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Turkey To Set Up Food Processing Plant

Defense Permanent Secretary Stard Mwale
Defense Permanent Secretary Stardy Mwale

Government has partnered with Turkey’s Molino Mechanical Industry and Trade incorporated to develop a multi million Food Complex City -FCC- in Zambia aimed at producing cheaply priced mealie-meal by January next year.

This is under the framework of a Memorandum of Understanding -MoU- for the development of a food processing plant signed between Molino Mechanical Industry and Trade Incorporated and Zambia National Service -ZNS-.

The proposed FCC turnkey project will have the capacity to produce 500 thousand metric tonnes of mealie-meal per day and will be established through a Public Private Partnership arrangement between ZNS and Molino Mechanical Industry and Trade Incorporated.

Molino Mechanical Industry and Trade Incorporated Vice President, SALIM ALABEYI signed the MoU in Turkey’s agricultural and industrial hub of Konya yesterday while Ministry of Defence Permanent Secretary, STARDY MWALE signed for ZNS in LUSAKA.

Speaking shortly after the signing ceremony in Konya, Zambia’s Ambassador to Turkey, JOSEPH CHILENGI said Zambia had not been spared by rising global food prices.

Dr CHILENGI said President EDGAR LUNGU, is concerned about the impact of high mealie-meal prices on Zambians and was determined to address it as a matter of urgency.

He is happy that Molino had promised to deliver the component for mealie- meal production by the end of the year.

And Mr ALAYEYI said his company had conducted a market survey on maize products in Zambia and is in the process of analysing the information.

He said the plant will be developed to meet local market requirements for mealie-meal and other maize products as well as exports.

The proposed food processing plant will be producing mealie-meal as a primary product and integrated products such as baby foods, cornflakes and stock feed.

This is according to a statement released to ZNBC News by First Secretary for Press and Public Relations in Ankara Turkey, JEREMY MUNTHALI.

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  1. “….cheaply priced mealie-meal” !!!!!!!!!!!

    I am taking issue with this. First who do you cheaply produce mealie meal?
    This has been a staple food and we are just discovering this and we need help?

  2. With hungry corrupt chaps like Sturdy Mwale, ZNS will be shortchanged somewhere. I just dont see why they need ZNS in this program…if they company is serious why cant they just set up their own machinery and buy from the local market unless they are after cheap maize and cheap ZNS labour.

  3. Chapwa nomba nabu xristian nation. Mwaletako ama bomb nefyashala. They have even built a very big mosque bigger than any church in Zambia.
    Gulen’s schools soon to be opened if not aready in progress.
    In 2017, Turkey opened its largest military base overseas in Mogadishu, starting trainings with Somali National Army soldiers.

    Take time to watch : on youtube
    ”Gulen’s schools. The charismatic preacher and his secretive educational empire”

  4. Its just a cover for the real agenda
    Islamization of the World Has Already Begun
    “Islam is a revolutionary faith that comes to destroy any

    government made by man. The goal of Islam is to rule the

    entire world and submit all of mankind to the faith of Islam.

    Any nation or power that gets in the way of that goal, Islam

    will fight and destroy. In order to fulfill that goal, Islam can

    use every power available every way it can be used to bring

    worldwide revolution. This is jihad.”
    Muslims view Islam as the only true religion, which calls for the eradication of all other religions and governments.

  5. ”goal of Islam is to rule the entire world and submit all of mankind to the faith of Islam. Any nation or power”
    Corrupt visionless african presidents are too busy counting dirty money to even see what’s cooking up

  6. Learned Zambians…you must be asking questions like “how was this project put together? ZNS is a government institution and from my little knowledge in procurement , an advert should have been run in the print media to invite other interested parties to participate. Bwana PS Stardy Mwale please give us more information???

  7. I think takaipule next year. He is headed to failure as usual. Every sane Zambian knows the outcome. President Lungu has done a great job for Zambia. He deserves another 5 more years.

  8. Criminality in its highest order!! Killing local businesses for their bellies, unbelievable. This is the worst government since time in memorial!!!

  9. Where is the Christian nation going? Is it turning into an Islamic nation now? Can Jesus partner with Satan? The true religion of the humble President is emerging now. Where are the Christians for Lungu?
    ZNS partnered with a Chinese company to run Mulungushi Textiles in Kabwe. It is became a failed project. ZNS partnered with a North Korean company to run a pong fish farm project in Chinyunyu, it is a failed project. How will this one succeed? Are they going to grow their own maize? What will happen to the existing milling companies? It is another bluff.

  10. These clueless *****s will land this country into serous problems. Why should you entrust the feeding of your nation into the hands of foreigners? What is it that Zambians themselves cannot do to bring mealie meal prices down? Did not Rupiah leave mealie meal at K37? What is wrong with these ignorant impostors kanshi?

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