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Chief urges subjects to reconstruct damaged police post

Rural News Chief urges subjects to reconstruct damaged police post

Chief Chitanda of the Lenje speaking people of Chibombo District has called on his subjects to contribute resources towards the reconstruction of Chiyuni Police Post.

The Police Post was recently destroyed by unknown people during a protest over gassing incidences in the area.

Chibombo District Commissioner, Barnabas Musopelo narrated that Chief Chitanda disclosed that, he has given his Indunas one month in which to mobilize funds from the subjects in their respective villages for the project.

Mr Musopelo also told ZANIS in Chibombo that each village is expected to contribute K3, 000 towards the rebuilding of the Police Post.

He said a consensus over the amount of money to be contributed by each village was reached during a meeting the traditional leader held at his palace with his Indunas.

Mr Musopelo added that some business people operating within the chiefdom have also pledged to contribute towards the project.

He however explained that the traditional leader was prompted to involve community members in the rebuilding of the Police Post after observing that crime has increased in the area barely a month after the institution was destroyed.

He has since commended the traditional leader for his initiative to involve his subjects in the project, adding that this will create a sense of ownership and responsibility among community members.

And Mr Musopelo said Chief Chitanda has offered a house where Police are now operating from until the reconstruction of the Police Post is completed.


  1. Good move, hitting them in the pocket so that next time they will think twice before burning down public property…

  2. Very wise chief. All leaders be they opposition or ruling party MPs etc need to learn from this wise chief Chitanda of the Lenje Of Chibombo. The only way you solve problems like destruction of public property by rioters is to get the community involved, when they take direct ownership of something they can never destroy it, they will be responsible and take care of it. Wise chief.

  3. Zambians can really show their anger if u provoke them. I hv it said that they’re docile; they aren’t. They’re just patiently waiting for a good govt to serve them.

  4. Where ever there is looting and destruction of property like the recent one , the government should just charge the all community if the cannot identify the culprits. This way the communities will be very responsible and will refrain from such acts in future.In the western world the citizens never vent their anger on the police and other government installations. Very rare if any .One thing the ignorant Zambians should know is that Investors and donors will not continue helping zambia for ever especially where the destroy property in this way.We will remain poor till kingdom come because we lacky reasoning capacity and we are used to eating garbage and wait for donors. It is really a shame for the once great country

  5. Nemwine – That is absolute bull.s…. There is no justification for destroying public property to show your use.less, misdirected anger. Did the Police Post gas people? That Police Post belongs to all of us – whether you are in Kaputa, Shang’ombo, Dundumwezi, Vubwi, or Lusaka. And Zambians have the right to rise against those that destroy their public property – wait and see what will happen one of these days. Well done Chief Chitanda, you have set a very good example for other well-meaning traditional leaders to emulate.

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