on those of you who have spread these lies at the cost of now so many lives!!!!

    May God deal with you accordingly!

  6. OMG! I don’t believe a census guy would still go round knocking on people’s doors in this hostile environment? Your boss is pushing you right in the jaws of death. The mob can easily kill you.

    A mob has no brains, but you do. Suspend the exercise until sanity returns.

  7. 2020vision

    Where is your leader or is Zambia adrift without a pilot ???

    BTW , can you remind us about your predictions on inflation , the dollar/kwa rate and the price of maize meal ?????

  8. Ba 2020vision,

    Pleas don’t take cover, we need an update on your predictions from some time back regarding price of maize meal, dollar and rate of inflation ?

    Give us an honest opinion…..

  9. Spaka February 19, 2020 At 5:13 pm

    I don’t belive there is any gassing , only mass hysteria fuelled by a country that belives too much in witchcraft and god , starting from state house…..

    Zambias is a religious and miracle based economy , while developed progressive nations have talent based economies. Lungu believes god will develop Zambia.

    This mass hysteria is a result of beliving in miracles and too much religion…..

    Zambia needs a leader who will debunk this witchcraft rubbish not not rush to national prayers every time……

  10. But census office or is it statistics denied that they have started the census exercise so where is this guy coming from?This was in response to a fake advert regarding employment as renumerators and statistics said they haven’t even started employing people yet and will let the nation know through public and private media. Do we take it that they were lying and have already secretly employed relatives and cadres who have started doing the work?

  11. Firstly gas technology is patently white.I bet that a white god father is financing and organizing this gassing.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  12. The Zambia population and economy is underpinned and is driven foundamentalist Christian and black magic values while progressive nations like Rwanda and Kenya have economise driven by talent and entrepreneurs

  13. The president should be man enough , if he loves this country to Order a cease fire of political attacks and call a meeting with all opposition leaders.

    A very large hungry unemployed population with beliefs in black magic and miracles is very dangerous,

    Lungu just call for a meeting with all opposition to save this country, military force or jailing or banning any one will not work…..be man enough

  14. @spaka for the most part I’m still correct if you recall reading many of my comments on issues to do with the price of maize I had always condemned the millers as being the direct cause of high prices of mealie meal, if you also further read more of my other comments you will see that I mentioned that should the govt not put a check on the high expenditure towards the elite (that is the 5000 plus govt (including parliament both opposition and ruling party MPs) & parastatal officers) in govt the economy would suffer.

    You also tell me about your own statements on GBM being the right choice as UPND veep? Where is he now and what does that tell us about someone’s judgment?

  15. Chief Chanje has urged President Edgar Lungu to use his constitutional powers to bring the gassing of people and their homes to an end. This chief knows only ECL can end this period.

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