Principal resident magistrate threaten to lock up ailing Kambwili if he does not show up in court

NDC Opposition leader Chishimba Kambwili
NDC Opposition leader Chishimba Kambwili

Principal resident magistrate David Simusamba has threatened to issue a warrant of arrest against Chishimba Kambwili if the NDC leader does not avail himself before the court on March 10.

Mr. Kambwili failed to go to court to open his defense in the forgery because he is admitted to the University Teaching Hospital where he is being treated. Mr Kambwili, who is National Democratic Congress party leader and former Roan PF member of parliament, failed to appear before magistrate Simusamba and was represented by his two sureties.

Kambwili’s lawyer David Banda informed the court that his client is admitted to University Teaching Hospital ( UTH ).

But Deputy chief State advocate Margaret Chitundu told the court that the matter was coming up for commencement of defense and the State was ready to proceed. At this point, magistrate Simusamba asked the whereabouts of Kambwili to which Banda explained that Kambwili was indisposed and admitted. Banda, who said Kambwili’s sureties were before court, had a sick note from UTH to show that he was sick.

However, Chitundu, in response, said the State was at pains as to why the sick record was given in the morning when it should have been given to them earlier. She said the State did not even understand what his illnes was all about and wondered how the letter was issued this morning, March 5, 2020.

Magistrate Simusamba asked when Kambwili was admitted but Banda explained that he had not been feeling well since yesterday but in the early hours of today, he was moved to UTH under emergency when condition got worse.

And according to the medical record obtained signed by Dr Alinani Silwamba, a registrar at Unit 5 department of internal medicine, it stated that Kambwili was a known patient to the UTH being managed for multiple Comorbidities.

The record stated that Kambwili was admitted on March 5 , 2020 with acute complications of the condition requiring stabilisation in the hospital and that Mr Kambwili remains under observation at UTH.

But magistrate Simusamba informed Banda that his client had a history of such conduct, however, “I will give him the last benefit of the doubt and adjourn the matter to March 10, 2020”.

Magistrate Simusamba warned that if Kambwili would not be available for whatever reason, he would put him on warrant.

Last month, three lawyers who were representing Kambwili in the matter, Keith Mweemba, Gilbert Phiri and Christopher Mundia officially excused themselves from representing Kambwili for reasons they did not disclose.


  1. There are two types of men in this world: those that open their mouth and can walk the talk and then there are those that can open their mouth constantly and yet when time comes to face the consequence of their careless talking, they faint uncontrollably with their big stomachs on display. The lungu type of men vs chimbwili. Kz

  2. Paid judge want kambwili to attend court session weather sick or not sick,while given cheated the court by saying that he was presenting bill 10 on Monday, but the judge never warned him . Animal farm at it’s pick,kaili criminals are on driving seat.

  3. I don’t know of any illness called Multiple Comorbidities.
    For CKinsultor at least I am aware of his fentizo stant ailments. I don’t appreciate how thick ckinsultor could be so frail.
    Last time he was told to represent himself because his former lawyers ditched him meaning he is unmanageable or ungovernable or just broke. He can’t make it to the UK for tea and come back same day any more
    See his venom is only in the mouth not in the brain or thick body. Ckinsultor is weak.

  4. Big buyers are on the beer side while big fainters are the ckinsultor side.
    I told you guys any attempt to remove the insults out of his mouth you be practically annihilating him.
    The think nigga is so incredibly weak. But pride che.

  5. When Kambwili his talking you would think he bo!!z but the guy is scare to own up. I am sure the wife has a good reason for working in the UK and not leave with him.

  6. If you want to keep CK in his house , just paint every street corner building the colour of a police station……he won’t move.

  7. Only a fooolish opposition leader would attend when that moron magistrate name is on the form. I remember how he treated Hakainde and Nevers …I too like BUFFOON CK would not turn up!!

  8. Imwe ba PF, don’t distract our attention from real issues. What we want to hear right now is that Spax is the mastermind of PF crimes including gassing. Lungu must be inadvertently shielding some of his rivals.
    Hamble , the key suspect is the guy that you were made to pose with by his handlers who want your chair!

  9. It is all right for a magistrate to drag a man in to court.And if the man dies that magistrate would hang.Peter Carlos Hinds.King of the Zulus.

  10. You can not harbor a jail bird.Joe Biden would have to put rocks on the runway to stop a jail bird from taking off.Peter Carlos Hinds.King of The Zulus.

  11. He falls ill when it is time to go court.He open his mouth prior to court sessions.Drag him to court with his bombasas and his new friends will support him

  12. Chisushi Kambwili is following in the tactics of of Frederick Chiluba in pretending to be sick every time he was due to appear in court.

  13. This calibre of politicians is largely responsible for the reasons why good technocrats are relactant to join politics. Purchased honourarly degree has not helped Kambwili much. His behaviour remains worse thatn a political cadre. Doesn’t he (Mr. Kambwili) know that the court keeps record of events. The frequency of fainting and hospital episodes only coinciodes with his sickness. One does not need to be a rocket scientists to understand this shallow behaviour of a low level politician.

  14. Kwena chi Kaizar Zulu cansekesha mwe. Ati “…..they faint uncontrollably with their big stomachs on display. “

  15. Drama at its best,CK is playing James Hardly Chase he should just be strong and face the charges umulandu taupwa ba CK until you face the charges acquittal or sentenced to 25 yrs.Is it why CK is talking too much because he knows that he will jailed for forgery? One wonders why CK is full of drama.

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