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Mob attack nurse at Luwingu district hospital and damage ambulance

Health Mob attack nurse at Luwingu district hospital and damage ambulance

A mob of residents in Luwingu district, Northern Province yesterday axed a male nurse who attempted to rescue an elderly woman under attack from the angry mob that descended on her on suspicion that she was harbouring gassers.

Reports suggest that the mob almost torched down the district hospital on claims that the health facility was a safe haven for suspected gas attackers.

“This morning one of our Nurses in Luwingu District was axed by a mob as he tried to rescue an old woman from a riot…Riots started due to rumors of houses being gassed. Our Hospital was almost burnt saying it is harbouring a gasser” the source narrated.

The affected Nurse is still alive but suffered a punctured lung and is receiving treatment. The attackers damaged the hospital ambulance including the main gate to the hospital.

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  1. And what is cabinet doing about this mwebantu? Can only work on directives but not sure if president chipampe can do so.
    If directives are no longer coming all systems are either on auto pilot or standstill. That is the problem of having only one intelligent leader and the rest blind and dumb followers.

    • The president and the police can not be at every place at all times. It is however true that citizens can be at every place at all times. Since the latter is true, it means that us, the citizens have late down ourselves down. Citizens have rights to arrest a wrong doer to a point of interrogating the suspect until police arrive. Citizens are the “first aid” of arrest. Now we are killing suspects without getting the truth from them. It’s ourselves to blame for the prolonging this issue.

  2. Ba nurse don’t go there risking your lives to save these brain washed ignorant *****s .They think now anything GRZ is responsible for this gassing.To let you know there will be hunger and diseases in zambia soon that has never been witnessed before in tha nation because of that Tonga fool who wants to make history that he is a first tonga to be in state house.He won’t rule Zambia if that’s the case. The government is still dilly darling and not sure what to do now.Just arrest this tribalist ***** and remove him from society .Arrest,try him and lock him up now .

  3. You ask what is cabinet doing ? Well we are doing a lot that can’t be discussed for security reasons. As I speak, I am currently in Russia working with that country’s secret intelligence. All I can say to those behind this scourge,is that we are slowly catching up with you. You will regret ever being born because these are treasonous charges. Kz

  4. @Kaizar Zulu © I don’t know why I just don’t like u. I have tried to connect with you but I just don’t like u. My spirit tells me u must be evil or maybe u have done evil things. Your comments don’t make sense and we are not interested in your strategic or whatever. We would even enjoy these updates from the head of the state. Are u the head of the state? Like I said last week. U are the reason people don’t like PF anymore bcoz u talk using Ur fingers but not your mind. Pliz can you stop this pliz. Aka decampaign fools

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  6. This is what happens when a nation’s systems fail due to poor leadership.
    When incompetence, greed, corruption and a leadership more concerned about enriching themselves at the expense of citizens.

    The government is clueless on how to handle the situation.
    The opposition is making wild suggestions about scotland yard and FBI. Embarassing staff.

    And then you have those desperate to show that they are influential making wild claims and threats of arresting others for treason. One would wonder if they are not the ones ochastrating the who thing in order to use it as an excuse for eliminating and imprisoning political rivals. Absolutely disgraceful!

    • I agree with u. And the ambulance looks like a non-profit runner. Kikikiki the mob shud do something new not targeting state properties pliz it’s u same people who will suffer

  7. I thought barbarians live in South Africa and Congo, but now Zambia is proving to be worse!!!
    No one has died of that gas, but innocent suspects are the one being killed.
    Call for UN peace keepers.

  8. KZ u are not part of cabinet. As a former presidential advisor, one would have expected that u could sober up and post sensible things that could give us confidence that the president was right to appoint u as his advisor. Pls do not drag the presidency into any mud. Innocent people are losing lives and yet Sunday Chanda and GBM know what is happening and have publicly confessed to having information which can help with investigations. Instead we are sending tanks and guns into compounds. Are we going to send the same into rural areas since this gassing issue is now spreading into rural areas? At the end of the day, I am left with no option but to conclude that very big and highly connected people are involved in this issue. It is your day bane; slaughter and sacrifice us but God will one…

  9. These useless media Watchdog,Lusaka Times,Mwebabtu etc needs to be tamed otherwise they’re part of the problem…too much peddling lies and unconfirmed reports….social media attention seeking also is on the rise…please stop with all this fake stories….just downloading google pictures and telling lies…now i know where the problem is….fake news is the problem….theres no such a thing as gassing….all victims just pretend and act out…and rumour mongering…and thugs are now taking advantage so they can riot and steal….Zambians we have become illiterate and its 2020…..please lets start verifying news stories before we publish them….

  10. So Zambians are worse than South Africans….South Africans target crimininal foreigners not their fellow South Africans…shame on you…i just had 3 groups of Tourists cancel their trips to Livingstone earlier today….and am expecting more cancellations in the next few days…now thats more forex lost….and you wonder why they call our countries shiiitthole….

  11. Yeeep ,

    we have been telling lungu to end pf cader violence with one phone call,
    but the PF depend on cader violence for survival , now people are also doing the same, behaving like PF caders with no regard to the law.

    PF and lungu are behind this mass hysteria sweeping the nation , they were hoping that the opposition get blamed but they did not calculate on people asking how can opposition carry out gassings in PF strongholds under the iron grip of PF cader rule…..?

    People have realised that only PF and the state security organs can carry out such sustained operations right in middle of police and PF caders…..

  12. Just for sharing..*_Timely Warning To Zambians!_*

    *”OMAR BANGURA from Sierra Leone has this to tell Zambians;”*

    “I don’t think you guys know what you are playing with. You can call each other names and laugh about it now but when you end up inciting hate here as I read through your posts here and a real civil war starts in your country you will regret what you are doing now. Your religious and political leaders are trying to divide you between religious lines and you are helping them do that rather than standing up and say we are all Zambians never mind our tribe, region or religion. That’s the only stand that will save your blessed nation. The foreign powers pushing the government to take certain decisions will abandon you when you start killing one another and reject you from…

  13. @Omar Bangura, thank you for your comments. I sincerely hope Zambians will heed to them. I have seen first hand what a civil war has created. And Zambians, it is not pretty and it NEVER goes away. Let those leading Zambia to this disaster go.

  14. Now when their mothers and daughters, fathers and sons get sick who is going to rush them to the hospital, who is going to tend to them in hospital now 4th at they have destroyed the ambulance and wanted to kill one of their nurses?

    There was no gassing, you opposition (Katuka) , ruling party (GBM), news online media (watchdog) and members of the public who have been spreading this panic have you seen what panic you have caused? Are you going to pay for the funeral costs, are you going to take care of the children of suspects that were killed because of your fear mongering??? To the media be careful how you report these incidents and remember not a single case has been verified as an act of deliberate gassing. What a shame we have got to this situation because of irresponsible people…

  15. This is a typical example of appalling leadership at Police and Ministerial and Presidential levels ….when you vote in useless people in State House they appoint equally useless individuals this is the result.

  16. Lusaka times pliz report things that you see. Remember the media has power to build and destroy. The ambulance is a non runner.. so your report could have been argly mob stoned a non runner ambulance.

  17. Do not rebuilt the hospitals and police stations that these animals are destroying. Let them live like the animals they are.

    • We don’t have animals in Zambia in form of people. So the kind of language on my beloved Zambian won’t b acceptable. This is a Christian nation (…….)

  18. There is a need to firmly deal with all this mob senseless behaviour now – through leadership and appropriate action. But it is also clear that we have over the years created a population on the other side that has had nothing to ‘hold on to’ for their survival. Poor education, lied to and hence open to anything they are ‘fed’, including rumours, spiritual deliverance, witchcraft, you name it. This reaction is that of an idle, ignorant part of the population that has systematically been stripped of any dignity, relevant education, correct information or means of civilized existence. In this void, they are open to anything or misinformation – including being ‘hired guns’ for any political plot.

  19. Lusaka Times you taking pictures of broken down non runner vehicle that has been parked for over 5 years,,,come on now…so you are part of the problem,,,i remember my Journalism teacher way back how he used to emphasize on the importance of factual reporting..the dangers of propaganda and rumor mongering…and in this age of social media attention seeking…sometimes you see individuals with mental challenges spreading imaginary fake news,,,and as we all know Zambians are gullible people no wonder even fake pastors are flocking to Zambia so that they can give fake prophesies and sell fake anointed water…someone just asked me…”are you from Zambia?” and i siad no i used to be from Zambia..not anymore….

    • @munghak yes it’s a non runner. But media ati the destroyed ambulance. Pliz media be careful with your reporting. Civil war is bad. Don’t think it’s all about publicity. Let’s enjoy this peace Zambia has.

  20. Ba KZ naimwe! For how long have you been catching up with these thugs. Day in day out ati we are catching up with them. Sometimes its better to keep quiet.

  21. Breaking News!!!!!!!
    Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo, Keizer Zulu and Valden Findley have been identified as the people masterminding the project to destabilise the country through gassing of citizens, Zambia State Intelligence sources have revealed and President Edgar Lungu has been fully briefed.

  22. Slaves would then be given European names.Especially names from out of the Bible.Like how the souls that drank water from the river stynx.Would for get their life on earth.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  23. So because a man is a medical worker.He can not be guilty of a crime.In my time I have seen doctors spending 5 years for malpractice.I have seen nurses in court for murder.I have even seen doctors working for a few pennies a week.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  24. but abena luwingu bukaca lisa how can they stone an innocent nurse and an amburrance , hav they stopped failing sick? we just hope those who ray a hand on an innocent nurse also happens to them their relatives be mobbed miskakenly see how it feels

  25. The president and the police can not be at every place at all times. It is however true that citizens can be at every place at all times. Since the latter is true, it means that us, the citizens have late down ourselves down. Citizens have rights to arrest a wrong doer to a point of interrogating the suspect until police arrive. Citizens are the “first aid” of arrest. Now we are killing suspects without getting the truth from them. It’s ourselves to blame for the prolonging this issue.

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