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Lawyers demand the release of youth detained for 2 weeks with charge for being found with Doom Insecticide

General News Lawyers demand the release of youth detained for 2 weeks with charge...

Lawyers have demanded for release of a youth detained for 2 weeks without any charge by Matero Police whom the police and neighbourhood watch group searched his home and collected an insecticide called Doom Blue bought from Choppies Supermarket used to kill cockroaches.

In a demand letter to Officer in Charge of Matero Police copied to Inspector General of Police, lawyers from Japhet Zulu Advocates said their client, Happyson Maiba, while he was peacefully sleeping in his (rented) house in the night of 12th February, 2020, some police officers woke him up and asked him and his housemate to accompany the said officers to Matero police Station.

In an interview with some neighbours at the rented house in Chingwere area, some police officers went into one of the yard they suspected persons they had been chasing after 22:00 hours into, woke up Happyson Maiba who had been sleeping in his rented house, searched the house and collected 5 Sachets of Doom Blue, an insecticide, which they claimed could be chemical used in spraying homes.

Doom Blue is an insecticide killer sold in most retail shops and used to effectively kill garden and household insects such as ants, termites, crickets, wireworms and white grubs on contact. Like any other insecticide, Doom Blue is poisonous.

According to Japhet Zulu advocates, their client had, by 24 February 2020, spent thirteen (13) days without a charge and without being brought before the courts of law as required by the law.

“The actions by the police not only amount to serious breach of our client’s human rights but also amount to contumelious disregard for the rule of law and principles of fairness,” read part of the letter.

The lawyers have said they have instructions from the detainee without charge, Happyson Maiba, to institute Habeas Corpus Proceedings and to bring an action for damages against the Attorney General and officers in their individual capacities for unlawful detention and breach of human rights if their client is not released from custody.

On 13th February, 2020, President Edgar Lungu announced a K250,000 bounty on information leading to the arrest of the suspected criminals.

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  1. This is bringing up real 1d10cy stu9idity and unprofessionalism from these PF inclined cops. When you try to gain the least of confidence in the system they just flush it for you before you finish. Goodness

  2. Let the police investigate and let the courts determine who is right or wrong. This is what rule of law is all about. Without fear or favour we will ensure the truth comes out. Others even claimed that I was attacked by a mob in the company of some Indian and yet I was in Russia and only returned on Sunday. I must be so powerful to be in two places at the same time. Kz

  3. Just because is Tonga he shouldn’t be investigated? How can he keep a case of doom and in one roomed house..? Potential suspect.
    He is the member of bitter cult,police cage him.

  4. That is what happens when the whole police are used to arrest and frame opposition on any charge they can dream of….

    They framed GBM of using catapults and golf clubs to train UPND militia to attack ZDFs …

    They framed UPND youth they caught with Vaseline of starting the market fires

    Now the police are so useless and only know how to arrest opposition on the flimsiest of ridiculas charges…..

    If you are the opposition, and they find a pen on you , you can be arrested for attempting to write treasonous materials..
    This line of thinking is now being used on the general public..

  5. This is not what the President intended when he wants real gassing suspects arrested. Doom is poisonous but doesn’t mean anyone having it is a gasser.

  6. This gassing has being going on for time now…..do analysis of victims show doom ?

    I told you , only a hand full elite armies have gasses that put you to sleep and don’t leave any trace……Russia is one of them.

    The Russian military used such a gas to put Chechen militants who had hijacked a packed theatre to sleep and killed them all….

    Unless Zambia has such close ties with Russian to be given that gass That is being used on civilians ???

  7. It appears Lawyers are the only ones who are able to correctly issue statements on these issues, not politicians. We need more Lawyers to start addressing these issues.

    LAZ needs to equally issue a Statement.

  8. Am yet to see which court can convict a person just like that? This gassing thing is taking another shape at a point when public had been showing support to police. But boom! Its a doom person in custody without a charge. Come on guys!

  9. Zambia is a failed state where there is no rule of law. The law is very clear that you cannot detain someone without charge for this long. But because he is a helpless victim his rights are being abused by unprofessional police.
    And you have some ignorant people here busy defending such unprofessional behavior!
    People that have been constantly in the media for assaulting innocent citizens are scot free. You see them now on blogs like this one desperately seeking attention. Always trying to broadcast to the whole world that they are in this or that country, or trying to parade themselves and brushing shoulders with important people. So desperate for attention. terrible legacy that will go with them to the grave.

  10. KZ was telling us he was in Russia on secreate state bussiness …….Russia is one of a hand full of countries that has orderless gass that leaves no trace to make you sleep….

    Russia used such a gas to put Chechen terrorists who had hijacked a theatre to put them to sleep and kill them all…..

  11. iliko rather nkani iyi, people will now stop fumigating their houses, vimbuzi and sock aways for fear of been suspected. ninshi roaches will have a field day muma nyumba manje?

  12. 13 days without charge can only happen in Uganda with Idi Amin in charge. People have rights and Police must know these rights and respect them. When you are about to arrest someone you must do your homework. You just cant wake up and arrest someone because he has got Doom. What is the case?

  13. Abuse of police powers. They should sue the state on his behalf. There is money to be made here. Anyway better to be locked up in cells for 13days than be killed by a mob.

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