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Church pledges adherence to Coronavirus preventive measures

Health Church pledges adherence to Coronavirus preventive measures

The clergy in Northern Province has welcomed the prevention measures introduced by government in the wake of the Coronavirus.

Speaking to ZANIS in separate interviews, leaders from the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) and Pastors’ Fellowship said the church has a responsibility to not only pray against the deadly virus but also take precautions.

CCZ Northern Province Chairperson, Chonde Phiri said church leaders should adhere to the measures meant to protect the public from the pandemic that has ravaged the world.

Fr Chonde noted that the church leadership has a duty to ensure that hand-sanitizing facilities are provided during services and also discourage handshakes at all costs.

He also encouraged Christians to uphold high standards of hygiene in their homes and communities.

And Kasama Pastors’ Fellowship Chairperson Pastor, William Mutale said the church should ensure that measures on sanitation and duration of church services are adhered to.

Pastor Mutale said the fellowship is engaging its members on the need to comply with government’s guidance on church gatherings in the wake of COVID-19.

He has since urged the Christian community not to be discouraged in their faith but continue seeking God’s intervention.

Meanwhile, the Zambia Union of Nurses Organisation (ZUNO) has commended government for preventive measures put against COVID-19 fight.

The union has commended government through the Ministry of Health for escalating the level of national preparedness and response, as well as intensifying measures to respond to the coronavirus.

However, ZUNO is saddened that the country has recorded two cases.

The union has nonetheless remained positive that the country will manage to fight the pandemic, with government taking a multi-sectoral approach to health, by intensifying screening, restricting public gatherings and employing the social distancing strategy in the education sector, as these are areas that are likely to easily spread the disease.

The union has also expressed concern with the country’s boarders that are still open, stating that although restriction has been imposed on all foreign travel, it would be best to keep the infection at bay by closing borders with countries that are currently considered high risk.

ZUNO noted that Nurses and Midwives play a vital role in healthcare delivery, both in the health facilities and community, noting that it was encouraging that the Ministry of Health is orienting nurses on best practices to follow when dealing with patients who may be infected.

The union has since urged the Ministry of Health to ensure that there is availability of personal protective equipment for nurses and midwives that may be working in close contact with infected patients.

ZUNO stated that the union will continue to closely monitor the situation within and around the country and to ensure that nurses are not exposed to unnecessary risk, such as long working hours and that infection control guidelines are adhered to.

This is according to a press statement issued to ZANIS by ZUNO Secretary General Fray Michelo in Lusaka today.

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  1. Just suspend any gathering especially the church…maybe the docile masses will wake up for a change

    • Trump is right now talking about chloro-quine the malaria medication you Zambians threw away, as the best option for coronavirus.
      Instead of Zambia announcing that they have medicine, they are busy starting with fasting and national prayers.

    • Nostradamus my people in the village heard about chloroquine helping in coronavirus treatment from the Chinese in Zambia, months before Trump started talking about it. Chinese in Wuhan used chloroquine and HIV medication to relieve COVID19 symptoms

  2. “Do you know how useless prayer is? Chanting and singing and mucking about with half-remembered lines of bad poetry, and do you know what it gets you? NOTHING!

  3. A church gathering in south korea is believed to be the source of high infections .
    A prayer gathering at some mosque in Asia is equally been identified as a cause of some infections.
    Europe and America have banned church gatherings including some African countries.
    So please no church gatherings should be allowed in the country for our own good.

  4. Its important for church leaders to find other ways to worship rather than congregational gathering, just for a short wnile. There is radio, TV. Internet. Faith in God will protect us as He is able to do the impossible. With God all things are possible so go into church with confidence.

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