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The People of Serenje have rejected Bill 10 – MMD Official Tells Off Nakachinda

Feature Politics The People of Serenje have rejected Bill 10 - MMD Official Tells...

Opposition New Hope Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) in Serenje district have said that the people in the district have rejected the Bill 10.

The Position of the MMD is that the Bill 10 should be deferred because it is not a priority as there are urgent National issues such as the COVID 19, High Price of Mealie Meal and the devaluation of the Kwacha against major currencies.

Patriotic Front (PF) Nominated Member of Parliament Mr. Raphael Nakachinda recently said that the 3 MMD Members of Parliament namely Hon. Maxwell Kabanda of Serenje Central, Hon. Howard Kunda of Muchinga and Hon. Peter Phiri of Mkaika would vote for the Bill when Parliament resumes because the people in their respective Constituencies supported the Bill 10.

However, MMD Serenje District Chairperson Mr. Kennedy Kango said that that Nakachinda should become a spokesperson for his fellow PF MPs.

“We, the New Hope MMD in Serenje District, are shocked with the statement that came from PF Nominated Member of Parliament Mr. Raphael Nakachinda that the 3 MMD MPs who include Hon. Maxwell Kabanda and Hon. Howard Kunda will vote for the Bill 10 because the people of Serenje have accepted It. Firstly, Mr. Nakachinda should know that Hon. Kabanda and Hon. Howard Kunda dont belong to his party the PF which is representing and supporting the bill. Both MPs belong to the MMD and the position of the MMD is that the Bill is unnecessary as there are other pressing National issues. Secondly, when did Mr. Nakachinda become the Spokesperson for the MMD MPs or for the MMD? Because we have not received any communication from the Party that our Spokesperson Dr. Cephas Mukuka has been changed. Mr. Nakachinda being a PF Nominated Member of Parliament should speak on behalf of his Party the PF and not us”, Mr. Kango said.

Mr. Kango further said that the people of Serenje District have rejected the Bill 10.

“On the 8th of March, 2020, the Serenje Pastors Fellowship organized a meeting over the Bill 10 at the Youth Recreation Hall. In attendance where Hon. Kabanda, the Serenje District Commissioner and a cross section of Serenje residents including ourselves. At the end of the meeting, the general position was that the People of Serenje had rejected the Bill 10. So we challenge Hon. Kabanda to tell Nakachinda and the Nation that the People who sent me to Parliament to represent them have rejected the Bill 10”, Mr. Kango said.

Mr. Kango further said that they support the MMD Youths who have vowed to petition the National Executive Committee (NEC) to expel it’s Members of Parliament should they vote for the bill 10.

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  1. Which Constituency does this man Nakachinda represent? Is Bill10 his Constituency? We are faced with a life-threatening Public Health Emergency and some people are still talking about Bill10?
    If COVID-19 was a by election, people would have been receiving free soap, free hand sanitizers, free food, free clothes, free alcohol and money from both ruling and opposition parties! That is why we need more leaders than politicians in positions of authority today.

  2. You are failing to wipe your own backsides in your useless party and yet here you are telling us about bill 10. This is not child’s play.

  3. When one is FIRED from his/her position in this case (KAIZAR ZULU). This could be one of the reasons:
    1. Corruption
    2. Under-qualified like our Concourt Judges
    3. Theft by public servant
    4. Incompetency
    5. indisciplined

    You are just trying hard to get your job back. Leave these issues to Antonio Mwanza/Sunday Chanda

  4. Yes, Kaiser Zulu can wipe his back using the money he stole from our Govt!
    Iyi imbwa yakanthu aka kaliye namanyanzi.

  5. We spend not a minute of our time thinking about MMD because it is lost cause. It is actually the NEW MMD FAKE PARTY!!!

  6. Kz aka n3z come here I wipe and lick your backside. I know you like that feeling. Come and load your pistol in my backside.

  7. This Nakachinda has no shame,for him and his fellow minions supporting the discredited Bill 10 in the midist of more serious and pressing issues like the fight against the deadly covid 19,high meali meal prices and the free fall of the kwacha against major convertible currencies,for them it`s sebana wikute

  8. Bill-10 is non stator for PF and this is not the time to discuss bill-10 this time is for COVID-19.Bill 10 as already passed no need to talk about period.

  9. If upnd fails to defend bill 10 in parliament were do they want to defend it from?It is very awkward to go around yapping about bill-10 when you cant defend it in parliament.And why is upnd playing double standards on this issue.

  10. Nakachinda has reminded us of the problems of nominated members of parliament if affiliated to political parties.

  11. People like Nakachinda are the reason why we need to include clauses in the constitution to stop the President nominating opposition members as where does this man’s loyalties lie? This man has to run around all day to appease PF, the other he was at a Press Briefing with Sunday Ch%nda where he was stopped in his tracks by Sunday while he was speaking showing him who was in charge.

  12. @Tarino Orange. I understand you but just because Nakachinda has gone against every thread of being a nominated MP doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have nominating MPs. It’s why in the past there have been several proposes to scrap out nominated MPs, I personally think it’s not the best way to have it, and yes every Zambian president who’s had the privilege to nominate an MP has abused that privilege. To stop abuse all we need is to just refine the law.
    Nominated MPs are supposed to bring independent voices to parliament and to have that those voices should not be of people who are affiliates of political parties. Nominating an individual who’s a member of a political party defeats that purpose.

  13. Dokowe – Not in Zambia this strategy doesn’t especially if the man being nominated is picked from the street its a recipe for abuse by the incumbent …Nakachinda does not even recognize the current MMD President and Lungu is no Mwanawasa he would never nominate any one with diverge views.

  14. Nakachinda still trying to make himself relevant like sumaili? The three MMD (PF) MPs together with those two from UPND are all going next year.

  15. Don’t force a rotten bill on people for your own benefit that bill is lame and should be rejected by all Zambians i feel pity for PF because time is running out for them instead of fixing the economy there busy fixing bill 10 just start packing guys because next year you are going.

  16. Why were you fired my friend Kaizer Zulu? I am now a lawyer n can help you get your job back but you have got to tell me the truth. Ask Mathilda n she’ll give you my number.

  17. You are just part of the zambian community, however it is the majority that rules, one out of hundred can not over rule the remaining 99, that is not democracy

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