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Former Local Government Permanent Secretary Timothy Hakuyu dies after Mob attack

Headlines Former Local Government Permanent Secretary Timothy Hakuyu dies after Mob attack

Former Local government Permanent Secretary Timothy Hakuyu has died. Mr Hakuyu died in the early hours today, Thursday 20th February 2020 after a mob intercepted him, searched his car and found him with offensive weapons.

According to sources the former PS was stopped by the mob who insisted on searching his vehicle.

It is alleged that during the search, Mr. Hakuyu who was in the company of two others was found with Axes, Syringes, and masks, which infuriated the mob to attack.

Mr Hakuyu served as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local government and Housing and Ministry of Labour and Social Security in the President Rupiah Banda Administration.

In 2016, Mr Hakuyu contested as Siavonga Member of Parliament on the United Party for National Development (UPND).

Early this week Zambia Police said that an emerging tendency where members of the public are blocking public roads and searching motor vehicles on suspicion that they are carrying chemical substances being used in suspected chemical spraying cases currently being experienced in some parts of the country was a source of concern.

Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo said that this was a pure act of criminality where some criminals would want to take advantage of the prevailing situation to attack unsuspecting members of the public and steal from them.

Mrs Katongo said between Manyinga and Mufumbwe of North Western Province, a mob blocked the road using logs and stones and stopped motor vehicles among them, a Power Tools Bus and demanded that they conduct a search on the bus.

She explained that upon searching the bus they found a first aid kit which contained pain killers, bandages, methylated spirit, gloves and a small axe as per road traffic regulations but the mob became suspicious after seeing an axe.

Mrs Katongo said a similar situation was experienced in Kafue between 18 00 hours and 20 00 hours and also around 06 00 hours where a mob blocked the road between Kafue Gorge turn off and Shamikobo area stopping and searching motor vehicles and caused damage to five motor vehicles.

She said Police arrested eight people for riotous behaviour who are currently detained in police custody and has warned all those who have adopted this tendency or those contemplating the same that police will not take this criminality lightly.

Mrs Katongo has urged members of the public to desist from this criminal act and avoid involving themselves in duties which are not within their mandate.

And in Northern Province in Nseluka area, Mrs Katongo said there was a report of mob justice in which members of the public have killed an unidentified male person who they later dressed in a combat police uniform which was found in the victim’s motor vehicle.

She said this was after members of the public suspected the deceased who was in the area in the company of his colleague to be behind chemical spraying in the area.

Mrs Katongo explained that upon interrogations, the friend to the victim ran away and the mob searched the victim’s motor vehicle and found a pair of police combat uniform which they dressed him after killing him and later set the victim’s motor vehicle on fire.

She said investigations have been instituted to establish the source of the police combat uniform.

In another development, 27 people were arrested in the early hours of today by a joint operation team in Mtendere Compound for conduct likely to cause the breach of peace.

Mrs Katongo said 22 various offensive weapons were recovered from them and after screening, those linked to the offensive weapons are likely to be charged with possession of offensive weapons.

She said all those who would want to conduct patrols in their communities should do so in liaison with police in their respective areas.

Mrs Katongo said all those that will be found moving round communities on the pretext of conducting patrols without police blessings will be dealt with accordingly.

Meanwhile, in Chongwe, Police received a report of riotous behavior which was sparked after word went round that police had detained some suspects behind chemical spraying in the area.

She said the people went to the police station in the area demanding the release of the said suspects with a view of killing them and later went to the streets where they staged riots.


  1. flag Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Wazabanga or “the almighty conqueror who goes conquest after conquest leaving fire in his wake.”

    Mobutu embodied what his Africanized name truly meant. His rule saw the further decline of his already impoverished country. He terrorized his people, his officials, and his opponents. He used his image and ruthlessness as instrument to maintain his power. Indeed, Mobutu truly left nothing but fire, blood, and destruction in his wake.

  2. Enough of these criminal instant justice gangs, they are a much greater threat to national security than this alleged gassing which is pure fear mongering and has led to this madness we are seeing.

    Let the President declare total war on these criminal instant justice gangs as these thugs are a threat to our peace and are actually bringing the nation to a standstill, no businesses or govt workers can operate in a free mind because of this constant fear of being attacked by these thugs.

  3. flag Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Wazabanga or “the almighty conqueror who goes conquest after conquest leaving fire in his wake.”

    Mobutu’s corruption, however, did not had monopoly on graft and corruption. He made corruption a part of everyday life in Zaire. In the highest level, Mobutu had cronies who were close to him and joined him in exploiting their country’s wealth for their own personal gains. In lower levels, Mobutu saw leniency to corruption as a way to keep his officials and public workers well-paid and loyal. The result, massive case of bribery, extortion, fraud, and plunder. No official could advance without bribery. Foreigners and locals alike had to pay bribes to officials in order to approve contracts, licenses, and other government permits. Even in admission in universities and schools, young adults had to pay bribes in order to be admitted. ”SOUNDS FAMILIAR”

  4. These past nine years of PF are clearly the worse years for Zambia. Corruption, inefficiency, tribal talk, thugs for cadres and now total chaos.

    While I never liked the MMD reign, I would hard pressed to say that that MMD was worse than PF.

    Someone needs to change in 2021.

  5. flag Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Wazabanga or “the almighty conqueror who goes conquest after conquest leaving fire in his wake.”

    Instead of giving the benefits or profits of his economic policies to his impoverished people, he funneled it to his own bank accounts. His graft and corruption allowed Mobutu to build a huge opulent palace in Gbadolite, his ancestral home.” SOUNDS FAMILIAR”

  6. flag Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Wazabanga or “the almighty conqueror who goes conquest after conquest leaving fire in his wake.”

    In 1967, Mobutu issued a new constitution which centered all powers on the President and started a one-party rule under his newly established Popular Movement of the Revolution or MPR. A presidential election was to be held for every 7 years, in which case, Mobutu ran in the 1970, 1977, and 1984 elections and unbelievably won with 99% of the votes. Obviously, the elections were rigged. By 1982, he consolidated his power even more by making himself a field marshal by December 1982.

  7. Hakainde you’ve created a monster which will consume you. Think about your children. That bunker won’t save your family

  8. Now this is when I agree with PF leadership and cadres when they call the government as the PF government. I am sure even them agree that the name means absolute incompetence and impotence of the leadership. They have messed up the economy and now they have no clue how to protect their citizens from gassing even during broad daylight. I shudder.

  9. It has been reported here that the late mr hakuyu was once a UPND pariamentary candidate . Whose vehicle was found with syringes and masks etc pior to the carnage..
    The late hakuyu was not a medical doctor nor Vet, so what were the syringes and masks for?

  10. It is really childish to blame government for every criminal offence that occurs in the country. People that harm other people and damage property are fully responsible for their deeds. If the law does’nt catch up with them, they will have to explain to The Almighty one day.

    This is a time when our integrity and ability to remain civilised is required. A majority of law abiding citizens is faced with a few barbaric perpetrators. Instead of blaming government or each other and sinking our nation further into hate and lawlessness, we all have a role to play in coming together to unite and to rise above this profanity.

  11. Am so worried were is zambia heading to there is a big problem here and Lusambo am very much disappointed with you and the first lady stop playing with people’s emotions the country is already hating and then you are putting salt on the sore you are putting more fire in the hearts of people planting bad seeds in people’s hearts by crying like small babies instead of comforting people and finding a solution to the problem Lusambo stop acting and solve the problem the way you behaved that is not leadership.

  12. Government please you have all the state machinery to stop this you have the police you have the army the Op this thing was not supposed to go on even two days you suppose to have arrested the people behind this long time the people you arrested with chemicals that is enough to catch the master minders if you catch one that is the end but we are surprised that more are still being caught but more are still coming out and gassing people who ever came up with this idea is really very evil.

  13. This could be fake news…Lusaka Times using the same internet pictures you downloaded for the Chilubi Island attack story….social media is wrecking havoc these days..every jim and jack is a Journalist these for as long they have K16 bundles then they cant post all the fake imaginary story,,,,,back in the days when i was working as a Journalist in South Africa we had reuters, Associated Press, ZANA,SAPA etc as a source of credible news,,,now we have childish attention seekers Tayali,Mwewa as a source of fake google news

  14. Where is the president in all this? No address to the nation on this critical matter while the streets and people burn. This piece of sh!t needs to go in 2021

  15. Enough is enough! I think now the police should target these mobs. They are actually the killers. They are hiding behind the gassers. Infact let the soldiers deal with the mobs. Deepest condolences to the families of the departed men.

  16. but what was the ps doing with, syringes, axes and masks. Specially masks? This all thing is so confusing……

  17. Mama Katongo, don’t you think when the police are failing to protect the public, the the people must protect themselves?

  18. how many lives will be lost before the security wings get to the bottom of this and fish out the originator of this mess. we have a serious security breach

  19. As a farmer am worried because these are some of the implements I carry when am going to work at my farm. where is this madness coming from bantu bamu zambia?

  20. For 3 days(17th -20th) they were in the area with the aim of setting up an NGO. Didn’t they involve locals to help them? What was the name of this NGO and were it’s objectives?

  21. Are the allegations of being possession of Syringees, Masks and other suspicious items creduible? Are murdferous Instant Justice Mobs credible eenough to give accurate information? Sao if they, and they have already, murdered a totally innocent person will they tell the truth that the victim had nothing suspicous on their person?
    Realy we are in a sh!thole country where Law Enforcement is being carried out by illiterate, hungry-angry and murderous Mobs with full stop and search powers. Meanwhile the so called Pres!dent is in the bathroom taking videos of his wife moruning about the loss of innocent lives.
    Any guilty person must be brought before coarts. Whatever the Mobs claim to ghave found is inconsequential because they simply haven’t got nearly enough credibility to be believed…

  22. … Also the use of overused unrelated images on these stories is worrying. Ther level of fake news is alarming but that is what happens when there is a vacuum in Leadership.

  23. The president should send in the national service. There is a time for everything. Some Zambians Fontinining. What about farmers, companies or pest control carrying businesses? Are they going to need police escorts because uneducated crowds are roaming the streets. Chiluba really destroyed the foundation of Education Kaunda’s dictatorship left. Forced education should be implemented in Zambia before the populace becomes as uncivilized as the some, I repeat some xenophobic South Africans. 2020 and people can act this way. Prayers education and the national service needs to be deployed.

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