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Lusaka City Council stops a Church Service over COVID-19

General News Lusaka City Council stops a Church Service over COVID-19

Lusaka City Council (LCC) yesterday stopped the church service at Lumba Church of God in Lusaka’s Marapodi Compound for contravening the guidelines on mass gathering.

Lusaka City Council Public Relations Manager George Sichimba said that the church was found conducting a service comprising more than 100 people with many more still trooping in.

“Congregants were found seated on the floor of the makeshift church without observing the guidelines on social distancing of at least one metre apart,” Mr. Sichimba added.

“The sanitary conditions of the church are not conducive for congregants as the floor is covered by sawdust for unknown reasons.”

And Mr Sichimba said a combined team of Council police officers, State Police and Public Health Inspectors last night swung into action and closed four liquor outlets for allowing patrons to consume liquor within the premises.

He said of the four outlets, two are liquor shops and two Mini-mats.

The LCC PR Manager said by allowing patrons to consume liquor within their premises, the businesses abrogated the guidelines of bottle store liquor licenses that permit sell of liquor only on take away basis.

Mr. Sichimba stated that members of the public should realize that immediately a bottle store (Liquor shop) allows patrons to consume liquor within the premises is illegally turning their shops into a bar.

He reminded liquor traders in the city to study the types and guidelines of the liquor licenses they possess to avoid contravening the law.

He stated that the owners of the affected outlets have been ordered to come to Civic Centre on Monday next week and show cause why their licenses should not be revoked.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sichimba said that the Council has leaned with disappointment, that some lodge operators in Lusaka have taken advantage of the closure of bars to turn their in-house bars into full public bars and admitting every member of the public.

He added that Lodge owners are taking advantage of the fact that most of their premises are enclosed in-wall fences.

He said with the help of members of the public this scam has been unearthed and operations will now be extended to all suspected lodges.

Mr. Sichimba said the local authority is, therefore, appealing to liquor dealers and patrons alike to observe public health guidelines for there safety and the safety of others.

He further added that the Fight against the spread of Coronavirus depends on both personal and collective discipline if it is to be won.

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  1. That is a problem Wth believer am born again but not blind follower ,
    You think God was not wise to tell the children of isreal not to mix Wth the lepers ?
    Use brain in the old Testament we had rules and regulations to follow .

  2. Brainwashed and gullible people thats the problem with these so called born agains….their Pastor will starve to death without offerings….

  3. Close all church gatherings with immediate effect. Church is not a building or structure. These people are like in the time of Noah despite many warnings they don’t heed it. Even the Bible says obey your rulers and what is meant for ceazer must be given to ceazer.

  4. We warned you and told you we are not taking things lightly. Can we hear from opposition who have been claiming we are not doing anything. why can’t you acknowledge this action taken and yet when hh reads from his theoretical nonsense you praise it kz

  5. Where is the Ministry of Religion and its wicked minister Godfriah….this when we should hear directives being enforced but she is quiet only vocal if its Zondwa flying in from RSA. Is just shows that it is a useless ministry wasting taxpayers money…Home Affairs and other ministries absorb all the work it does.

  6. This virus has shown people especially in the West about what is really essential in their lives – football, pubs, shopping mean nothing…after this pandemic passes there will be fundamental changes in the way we live, we are merely an entity passing through this ecosystem. As for Africans religion is a fraud …the more you self isolated the more it will sink in…the Church without your money is just another business folding up, your pastor without your tithes is just another unemployed salesman.

  7. Furthermore, the virus has shown that we need to live as one and that discrimination against gay people is a waste of time. We are all humans. Africa gets aid from corporates run by gay men. Even my gay partner David donates more to Zambia than lazy lungu does for it

  8. Stop all gatherings including Services, even the Vatican suspender gatherings, the Anglican Church, and that in the West.

    STOP THESE HALF MEASURES. You can’t put number limits to be decided by people themselves. This is just proof that firm and more directed action needs to be imposed.

    PF will be judged by the disaster that will follow.

  9. Council shall close all mosques as well. On Friday mosque on Independence Avenue was full of people, the same ones who brought virus from Pakistan. Close Kanwala as well. AICZ is coming out with stupid adverts to hoodwink the gullible Zambians. No amount of sweet talk will cover up the carrier and spreaders of the virus into Zambia. The bloody fool medieval practices followers. Allah is not going to die if you do not assemble and fart in mosques. 12 wives and uncounted concubines holder Mohammed is their leader, what a crap!

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