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A Call to Decisive Action: Zambia has opted for half measure responses to the deadly corona virus pandemic

Columns A Call to Decisive Action: Zambia has opted for half measure...

By Dr. Nevers Mumba President

I wish to start by thanking the government and the health workers in particular for the determined efforts being made to fight COVID-19. Every Zambian who washes his or her hands, every Zambian who respects the required social distancing and predominantly stays home should also be saluted. The war before us must be fought by all Zambians and must be fought with unflinching resolve.

While we commend the government for the efforts so far, I wish to state that we have fallen far below the required action. Zambia has opted for half measure responses to the deadly coronavirus pandemic. For some reason, we seem to believe that this virus can be managed by half measures.

We urge the government to immediately take decisive action by completely dissolving all social gatherings and direct that all Zambians stay home for at least a period of two weeks while we observe the trends of this lethal virus. The current half measure interventions shall cost us a massive loss of life if the virus gets into Zambia. We MUST stop it.

We must close the borders including airports. We must suspend passenger public transportation. We must ensure that the lockdown is effected in good time. It is better to inconvenience ourselves today than to die as fools tomorrow. God has given us a lead window in which we can prepare for the coming storm. We must NOT wait for the storm to arrive. Leadership is about preparing for the future with a view of saving lives.

During this lead window, DMMU must be the busiest department in the nation as they prepare survival food packs, water and essential medicines. This maybe a costly exercise but it is cheaper than waiting for the arrival of the disaster. Zambia can not afford to host the coronavirus. We do not have the resources to fight it. Lives shall be lost immeasurably. If we need help from the World Health Organization, we must ask for it now and not when the virus strikes. We are preparing for a real war. We need to make real preparations. All those who need to be quarantined MUST be quarantined without exception. The Western World is leading by example. Prime Minister Trudeau and his wife in Canada are under quarantine. Angela Merkel of Germany is under quarantine. Our own neighbor President of Botswana, is under quarantine. This is how seriously the international community is handling this plague.

We may wish to find out why the more powerful nations of the world have resorted to draconian methods to fight this scourge. This is what is expected of them. That’s why they were elected into office. To protect their citizens at any cost. They are willing to spend money they don’t have, to fight this invisible enemy. We must do the same. Zambians expect nothing less from our leaders. This early warning is meant to remind the government that if they lose this opportunity and we begin to die as fools, the Zambian people may not take it kindly. WE MUST ACT NOW.

While we trust in God’s ability to protect us from this looming pandemic, we are expected to do our part.

We urge the government to declare a LOCKDOWN that will give us time to assess the trend of this plague.

We shall all stand with the government during this time, to ensure that we keep our nation safe.


  1. Nervous what exactly are you doing to help apart from just writing articles that won’t reach or help the common zambian? Wankala writer ?? Let us learn to be serious on important issues of life and death. Engage us with what you can do as a party rather than rushing to media. You are become like that childish boy hh.

    To Our British brothers and sisters, you are in our thoughts and prayers. The president will soon issue a communique to his counterpart in the United kingdom to render his support during these difficult times. Please also note that the British high commission in London remains closed until further notice. Kz

  2. I DO NOT KNOW WHY OUR OWN CHAGWA CANNOT declare a LOCK-DOWN…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR KANSI??? YOU LIKE COPYING AND PASTING,AH? LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED TO ITALY,INDEED Zambia has opted for half measure responses to the deadly coronavirus pandemic!!!!!!!

  3. Do not just rush to pronounce lock down just because others have done so. Those countries have resources to look after the Citizenry during the crisis. What plans are there iwe Mumba to take care of the people you will lock out in Marapodi and George ? Tell us practical solutions to help GRZ.

  4. Mumba, can you mobilise your fellow pastors and those crooks who claim to have the gist of healing to do so now. And I hope they do it without asking for tythe.

  5. Where is Edgar Chagwa Lungu to give us updates. He doesn’t know that good governance is about giving updates on corona virus. What’s scared of Bill 10 or cameras?

  6. We have seen real Leaders around the world press briefing their citizens on this pandemic. Why is hiding, come out and lock down the country. Even church gathering, bars, funerals gatherings, and any other public gatherings must be limited to a specific number as specified by WHO.

  7. Nothing churches adn and bars should be open for 2hrs and 1hr, the transmission rate is very high within few minutes of contact more than 100 people can be infected. Stop joking

  8. Mumba should state how he will feed all Zambians during the lock-down. Most people here live ‘hand to mouth’. We do not have such resources hence the wise decision to let people continue earning something. Do not compare rich countries to poor ones like ours.
    I would rather hear a medical person talk about corona virus than a Lawyer. The current Minister of Health is the right person to do so. So do not just complain about the president. Even if he was to give a speech it will be written by some health expert.

  9. @john mulele not every medical person can talk about corona, some are dentists, genealogists, surgeons, etc, the only doctors who would give us correct info on corona are those specialised in virology. lock down is the way to go iwe mulele, we have had parte after parte holidays before in this country going as long as 5 days, what is 14 days?

  10. That’s the only way to go if we’re to promote a future better Zambia. The time to seriously act is now by simply listening to the call of Zambian than to be blamed. This is an issue of choosing between death and life politics aside our lovely leaders of this great Nation Zambia.

  11. But why do u want a lock down when wen u r stl at low numbers it means the measures are working for now u go into lockdown for what then after 14 days u comeout of lockdown and declare what i dont understand.

  12. For starters, let’s restrict travel to essential trips only. Our first line of defence is to limit infection from outside our borders. Italy is paying a high price coz they delayed by slightly over a week to restrict non essential travel & social gatherings. The Catholic Church has been hit pretty hard in Italy coz pipo continued congregating. Once it enters our densely populated compounds with malnourished citizens & high HIV prevalence rates, it will be tragic. Helm in our borders first.

  13. @KZ KiKikikikikikikiki eeeshi ati ‘wankala writer’ we can now know your age.
    For your own information there no Zambians seeking asylum in UK, we interact with British government over many issues. There are only few Zambians who defrauded Zambian government in the last 10 to 20 years and can not return to Zambia because will be arrested. One of them is Shansonga who may claim dual citizenship. However British government made it clear that if one becomes British citizen and has serious criminal offences, his/her citizenship can be revoked – Remember Begun born and bred in Britain of Bangladesh parentage became an ISIS bride in Syria – citizenship was revoked.

  14. Nevers Mumba is OFFSIDE in matters that relate to lives of Zambians. It is misconception that having a Doctorate title is a licence to claim wisdom in all diversities of human life. Besides, a good Doctorate degree must be backed up by a strong & credible Masters degree in a given discipline.Yet Mumba merely grasped a few strands of Theology. A consortium of Ministers headed by the Minister of Health (a Medical Doctor) has a wealth of data from all parts of the World, WHO and Zambian experts in particular that is guiding the Zambian Govt into executing measures to contain the COVID-19. Mumba must stop throwing spanners into the program aimed to arrest the pandemic in Zambia. Mumba must SHUT-UP.

  15. Pasta Mumba, you have resurfaced from hybernation?
    Government has ordered Corona virus kits and medicines to take care of the ruling cream of the country. Enough has been ordered for state house and Munsters family. What else you expect government to do, include your family in the list of privileged?
    Stop writing and go back to hybernatuon. It is too early to wake up. Wake up in August 2921.

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