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Zamtel CEO explains pricing changes

EconomyZamtel CEO explains pricing changes

Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta has explained that the company has increased some of its prices due to changes in the economic fundamentals in the country.

Some Zamtel customers have taken to social media to voice out their displeasure over the increases in some packages saying the price hike was unfair.

But in a statement issued this morning, Mr Mupeta said the adjustments to the pricing of its products and services have been made in order to continue providing quality services to its customers.

He said the adjustment which affects its data and voice services has been effected after consultation with stakeholders.

Mr. Mupeta said the adjustments have been done in response to the prevailing market conditions.

He added that while some of the prices have been adjusted upwards, some prices have been adjusted downwards in order to align the pricing with the available offers on the market.

Mr. Mupeta further said some additional benefits on selected offers have been introduced.

“You will recall that a number of fundamentals have changed in the market and as such in order for us to continue providing quality service to our customers, it has become necessary to align our pricing,” he said.

“Am sure most of our customers have noticed a huge improvement in customer experience for both our data and voice services. This is due to massive investment that the company has made on its network. We will continue investing on the network in order to provide quality service to our customers,” he added.

He said at the moment Zamtel has the largest network coverage in the country.

Mr. Mupeta emphasized that even with the adjustment to its prices, Zamtel still remains the most affordable network in the country.

“We want to assure our customers that despite the changes to the prices, Zamtel remains the most affordable and reliable network in the country.

Zamtel has in the recent years invested over $280m to erect more than 1000 towers across the country as well as modernize its network. The investment has resulted in an increase in the number of 4G, 3G and 2G sites across the country. The increase in sites has led to better customer experience across the network.

“As a customer centric organization, we will keep finding solutions that contribute to improving customer experience while providing affordable service,” he stated.

Mr. Mupeta asked Zamtel customers to look out for exciting offers which include its newly introduced Gift Wallet packages.


  1. I have since put my Zamtel simcard aside until farther notice.

    K9 for 500mb from K5 is a joke. You live in Mars?

    This guy has run down the company. It is now nose skidding.

    Lets see what happens.

    • Now you are starting to see it when its too late when we tell you small boys ..you think we are negative. I have said time and time again that Sydney is not a CEO, these people can not modernize a company just like at ZESCO, these are people promoted from within all they will think of is increasing prices…you made your bed now sleep in it!!

    • Honestly jay jay, don’t you sound like an !d!0t.
      This sector has alternatives.
      Why don’t you shut ya’ trump nigga kid?

    • Thorn in the a$$ – What alternatives? Zamtel is owned by Zambians who have invested a lot of money in it …those overpriced communication towers Sydney sings about are financed by a loan, who do you think will pay that money when Zamtel fails? On top of that you have to pay Lapgreen.
      You cornered now you resort to swearing like a spitting cobra…didnt we tell you? little sil.ly boyo you have flooded the company with your cadre girlfriends and you want to pass the bill to subscribers.

  2. I agree with you sir Thorn in the flesh and k25 for 1.5mb from k10 more than 100 per cent increment and that without warning?

  3. This man is a technician guy who should be in the cold server rooms with the Chinese expats …really laughable …you tell to tighten his belt he goes to increase prices..at the end of the month he will come with a balance sheet saying revenue has increased but zero profit.

  4. Mr Mupeta, see how your earnings will dwindle starting tomorrow…will switch to mtn which is Reliable for the same prices. Goodbye Zamtel. Till such a time, have a good time!

  5. He is boasting that zamtel has the largest customer base in the country but forgetting that this was a direct result of the prices. See how they now drop to the bottom of the pile where they were before, that is if airtel and mtn don’t also increase.

  6. Back to MTN – nobody appreciates 150% increase! And “improvement in the network”? Excuse me? Go to Chingola, there is hardly any Zamtel signal!

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