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President Lungu holds special Cabinet Meeting, weddings and funerals to be limited to 50 people

President Lungu addressing Cabinet
President Lungu addressing Cabinet

President Edgar Lungu this morning held a special Cabinet meeting with a selected group of cabinet ministers at State House.

The special Cabinet meeting was held to get an update on the impact of the Covid-19.

And Cabinet has resolved to implement the strict measures that were announced by President Lungu yesterday during his address to the nation.

The sitting arrangement during the special cabinet meeting was in conformity with specified social distancing in the wake of the Covid-19

President Lungu announced the closure the three International Airports, except the Kennneth Kaunda International Airport.

The Head of State also announced the closure of bars, night clubs, gyms, and restricted the operations of restaurants to takeaway services.

President Lungu also said that public gatherings such as weddings and funerals will be restricted to 50 people and subject to the approval of Police.

The measures are effective midnight today.

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  1. You where suppose to close borders before the entering of this disease but now it is too late boss.In addition dolar siliya said that government, can only close borders if the disease it has become worse -diamond news for 20:00hrs(ngenda kamayoyo)

  2. Lazy Lungu at it again. No common sense! I have been thinnking to myself today. Is it not funny how this whole Covid 19 started more or less straight after the ambassador Foote was forcibly kicked out of Zambia by the dicatorship under Lungu. All because of their insecurity with gay people. This whole Covid 19 is a signal from God that Gay people are to be respected like any other human. The world is being cursed due to the evil regimes in Africa that are against gay rights. I find it appaling and disgusting that in 2020 you can be discriminated againse based on your orientation. This is one reason I left zambia and will never return. How do I go back to a country that has laws that discriminate against me…? As a proud gay man, I have been accepted here where I am and I contributing to…

  3. This was a very productive cabinet meeting where action based decision making was done. We are working rather than just issuing silly statements via press conference like our friends in opposition. I think hh is obsessed with seeing himself on video.i wouldn’t be surprised if he has watched himself a million times giving that useless speech in his mask. Childish man. Kz

  4. May all those abatemwa ubuchende namahule nabalya abalefwaya ukufwayana fwayana bachite postpone ama operations yabo. Covid-19 has rendered the prostitution business useless and people must now keep it in their pants until covid-19 is over.

  5. When we say this president is clueless, this is exactly what we mean. Look at what his counterparts in the region are doing. 50 people in one place!!!

  6. Problem solving requires that you first study and understand the problem at hand and then come with various suitable solutions from which you select the solution with the highest likelihood of effectively dealing with the problem. Chipantepante won’t help in solving anything but simply escalate the problem. We expect our govt to come up with solutions that have the highest probability of solving the problem. Knee jerk reactions are not effective at all in times like these. If one fails to fully understand the problem and it’s cause no effective solution will be found for that problem, all we will be simply doing is keep applying the wrong solutions as we keep incurring costs that result in negative or no benefits at all. Time to act decisively is now let’s avoid jokes folks covid-19…

  7. The ‘logic’ here, then, is that 51 people will increase the risk of transmission and 50 won’t? How do you decide on such an abstract number when you know the science of how COVID-19 is transmitted? On the one hand you say you want to halt further transmissions and on the other you want life to continue as usual?

  8. There we go back to cloning other blogger’s accounts again when all fails…you can have this one if you want you lazy sausage. I am creative and will find another!!

  9. Please buy ventilators for all hospitals in the hospitals in the country. We need at least 50 ventilators in small hospitals and 200 ventilators for UTH and other big hospitals. Stop kidding and yapping without taking action

  10. “…..And Cabinet has resolved to implement the strict measures that were announced by President Lungu yesterday during his address to the nation”.

    Now this is PF cabinet at its best, how do you RESOLVE to implement what the President has already told the nation? Proves what I keep saying, that this cabinet is full of people who are used to being DIRECTED, no independent thinking. You can even see them at press briefings, ati ” as directed by His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu”, if it is Chitalu Chilufya he will repeat this in almost every sentence not realising that it puts a lotof people off. For God’s sake Chilufya, that is not a god but a human like any of us, making mistakes like the rest of us, well maybe even more.

  11. Government has able specialized institutions and a great people. We shall overcome. It’s about us citizens doing our part well. We need to take responsibility ourselves by our healthy lifestyle. Let’s surport the government fully. Let’s put politics aside. Government is acting with full facts of the current situation. Government has to objectively and in a balanced way make decisions as they dim fit. Too early 100% lockdown may cripple the economy. Even though COVID-19 is currently a pandemic, it’s still an epidemic locally. We are a great Christian nation and God is with us. We shall overcome.

  12. In his address on TV Lungu looked wholly out of his breath, we are surely in for another traumatizing horrific Michael Sata episode of a president dying in office right before our eyes! Lungu is dying, I wonder why he even bothers about running in 2021, he will likely not be there.

  13. Help with the Math here.
    50 people let’s say represent 50 house holds from different communities then multiply that by let’s say 100 coz we have over a 100 churches in Lusaka alone. Does it make sense to implement a lockdown which comes at economic cost when its purpose won’t be fully served.
    The minister of health must advice the president rightly in these matters. Don’t even argue about sitting arrangement as Covid19 is not fully understood in terms of transmission

  14. Your Excellency

    You can’t have 50 people together in a room at this time.

    Weddings should be postponed or held at registry office with just the couple and the 2 required witnesses. Larger celebrations can be held after the pandemic clears. Just not advisable at the moment. One or two infected in a room can take down everyone after contact. Funerals should be just for the immediate family. Mother, father and children. The rest can pay respects at later memorial.

  15. Such a measure can only be effective when you limit the number per area. 50 people in a 10m by 10m room eg is just as disastrous where as the same number of people in a larger space can be more effective. If this picture was the actual cabinet meeting them we sending mixed messages, NO social distancing being observed by our leaders and how then does one expect ordinary citizens to respect the preventative measures?

  16. Mr ECL Disaster please think before you say something. I know Zambians made a mistake to vote for you as a president. Why do you want to allow 50 people to be in the same place just to spread the infection? Why did you close schools. Mr Chakolwa thinks twice.

  17. It is not enough your excellency. Close KK airport too. 50 people in one place and you expect them to keep a social distance of 2 metres apart? It won’t work

  18. What is wrong with our government? They can’t make simple decisions. What economic benefits will a wedding bring against the consequences. 50 is big a number for people to get infected. Secondly, if you are not serious with closing KK Airport, why not let those coming from outside go straight to a quarantine area for at least a week before asking them to self quarantine at home. This will discourage travelling.


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