National Address On Values and Principals An Opportunity To Address The Nation On Gassing And Mob Injustice-SACCORD

SACCORD executive director Boniface Cheembe
SACCORD executive director Boniface Cheembe

The Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) says the national address by the President on Values and Principals has come at an opportune time as it offers the Republican President an opportunity to address the nation on the recent happenings in the country.

In a statement to the media SACCORD Executive Director Boniface Cheembe said the recent happenings in the country as regards the instant mob injustice and the gassing phenomenon have led to some citizens questioning whether as a country we have national values and principles.

He said the address by the President on the progress made in implementing national values and principles offers an opportunity for the President to inform the nation as to whether there is any linkage in the action of citizen mob injustice and the implementation of our national values and principles.

Further Mr Cheembe said his organization expects the President to inform the nation on the extent to which the Ministry of Religious and National Affairs has effectively managed to inculcate these national values and principles to the nation.

He also called on the President to highlight the successes scored in implementing national values and principals.

“…We hope that the President will avail the nation details on how the Government through the implementation of national values and principles has managed to be fair and just in the distribution of relief food in hunger stricken provinces, recruitment of teachers and doctors and their distribution around the country and other practical steps undertaken in line with national values and principles.

“In so doing, we expect the President to clearly highlight the successes and challenges in the implementation of national values and principles thus far. We hope that all citizens will objectively follow the address by the Head of State which we expect will unite the nation based on peace for which the country has become renowned,” he said


  1. We’ll see how the Kwacha will react to the talk show! Two things the Kwacha is interested in are Truth and Lies! If ECL says the truth, the Kwacha will appreciate. If he tells lies, the Kwacha will react negatively and expect Fuel to go up! There is not much to be expected since he will be talking to the gallery. A Press Conference would have made more sense than this National address. We want to ask him many questions including why he never wanted to talk to the nation when it was being gassed. Let him just tell us he has failed and resign honourably. There are many competent Zambians who can run this country better apart from PF, UPND, NDC, DP and many others! What metrics are they using to measure progress on the so called values and Principles?
    What is not inspiring about Mr ECL’S…

  2. What is not inspiring about Mr ECL’S leadership is too much talk which is out of ALIGNMENT with reality on the ground! How we wish he could be like Magufuli who is action oriented! Abakali tabalanda landa! The only values PF knows are violence and shedding innocent bl00d!

  3. What values is he going to talk about when he has no integrity as a Lawyer he claims to respect the Constitution he swore to uphold?
    Can you put on shoes that have no integrity?
    No Third term!
    We don’t want Wamuyayas!
    Thanks John Sangwa and Radio Phoenix for educating us this morning!

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