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Creation of a buffer zone at Zambia-Tanzania complete

Economy Creation of a buffer zone at Zambia-Tanzania complete

Creation of a buffer zone on the Zambian side of the Zambia-Tanzania border, in Nakonde District in Muchinga Province, has been successfully completed.

Muchinga Province Minister Malozo Sichone who inspected the cleared buffer zone at Chiyanga yesterday, described the exercise as a big success, following the 60 day grace period, given by government.

Mr Sichone who was flanked by Provincial Permanent Secretary Joyce Nsamba and the Provincial Joint Operation Committee (PJOC ) commended the office of the District Commissioner and the District Council for spearheading the exercise.

Mr Sichone also commended the affected settlers for cooperating with the authority towards ensuring that the exercise was successfully implemented.

The Provincial Minister noted that the three structures that had remained standing, where razed following a court demolition order.

The Zambian and Tanzanian governments commenced the joint exercise of creating a 50 metre buffer zone, on each side of the border, in November 2019.

This follows a 2015 Joint Permanent Commission meeting that recommended that a 50 metre buffer zone be created on each side of the Zambia-Tanzania border and areas affected include Maloni, Chiyanga, black market, and Nyondo.

The move is aimed promoting and improving security and revenue collection, for the two respective governments.

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  1. ‘Look Deeper’ id!ot Who told you that I need your level of education to comment here. You can stuff your education up yours!!
    I dont need a PHD to be able to see that there’s poverty in the country. Three quarters of Zambians are living in abject poverty and some parts of the country are just one step away from disaster. Zambia is rated as one of the poorest countries in the world. Corrupt thieves and thugs are the ones flaunting stolen money , while foreigners like mwenyes and lebanese are abusing and using Zambians like slaves .

  2. “The biggest mistake that you will make in life is believing that governments act in the public interest.”

  3. These two took office at about the same time but look the difference …Tanzania has out performed Zambia by a country mile.

  4. Development after development. It is hurting the I.d.i.o.t.s above who can never appreciate a single thing. Even when given birthday presents am sure they complain. If you not happy and things are really that bad then why don’t you simply fook off to another country? I know I wouldn’t stay somewhere I hated as much as upnd hate Zambia. You will die of hate because you will never rule this country. Not on my dead body you won’t!

  5. Mr. Kaizer Zulu, are you back from Russia? Did you really go to Russia because rumors say you went to Nigeria, others say you went Kwa Mununga in Luapula Province. But I don’t want to believe these rumors.

  6. Zedian I arrived this morning and I am now enjoying the company of my beautiful wife regina. She has cooked me a good zambian meal and we are sat here while she massages my feet .

  7. Tanzania is better than Zambia in so many ways .Thanks to misguided PF for making Zambia to be left behind on many indices.

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