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PF expelled 22 MPs over the 2010 constitution review, Kennedy Kamba reminded by MMD youths

Feature Politics PF expelled 22 MPs over the 2010 constitution review, Kennedy Kamba reminded...

Opposition New Hope Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Youth Secretary Mr. Gregory Mofu has advised Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka Province Secretary, Mr. Kennedy Kamba, to stop meddling in the Internal affairs of the MMD.

Over the weekend Mr. Kennedy Kamba rebuked MMD Youths for threatening to write to the National Executive Committee (NEC) for the Expulsion of them it’s 3 MPs, Should they decide to vote for the Bill 10.

Mr. Mofu in a statement said that the MMD is an Independent Party.

“We as the New Hope MMD Youths are shocked with the sentiments coming in from Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka Province Secretary Mr. Kennedy Kamba in today’s daily nation where he has rebuked us for threatening to write to our National Executive Committee (NEC) for Expulsion of our Three MPs if they decide to vote for the Bill 10. What Mr. Kamba should know is that like the PF and the UPND, MMD is an independent Political Party with its own constitution. Neither our Party President Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba nor any official in our Party has ever commented on the numerous PF internal disciplinary issues like the expulsion of Kelvin Bwalya Fube. What my elder brother Should know is that MMD is an Independent Party. And We the Youths should defend its independence”, Mr. Mofu vowed.

Mr. Mofu said that the PF expelled 22 MPs for participating in the constitution review commission in 2010.

“We are further shocked that today someone from the Patriotic Front up (PF) can stand on an anthill and condemn us with our expulsion threats when the same Party expelled 22 of its MPs in 2010 for participating in our then led National Constitutional Review Commission (NCC). We as the MMD respected the right of the PF to expel it’s MPs because they were and are an independent group and we further expect the PF to respect our right to threaten or indeed expel our MPs”, Mr. Mofu said.

Mr. Mofu said that the position of the MMD is that the Bill 10 is not a priority and should be deferred, as there are a number of Urgent National issues which need our total attention such as the Corona Virus, the shortages and skyrocketing of the price of Mealie Meal and the devaluation of the Kwacha against major currencies like the US dollar.

Mr. Mofu further thanked two MMD MPs for shunning the PF Interactive Forum.

“Lastly but not least, We would like to thank Our two Members of Parliament Hon. Howard Kunda and Hon. Maxwell Kabanda for shunning today’s PF Interactive Forum after it was advertised that they would be today’s guests together with Patriotic Front (PF) Member of Parliament Mr. Raphael Nakachinda and they would defend the Bill 10. By shunning, they have proved that their loyalty is with their Party, the MMD”, Mr. Mofu said.


  1. These are paid up youths who doesn’t want to be represented by their fellow MP youths when voted in parliament.These youths if it is true though I know this is a fake story because I believe the youths in MMD can not do such a thing because they are very displined than those in some political parties we know who went interrupted the presidential motor cade and they were scort free.If this is true then this guys are mangwams.

  2. You mean its politics as usual even with coronavirus knocking on Zambian doors. Very soon all hell will break loose. Politicians will have nowhere to run too this time. Other countries have sealed off their borders and have no use for corrupt leaders in times like this.

  3. Remind them young man, PF has the memory and reasoning of a two month old baby.
    Was Kamba not an adult when PF expelled those 22 MPs? Today the same party has even firgotten that it introduxed fake news on the market. Today the PF has forgotten that they promised that when they get into power there would no more load shedding, today there is rampant corruption never seen before in the history of the country, what about 5million jobs? What about more money in your pockets?. You can say so many true things about PF and its leadership.
    Unfortunately for this lovely nation Trible UPND is just a cuf and oaste of the PF in opposition. Trible HH’s political model is Michael Chilufya Sata, the father and coach of PF and its products today.

  4. The sad thing in Zambia is that even those who have been to school have a poor reading culture. The second problem is Zambians are REACTIVE PEOPLE! Zambians only take things serious when disaster strikes. Look at the attitude of Zambians to COVID-19 measures GRZ has put in place. Zambians will only take things seriously when they start hearing 100 People dying in one day (God Forbid that we should get there because of bad reactive attitudes).
    When we say Bill 10 is Poison to our Democracy, People think we are just politicking. Bill 10 will kill the very soul of our nation.
    The main motive behind such a Bill is self-preservation! People somehow realize they they have committed too many wrongs and for them to remain safe, they want to do a “wholesale change” of Constitution to suit their…

  5. selfish desires! This is wrong! Bill 10 is no longer an Amendment exercise but a total review of the entire Constitution which is a far deviation from the original Siavonga Agreement! The two issues that needed attention as per Siavonga Agreement where:
    1. Repeal the Public Order Act
    2. Reform the Electoral Process
    These were the main issues arising from the disputed 2016 elections that needed attention. How does the reintroduction of Deputy Ministers speak to the two issues?
    Arising from our experience and observations with Bill 10, No Amendment of our Constitution should be trusted with our leaders because they easily get compromised! In the interest of Transparency, Any proposed changes to our Constitution should be done like before through A Constitutional Review Commission! And…

  6. And the adoption of the Constitution should be done through the Constituent Assembly! This is the only way we can ensure our Constitution remains THE PEOPLE’S DOCUMENT!
    Bill 10 is not a PEOPLE Document but a PF Doctored Document which must be thrown out!

  7. Sometimes common sense is not so common and we need to panel best some sense into these youths of nowadays. Lack of respect being exhibited by mmd youth

  8. This whole charade of curving out a third term for Lungu will backfire in the same kind of fireball that engulfed Chiluba’s quest to ejaculate third term masalamusi on the Zambian constitution. Lungu must know that there are MPs and Cabinet ministers in his own cabinet who are waiting in the wings to stop him dead in his tracks to urinate on Zambia. We have at different times had gallant men in this country, here I recall Frederick Hapunda as defence minister voting for multi-party politics and KK firing him instantly. The same went with Gen. Christon “Old Chap” Tembo who opposed Chiluba’s third term and was relieved of his post. Both men were right and KK and Chiluba suffered severe consequences. Lungu must be careful, for him the price to pay might be the ultimate one, kunya, this…

  9. For PF every single action MCS took was the best even when it came to expelling representatives from his who the Zambians had elected. Imagine they even had the impudence of defending the posthumous expulsion of Benson Bwalya- KBF’s late brother, these PF members have selective memory.

  10. There is not much PF memory left in the current PF party. A quick scan will show that what you have are the MMD chancers. That is why most of their tactics are familiar to what the MMD was doing. That is all they know.

  11. If I were PF I would say thank you to UPND for refusing to support Bill 10 at their own peril. Please PF just forget about that Bill which is favouring UPND..stick to the 2016 constitution so that again HH cries at the court as the 14 days will not be enough for him.

  12. @Truth Hates. It is not 14 days that is a problem, it was its interpretation. ConCourt explained what it meant, so they will be no cry babies.

  13. Whatever PF did in the past is now coming back to haunt them. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

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