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TIZ Welcomes Summoning of Health Minister by Anti-Corruption Commission on Corruption allegations

Headlines TIZ Welcomes Summoning of Health Minister by Anti-Corruption Commission on Corruption allegations

Transparency International Zambia has welcomed investigations by the Anti-Corruption Commission of the Minister of Health Dr. Chitalu Chilufya.

TIZ President Reuben Lifuka says there is nothing extra-ordinary about this case and the ACC are merely discharging their functions as provided for by the law.

Mr Lifuka has however called on the ACC to conduct the investigations expeditiously.

He has also reminded the ACC that this is not the first high profiled case that they have announced publicly that they are investigating and lack of progress and closure of previous investigations is a source of public concern.

“It is our fervent hope that the ACC will conduct it work professionally and independently”, he added.

Mr Lifuka in a statement has since called on Dr Chilufya to consider stepping aside during the course of these investigations.

“This we note that has been our standard call on our part, a standard practice where public servants that are being investigated have stepped aside to allow the ACC to carry out investigations independently and without any undue influence”, he said.

He has further called on the Zambian public to support the work of the ACC in so far as this case is concerned and expressed hope that the ACC not betray this public trust.

Last week the Anti-Corruption Commission ( ACC ) said that it summoned the Ministry of Health minister Chitalu Chilufya on THursday for an interview following allegations relating to possession of property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime.

ACC Acting Public Relations Officer Dorothy Mwanza confirmed in a statement that the summoning of the Dr Chilufya follows media inquiries on the matter.

“The Commission wishes to confirm that the Minister of Health Honourable Chitalu Chilufya was summoned and interviewed by the Commission on 20th February, 2020 in relation to allegations of being in possession of property reasonably suspected of being proceeds of crime, “ she said.

She added that investigations are still ongoing.

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  1. They can summon him but they wont do anything…this is a man who gives out cash at by-election campaigns. Its there to see with this crook Chilufya you dont even need to summon him for what? Crooks like Chitotela walked free what more the bigger Luapula mafia who has been at one ministry for more than 6 years. Not even weak Lungu can touch this man!!

  2. I just like this stage planned crookery by the PF. Its just too good to watch “sewelo” like this one. This case as they may call it is going nowhere. Its just butter smearing crookery by the PFyaka. Who does not know what they are doing – just diverting attention! Lets talk about other crucial issues facing the country like the run away kwacha train.

  3. Life can be up and down lets keep our fingers crossed so we can have justice results. Zambia will one day come to normal.

  4. This is indeed time wasting as soon the hype will fizzle out of earshot as of many perceived corruption tinted issues that Zambians have not had daylight endings but swept under the carpets or crumped into some sealed closets! There is need for a lot of procuring misdeeds needing to be revisited and concluded that the government is obligated to explain!

  5. A person can be summoned in Zambia on suspicion of having riches or property believed to have been ill gotten or through proceeds of crime. The correct wording though is “following allegations relating to possession of property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime“.
    Does that make one a criminal? No.
    Is this subject to investigation? Yes.
    To the deads, are you guilty? Yes.
    Should these dead things ever form Government? Hell No!
    Won’t people be investing in this country? Why not?
    Don’t Ministers have PJs? Why not?
    Innocent until proven guilt = PF.
    Guilty until presumed innocent = upndead. The dead camp. Terrorist mentality.

  6. Rueben Lifuka.
    Why you are fond of chasing after the wind..? What has motivated you since last September to have Dr Chilufya investigations for material suspected of crime? I understood that Chishimba Kambwili knocked at your door steps several times to get Dr Chilufya investigated.Sir MOTIVATION is so weak .

  7. Two words can be amplified thus viz:

    i) Allegation
    ii) Suspected.

    These words are hollow. Extremely meaningless unless a thorough investigation ensues.

    Investigators ought to be sober minded and sharp in order to reach meaningful conclusions.

    How does ACC corner someone for questioning.

    a > through tip-off aka whistleblowing this has a mouth.
    e > as a result of other ongoing investigations.
    i > Lifestyle audit.
    o > Akalijo.
    u > Other.

  8. Only ment to distract your attention away from the hysteria about gassing sweeping the nation , which PF at first hoped will be blamed on UPND now they PF look like the most likely culprits…..

    We all know nothing will come of this from people who can’t even investigate 48 mansions being built mysteriously….

    On those 48 mansions we told you the said owners will never be publicly identified.
    They just gave fake names of purported owners…..no pictures and no one knows them…..but we all know the real owners are from state house …..

  9. Zambia is a functional democracy and its institutions are evolving. There’s still a lot of work to be done though. ZP, ACC, DEC in their entirety need reform and upgrades. FIC also need to be reformed.

  10. Montana – By then he would have covered up evidence the only inconvenience you will cause him is having to attend courts and pay legal fees to fat cat lawyers like Mosho, remember he is a minister on paper he has no powers to authorize anything its his girlfriend the PS who will get the full force of the hit.

  11. In real life, they just want to know how much he has stolen without sharing. In animal farm they animals will cal this tactics, yes tactics comrades. Let them play whilst the game still lasts, but very soon the Zambian people will have a last laugh. Only a fool thinks he can stay on top forever.

  12. Some one said to me that under the Edgar Lungu goverment the more you steal the more the Oga at the top likes you. Think of a Mafia boss with under bosses known as Capos (Captains), it the one who makes the most for the top boss that is liked the most. Unfortunately fellow citizens we live in an gangster state. Chitotela and Mwale the PS were also not touched infact the Mwale PS is in for promotion soon.

  13. The real investigations of this man will be after he is out of office as ICC will investigate him for crimes against humanity and that is when stuff will unravel.

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