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Heed to COVID-19 preventive measures-Siliya

General News Heed to COVID-19 preventive measures-Siliya

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Dora Siliya has advised the general citizenry to abide by the guidelines stipulated by the Ministry of Health in order to avoid transmission of the COVID-19.

Ms Siliya says citizens should wash their hands regularly, avoid close contact, maintain social distancing, and reduce hours of social gatherings among others.

She said this during a special interview on the Zambia National Broadcasting Cooperation (ZNBC) television in Lusaka today.

Ms Siliya who is also Chief Government Spokesperson said the fight against the coronavirus is not for government alone but citizens should also play a role by adhering to the recommended guidelines by the authority.

The Minister stated that government has taken a multi sectoral approach by engaging various sectors of society to ensure compliance by all, in the fight against the coronavirus.

She explained that a lock down in the country would be the last resort, as it will have a detrimental effect on the economy of the country as well as its citizens.

Ms Siliya however expressed gratitude to the various cooperating partners who have come on board to fight the pandemic.

She also thanked President Lungu for allowing a contingency fund put in place, in order to fight further transmission of the virus in the country.

And Nchelenge Town Council Chairman Godfrey Monta has advised residents in the area, to follow the Ministry of Health guidelines regarding the coronavirus.

Mr Monta noted that it is the responsibility of everyone to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the public in the district.

He added that the responsibility can only be achieved through high levels of adherence to hygiene and compliance to the laid down measures as guided by the ministry of health.

Speaking during the District epidemic preparedness meeting yesterday, Mr Monta said the battle against COVID-19 should not be fought by the Ministry of Health alone.

He has cautioned the residents against disseminating rumors and unverified information about the coronavirus, adding that it only causes panic to the public.

And District Health Director, Gerald Chongo said his office has intensified public inspections and compliance on hygiene and other protective measures.

Dr Chongo disclosed that the district has identified Mulwe health post as an isolation centre.


  1. Social distancing is a measure that most countries took when the virus had already spread amongst the population. A lot of countries, especially Italy, confess that closing external borders earlier would have been the right approach. Why can’t we learn from this?

    Zambia is a large country with a lot of neighbours and porous borders but it has a small population. It makes more sense to isolate the entire country from it’s neighbours and the rest of the world until this is over. My opinnion, and I stand to be corrected.

  2. Guys can you please heed the advice given. This is not a time to politic or prove points. We have very highly qualified specialists who are advising us as government as this virus unfolds. We cannot wake up and place the country on lockdown just because south Africa have done so or because mere hh says so. There are procedures and rules in place for a reason. When the criteria is met to enforce a lockdown then it will be done. Until then continue to heed the guidance failure to which you risk being sanctioned by the authorities. Do not say you were not warned.

  3. Forsake ** iwe, we did not elect you as president of this country but Chagwa though we know he rigged! He must be the one reassuring us, not you Mrs Mupalabana Katanga!

  4. KZ. Where is lungu? And don’t answer me like Cain saying am I my brother’s keeper. Had it been a by-election he would be all over commissioning things and campaigning.

  5. The country is on pilot mode and is being run by ministers who are busy contradicting one another in the absence of the president no wonder Kaizer Zulu is misbehaving because he know’s ba kateka will not say anything any update on gassing investigation Mr.Kateka.

  6. Coronavirus briefing: UK crackdown and WHO warning on ‘accelerating’ pandemic
    BBC News
    6 hours ago

    when is the right time to call for a lockdown in zambia?

  7. Just want 1 PF minister get that virus if they will take him to South Africa hospital.
    I don’t think these things can even announce that Davies Chama has coronavirus.

  8. Meanwhile our workshy President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is sleeping and some overworked Junior admin is busy posting things on his behalf on Facebook.Mother Zambia please forgive us …please forgive us for putting this empty suit in State House, this useless waste of oxygen..this utterly lazy man pushing his dull ministers to mop up for him!

  9. STOP THE NEGATIVITY and address the need in front of you. Each and everyone of us must play our part in this fight. Contradicting EVERYTHING to spin Party loyalty is a dummy’s game. It’s irrelevant. Everything has crashed worldwide and the real solution to this is within our own hands. THIS IS NOT A 2021 prequel. It’s now and it’s alive.

    CHANGE THE ATTITUDE. Nobody thinks the negativity is smart.

  10. Ci Colour KZ ,where is Jonathan Kamwendo ?Is he holed up enjoying Jermason at the expense of leading the country out of the world worst Covid -19 pandermic . Zambia needs some leadership not these clueless chaps .

  11. Someone please wake up Lungu before this Covina-19 overwhelms ius. As head of state surely he owes the people of Zambia information on the way forward with the viral attack. Wake him up!

  12. So the government says they are ready for COVID-19 with 3 testers to service the entire country, 12 ventilators and 6 ICU beds at UTH and an absent president, when all presidents and prime ministers all over the world have addressed their respective countries with regards to this crisis? This government does not know what they are supposed to be doing. PF must surely be the most incompetent government in the whole of Africa. Be very afraid of what is to come.

  13. Dora Siliya is a FQW in the class of the few classic Iron Ladies we have in Zambia.

    Y’all niggaz afford her the respect she deserves.

    Take FQW as a Fully Qualified Woman.

  14. “Dora also thanked President Lungu for allowing a contingency fund put in place, in order to fight further transmission of the virus in the country”.
    Why doesn’t he speak to us himself?

    By the way when you read news from other countries, no one attributes anything to the “able” leadership of e.g. President Ramaphosa and President Kagame. But they are on the news daily reassuring and guiding their nations. How reassuring to hear your president speak to you!

  15. Zimbabwe’s vice-President was airlifted to China on the 17th of March (a week ago) in spite of the COVID-19. It appears there is still a route for medical evacuation for our leaders when the need arises in these times.

  16. To those demanding for our president to address you. You insult our president day in and out and then expect him to address you just because you want him to? Who the bloody hell do you think you are? When voting you selected your childish president hh and now you want to come and cry ati address us mfyo mfyo mfyo. Should I hear puuuuum! Basop

  17. To those demanding for our president to address you. You insult our president day in and out and then expect him to address you just because you want him to? Who the bloo.d.y hell do you think you are? When voting you selected your childish president hh and now you want to come and cry ati address us mfyo mfyo mfyo. Should I hear puuuuum! Basopo

  18. KZ. Who do you think you yourself are? Are you admitting on this platform that actually HH won the last elections? Your sentiments seems highlight this question but if not please mind what you write or else you contradict yourself. Let the booze ooze out before posting anything mudala.

  19. Rowdy you are a very dull boy. Where in my comment do I allude to hh winning any election? I am saying only you in minority voted for him. Which will explain why he is not president and will never be as long as I am alive. You can’t win an election on Facebook and then masquerade as president. Very silly behaviour.

  20. KKKKKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk cry mother Zambia ati we have capable leaders awe mwandi lesa twafwe, they are only good at showing leadership when it is physical exercise. chino chalo wat is it that we have done God sure?

  21. KZ. Then explain why you managed to win the elections yet lost the referendum don’t you find that to odd especially that both the elections and referendum should have followed the same pattern?

  22. where is the occupant of state house?
    That house is meant for serious leadership especially during this crisis.
    You were elected to solve the nation problems not your own agenda for third term thru bill 10.
    even a fool can lead when everything is well but great leaders stand out in times of crisis.

  23. @Rowdy, maybe you may also explain why Lungwangwa, and Kasonso while being UPND chose to look at Bill 10 differently! In short, I am trying to show you that the referendum and presidential election results cannot be judged simply like you have done as there are non partisan voters who thought the referendum cannot be trivialized as it was done (playing second fiddle to presidential selection!). it has to be a stand alone exercise as stipulated in the Constitution.

  24. David N, that still doesn’t answer my question. The pattern would have followed exactly the same pattern not the lack of correlation it showed. My question to you is why has not even a single PF MP taken a divergent view on bill 10?

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