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Youth NGO Challenges MPs to clean up Bill 10

General News Youth NGO Challenges MPs to clean up Bill 10

The Common Ground Network (CGN) has opposed calls from other NGOs to withdraw the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Bill No 10 of 2019 but has called on Members of Parliament to proactively amend the Bill as proposed by the Parliamentary Select Committee.

During a media briefing at Woodlands Ash Lodge on Saturday, CGN Coordinator David Mvula observed that continuing debate on Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Bill No 10 is healthier for citizens in a democratic society and presents an opportunity for to satisfy constitutional requirements in Article 43(2)(a) which mandates citizens to acquire basic understanding of the Constitution and promote its ideals and objectives.

Mr. Mvula said Bill 10 comprises of clauses which are good for Zambia but also provisions such as Deputy Ministers and Coalition Government which have been rejected by all political parties who include the Patriotic Front and United Party for National Development.

“The Bills has clauses which are both good and bad but the duty to realign or removal bad clauses from a Constitution is the responsibility of Members of Parliament. Our Members of Parliament, cannot therefore, shy away from performing this duty to clean up this Bill after it has passed the Second Reading,” said Mvula.

The CGN has noted the recommendations of Parliament Select Committee to reject these provisions which have been rejected by a cross section of our society and said such recommendations should be deemed as having narrowed or diminished the differences among those opposed Bill 10 and those who proposed the clauses.

“What remains then is for Parliament to use its internal procedures to clean up the Bill by ensuring that it reflects the consensus which has now been arrived at through the Recommendations from the Parliamentary Select Committee. As youths, therefore, we believe the politicking associated with Bill 10 must be redirected to discussions on how best to bring changes to Bill 10,” he said.

Mr Mvula cautioned Members of Parliament against shooting down the Mixed Member Proportional Representation system whose aim is to give voice to persons who are disabled, women and the youth a chance to be represented in the National Assembly of Zambia through affirmative action.

“There is totally no justification for withdrawing the Bill when procedure in parliament allows the cleaning of the Bill by removing clauses which have been opposed but promoting clauses such as the MMPR system which women and the youth and the disabled have been fighting for.”

He appealed to MPs is to listen to their conscience and participate in debating and refining Bill 10 and said the CGN is convinced that a few good MPs will listen to themselves, and their conscience and will not be coerced to stay away from debating such an important matter.

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  1. At least some NGOs still have sense. This is what we expect to hear. Our friends in opposition shunned this. It’s a bit like Brexit. It is easier to resolve issues when you are part of the discussions. Even Britain had to negotiate the terms of its departure. To the contrary our opposition mp are good at walking out and shunning any forums and yet they don’t shun their monthly gratuity.

    Zambia here I come. Travelling mercies. Flying first class is very helpful. I can even access wifi on this plane. We need to think of this when Zambia airways takes to the skies. Kz

  2. I see high level of ignorance here. Why do as Zambians show such level of every aspect of life. MPs do not amend laws. It is Government’s responsibility to amend the laws.

  3. These are just proxy NGOs funded by PF morons Sunday and Mwanza, google search the name and nothing will come up. …PF will not stop pushing this agenda until its law just like they are pushing the Galu at FAZ.

  4. NGOs that have outlived their usefulness such as Zambia Civic Association must leave the scene. They contributed to mess we in as a country, at least these youths mean well

  5. This guy makes lots of sense than the so called Chipenzi who are merely UPND mouthpiece. NGOs must play it focused and offer suggestion. Let’s table Bill 10 and clean it up

  6. CALEB – Do you even know what is in Bill 10? Why is this govt hell bent on passing this bill before 2021? We have so many issues but this is top of the agenda…did you not hear the BOZ governor last week that the country is broke?

  7. Equally I dont see reason why Bill 10 must be withdrawn except politics by UPND and its sympathisers. Duty of MPs is to make laws and amend them. Let the Bill be amended in Parliament.

  8. Zambia belongs to those who oppose the Bill and those who support it. No one grouping must claim to be more Zambian than another or speaking for us. We only have MPs whom we elected. Let them amend 2016 Constitution but listen to every voice in support and against Bill 10/

  9. Why is so urgent about Bill 10 kanshi?
    Don’t we have enough troubles to look at than Bill 10?
    Despite assurances from police IG, we still have criminals blocking roads and subjecting the traveling public to insecurities! What is wrong with our PF leaders and what is their motive of giving more powers to the Executive and eroding Judicial and Parliament powers? What mischief are you people up to? It is clear you don’t love this country!
    By Parliamentary procedure, the Bill cannot be changed or cleaned. Stop cheating the unsuspecting public that the Bill will be refined. It is the same Bill with all the controversial and suspicious contents that MPs will be voting for or against! The Bible says “Can two walk together unless they agree?” (Amos 3:3). Consensus building is important…

  10. Consensus building is important in a Democracy!
    It is very clear that the vote on the Bill is deliberately delayed to buy time. Why don’t we have the vote now and burry this thing?
    Zambians are running out of patience for PF mischief and PF must begin to behave! Why do we have a ruling party that wants to misbehave the way it wants? It is the duty of every Patriotic Zambian citizen to protect this country against Demagogues who want to destroy our country with impunity! Enough is enough!

  11. You can see clearly that this so called man of God is prostituting himself to the PF for a couple of pieces of silver! When I arrive in heaven and if I find this stinker Mvula, there, I will ask the Arch Angel Gabriel to see me off to hell!

  12. Mr.P – Its that bored coon boy who was posting rubbish on LT just here to decamp PF and the bozos are clapping for him its like chickens thanking the phyton for offering them shelter from the rains in its home for the night!

  13. There is no urgency to introduce Bill 10 as it has been on the cards since 2016. Remember the lacunas Given Lubinda spoke about?? The urgency narrative is a upnd plan to convince citizens that PF want to hijack the process-IT’S DUE PROCESS and has been on the cards for years. For your info, any Zambian can download bill 10 on the parliament website and you can form your own opinion, not the narrow view of upnd who want to walk out of Parliament and abandon their jobs yet still draw remunerations.

  14. Runing away from debating Bill 10 in parliament will show how selfish those who will walk out are,for it will automatically show to the nation and especially to those who elected them and my appeal to the electorate is that be careful with the people you elect,some are not representing the people who elected them but instead their leader which is very bad and ambiguous mangwam.

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