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Police Chief sternly warns groups planing to hold a protest to demand the release of Spax


The Inspector-General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has said that Zambia Police has received information that some groupings on the Copperbelt have printed some T-shirts and are planning to hold an illegal protest demanding for the release of Kabaso Mulenga popularly known as Spax who is in our custody.

In a statement released to the media, the Police Chief said that warned people behind the mobilization of the protest plans to reconsider their position or be dealt with ruthlessly by what he termed men and women in uniform.

“This Country has got laws which guide on all processions and protests hence any act that is contrary to the provisions of the law shall not be tolerated at any point,” the Police Chief said, reminding all the organisers of the impending illegal protest that going ahead with their planned activity will be unlawful as provisions of the law have not been followed.

“All officers are on high alert and will not tolerate any lawlessness to take root in this country,” Mr Kangaja said before concluding with a further warning that acts of lawlessness that characterized Chingola in the recent past will this time be dealt with a heavy hand and that the warning must be taken seriously.

Early this week, Zambia Police in Lusaka warned and cautioned Baba Kabaso Mulenga commonly known as Sparks of Chingola on the Copperbelt for one count of Murder.

According to Zambia Police, the murder occurred in Chingola on the Copperbelt contrary to section 200 Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia. The suspect was further warned and cautioned for one count of Unauthorized use of Uniforms contrary to section 6 (i)(a) of the National Security Act Cap 111 of the Laws of Zambia.

The suspect was apprehended on 26th February, 2020 and he remains detained in police custody.


  1. God help us, Christian nation preparing w a r with who?
    Watch “Zambian government buys new army trucks” on YouTube

  2. Zambia’s IGP issues stern warnings except when the protests and processions are done by PF .

  3. PF has been grooming these monsters and they have come back to haunt them. It is worrying to hear insults by a cadre on the serving Home Affairs minister without restraint. Ati Kampyongo ule kwata umwenso, really!

  4. Police aren’t even saying whn the murder occurred. Who was murdered? Whn were they murdered? Where’s the body? I see chickens coming home to roost here.

  5. This Sparks saga sounds like Mexico or Colombia.
    What about some of Kabaso Sparks’ friends, will they attend cabinet meeting on Monday?

  6. Tell the people the details of this case …why are you holding him? What is wrong with these morons? People will think twice about protesting…people in Drug kingpin’s town protested when Pablo Esobar was gunned

  7. Ba UPND what do you from government kanshi???
    They arrest your perceived PF member you arrange for a release what is wrong with you imweee????

  8. Arrest these monkeys found wanting. Do not even hesitate. If you need a fast car to transport them off I am willing to give you my new car


  10. I suspect all this is just a show. This Spax is one of them. The plan is to make it appear as if ‘no one is above the law’. The so-called pending protest is part of the soap opera. Eventually, they will state that after exhausting all ‘investigative avenues’ in a ‘hostile’ working environment, Spax has no case to answer. In fact, they will say no one is willing to be a witness.

  11. I would like to state that I do not know chrisha frost or whatever her name is. I doubt I have ever met her in my life. Kz

  12. Kaizer. Your foolishness proves you should go back suck to muma once more. Donno where you should start from but you suck.

  13. Okay Mus.h0ta N.3z aka “K@is3r Zu!u”.
    Grow up for once you mor0n.
    People with sound analytical minds know you are NOT K@is3r but (mu.sh0ta/N.3z), with a lot of time on your hands, you waster & Lus@ka T!mes resident B0t.

  14. For once Zambians why can’t we talk of development but every time it’s corruption and violence i was surprised last night that there is still load shedding in Zambia (Ndeke kitwe last night around 8 load shedding which lasted for so many hours) with all those floods happening i thought the drought was over Zesco what’s going on can you explain to the country or is it another mystery like gassing which can never be explained.

  15. Spax locked up and no more gassing of our people and especially our school children. Common sense should tell us to lock him up forever, together with his handlers.

  16. 2: Kaizer Zulu assaulted and verbally abused CAF officials live on TV and in full view of President Edgar Lungu at the Under 20 AFCON Final at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka.
    3: Kaizer Zulu bashed a brand new government car at Munali roundabout in a drunken spree in the middle of the night.

    4: Sometime last year Kaizer Zulu assaulted brutally another PF member he had a conflict with somewhere in the Chelston Avondale area.

    5: Earlier this year he brutally assaulted another PF member in a hotel lobby in Ndola. The vicious assault was captured on hotel CCTV and went viral, Amos Chanda was also present when the assault took place.

    6: In April this year Kaizer Zulu fired several gunshots at NDC President Dr Chishimba Kambwili’s house during the Roan By Election. The docket is still open…

  17. : He attempted to kill Enoch Kavindele Jnr at Chrismar Hotel which is owned by Valden Findlay. Zulu fired several shots at Enoch in the Chrismar carpark. Luckily he missed all the shots. After this incident Zambia Police said that they had retrieved all the guns from Zulu. But that was really not the case.

    copied and pasted….what are other people are known for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. PF created this elephant, NOW is extremely BIG to deal with. This PF you see, 2021 you shall not seen it again!

  19. Peter nkhoma thanks for breaking down all the allegations.. now let me ask you.. have I been charged or rather convicted for any of them? Your answer to that question should determine how you respond to me going forward.

  20. Peter Rajesh Nkhoma – are you plain stupid or just ignorant …you really think that is Kz? Wake up sonny!!

  21. Kaizer you have now changed you are now calling your cadres on the cooper belt the Jerabos criminals i remember that scripture which says if the devil can cast out demons then how can his kingdom stand and PF are doing just that casting their own demons out this is the end of PF am seeing more fights in PF and more divisions those who are involved in gassing will be flashed out what about those involved in tribalism will also be flashed out and what about the Luapula United lets wait for PF conversion conference and you will see cat and dog fight in PF.

  22. The Spax mining dude is a mafia boss, please ba PF do not start a war you can not complete, Release Don Spax and let us get on with our lives please na pa pa ta.
    Ba Spax on behalf of all Zambians we are sorry.

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