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Corona virus ,maids ,waiters and gardeners

Health Corona virus ,maids ,waiters and gardeners

Dear Editor,

I’m aware Covid-19 has become rhetoric the world over, I shall however add my small voice.

It is now apparent that this virus is mostly affecting cross-border travelers, and this means the well-off in society. The most vulnerable include diplomats, business men and women, tourists, and employees of international organisations. This category of people evidently has better diets and therefore stronger immune systems. They also have access to the best medical and insurance services locally and internationally. Further, they are easy to trace as Covid-19 patients since they are on mobile phones and internet.

The problem is these rich colleagues retain lots of maids, gardeners and general helpers at their houses. The maids and gardeners literally take care of their daily chores, and are therefore in close contact with their employers. As is common practice, it is the maids, gardeners and drivers who take care of the children of these cross-border travelers. Even in our hotels and top lodges, where the virus is most likely strike, it is workers from shanty compounds working as waiters, waitress and cleaners. There is therefore constant interaction between the international traveler and residents from heavily populated compounds.

This state of affairs makes it very easy for the virus to jump into the shanty compounds. And once the virus goes into our densely populated compounds, then real trouble starts. It will almost be impossible to track patients of the virus in our compounds. Sensitization is very difficult since potential victims are illiterate, and have no TVs and internet. The lack of ventilation and running water in compound houses cannot be over emphasized. Further, mostly people in compounds share beds and rooms. In such a set-up, the virus will proliferate exponentially. It is therefore in everyone’s best interest that maids, gardeners and all house helpers are given Leave with immediate effect. Hospitality personnel must also be minimized, and adequately trained regarding Covid-19.The moment this virus enters shanty compounds, that will be END GAME! God protect us all!

By Ndalama Lwando

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  1. Very terrible article that should not be published. You cannot generalise that this virus is mostly spread by the well off. Everyone is affected by this pandemic..let us be very careful with the words we use lest we create stigma. Kz

  2. Why end with God protect us…when you know how to reduce contraction of this disease? You are no different to those so called illiterate maids and garden boys you are calling out!

  3. Imagine waking up in the morning and saying to oneself – what am I going to write about today in the name of KZ, oh he was at Chicago let me write something…I am bored and lack creativity so Kz name is good its attracts attention…sad little boyo!

  4. God will not protect anyone, more than 50 priests died in the Vatican before they closed the biggest catholic cathedrals and churches. Africans say God is in control because they are helpless

  5. Terrible and silly article making no sense. They say it started in China Wuhan province at an animal market and they suspect the virus must have come from an animal there.
    So tell me about cross border business people.

  6. Tarino I sense jealousy and insecurity from you. Ok lusaka times family can you please give tarino some attention in the next few days.let us make him feel wanted. Kz

  7. They say God help us as they have been duped ….they have been led to believe that you are non existent outside this blanket of Christianity. They have forgotten their ancestors built Pyramids, Kingdoms with the best sanitation system and medicines at the time…they forget they circumvented the oceans before the the coloniser Columbus ever set sail.

  8. Africa is the next hotspot for coronavirus infections and deaths !! Get the mass graves ready!

  9. Strange analysis and polarizing perspective. I agree with Kaizar, we must be careful not to stigmatize certain groups in these difficult times. The whole world is hit, some harder and others not so hard but we have to thank God that Zambia is still on the safe side. Instead of pointing fingers at the wealthier and travelling class of people in our society, we need to be looking at where this all started and how they managed to deal with the crisis.

  10. I am suprised at the comments above, the author has a point and it can even be scientifically proved.The epicentre of this virus is in developed countries. Every initial case in African countires was brought in from abroad. Its those who are well off that travel to such places and if they infect their maids or gardeners who live in highly density areas the effects could be catastrophic. This is an important issue that should be addressed.Lets not hide our heads in the sand. We need to close our borders like yesterday.We need an economic plan on how to cushion the effects of this pandemic.Stop waiting for white man to tell you what you must do.Africans use your brains for once.

  11. Good observation and analysis!! That is why the Zambian government should prepare a basic package for this group as a social cash help. Many members of this group wont get their dues if they are told to stay home. These are the measures serious governments are already discussing before such a situation arrives. So lets see what KZ ne mpupu shinankwe have prepared to the poor Zambians mu Komboni.

  12. This ignorance displayed is the reason Cov-19 will wipe out Africa! We must stop the ignorance. The virus cannot discriminate, it just wants a host body. That’s anyone, all of us.

    However, the idea to CLOSE all restaurants and layoff service industry staff temporarily is a good idea.

  13. Zambians….kaya….someone has given a well thought out analysis which is quite inevitable looking at our way of life and all you can say is that word ati “discrimination” …discrimination my foot!imagine if this disease where from the poor shanties the sparsely populated townships would have closed their gates like yesterday!what happened when Africa had Ebola, the rich withdrew their people and restricted movements into their countries….problem you damn nashida paper bamipangila fye that’s why you clinging on borders to remain open….learn from Italy, when this disease strikes tamwaka itambe bwino…that’s when you shall see efyo mwatupa …..na real discrimination!

  14. Just say you want to advise us to send our maids and gardeners on forced leave. It is indeed a welcome suggestion as long as we pay them whilst they are away. I am planning to do the same. They risk picking the virus on their way to or from work or even at our places of work as the writer seems to suggest. So, it is better to think of protecting maids and gardeners, as well as their families as we think of protecting ourselves with our families.

  15. The author is on point and factual. KZ plz have your brain re wired, may be one day you will start speaking sense.

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