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Should Zambia close it’s borders to Europe?

Health Should Zambia close it's borders to Europe?

Tanzania on Monday became the latest East Africa country to confirm its first case of coronavirus, as neighbouring countries shuttered borders and schools as fears of contagion rose.

The Tanzanian Health Minister Ummy Mwalimu said a 46-year-old Tanzanian woman had tested positive for the illness after returning from Belgium on March 15, and was recovering in a hospital in Arusha. Mwalimu said the woman, who had been staying with someone sick from coronavirus in Belgium, was not detected by temperature scanners at the airport but reported herself for testing. “All in all, this is an imported case, and the woman is improving and continues with treatment,” she said, adding authorities would trace all the patient’s contacts since she arrived in Tanzania, and place them under quarantine.

South Africa has a total of 62 confirmed COVID-19 cases. 11 new cases are distributed in the Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the Western Cape provinces and comprise of the following:

Gauteng Province

A 33-year-old male who travelled to Spain
A 68 year-old-female who travelled to Austria
A 30-year-old male who travelled to India
A 39-year-old male who travelled to the United States of America
A 43-year-old female who travelled to the United States of America
A 50-year-old male who travelled to France and the United Kingdom
A 37-year-old who travelled to the United States of America, Dubai and Mexico
Western Cape Province

A 39-year-old male who travelled to Canada
A 15-year-old male who travelled to France

Limpopo Province

A 29-year-old male who travelled to France and the Netherlands
Mpumalanga Province

A 55-year-old male who travelled to France

With Europe being the current epicentre of corona virus,should Zambia take the precautionary step of instituting a travel ban on foreign visitors from Europe and the United States?

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  1. Lazy Lungu hasn’t got the balls to do that …but even if you close the border you are just postponing the inevitable because these countries will have 60% of it population infected then develop immunity.

    • He is afraid because he thinks if he gets sick, he will not be able to travel there for medical treatment. But South Africa has already closed its borders so no where to run you Zambian leaders when you get sick. You will also have to rely on the shady health system in Zambia which you have neglected for years…..

  2. Stoopid question!! Other African countries have already taken action. What are you waiting for?

  3. Yesssss, two days ago!!!!! Because you do not have the resources to fight it!!! Cholera is killing your people every rainy season in the 21st century!!!

  4. Lungu needs the virus because he will have excuses for prayers, economy everything….look at what happened with those gassers they have disappeared like Inswa just like that, same pattern as those market fires

  5. Yes! It is not xenophobia to close our borders for security and health concerns of zambian citizens like Chitalu Chilufya suggested in parliament.

  6. Zambia shall remain saved. We know those evil forces in opposition praying for a case here so that they can use it to their politically. But we are a Christian nation and no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Kz

  7. For as long as KZ and friends thing all things bad are celebrated by the opposition, the country will continue to be held at ransom.

    Folks, COVID-19 does not distinguish between left or right, up or down. If it arrives it will want to spread.

    KZ tell you boss to save Zambian lives by closing borders.

  8. Is it by simple reasoning that if ALL our neighbors close the doors to Europe and other infected countries this will imply our door is closed too?
    By the way, other countries would not hesitate to turn away our people in similar circumstances …just stating the obvious.

  9. Koma Zambians awe sure.

    Corona is already there. Just start testing and stop saying “fikaisova ifine kuntanshi”.

    Being in denial, or hoping that national day of prayers will repel this virus, will not help us.

    Government should take this virus seriously. Most of these ministers are old and have medical conditions already…exactly the type of people that Corona is killing one hundred percent.

    This is very serious. If you want to be around 2021, take action.

  10. At least Ghana, Kenya, TZ, South Africa and Rwanda have presidents who are not afraid of talking to the electorate.

    Pa Zed there is no President. No leadership in a crisis. Like in the gassing issue Zambians risk being be in their own.

    Stay safe folks. Wash hands. Stop hand shakes.

  11. Close the border to all countries for 30 days then review it, only allow trucks to export copper and import food stuffs and check drivers, that’s what the rest of the world is doing, short term pain for long term gain, other wise alot of people are going to die, just like what happened in 1918 in the great flu when 40 million people died worldwide

  12. The government will close all Schools, Colleges and Universities in Zambia with effect from Friday 20th March, 2020. People from from high risk countries such as China and Italy are still welcome to come to Zambia

  13. I live in Brazil and I am married to a Zambian … we are in confinement in Florianopolis Brazil … a lot of care with covid-19 because it is fatal … I am white … and I have no prejudice because this pandemine has no sex color race or ideology is a message to understand that we are all equal before GOD … protect all inhabitants over 60, they are the most vulnerable … in the world … this is a serious thing

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