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South African Politician get his wish to be buried in his Mercedes Benz Honoured

General News South African Politician get his wish to be buried in his ...

A South African Politician from the opposition United Democratic Movement (UDM) had his wish to be buried in his Mercedes-Benz honoured.

According to reports from local newspapers, including news24.com, Tshekede Bufton Pitso, was over the weekend, while smartly dressed in a white shirt and suit, wheeled into his final resting place in Sterkspruit over the weekend, as mourners somberly looked on.

Photos of the ceremony showed the politician behind the wheel of his car as the vehicle was mechanically moved toward the hole in the ground, positioned in a way resembling him driving while wearing a seatbelt.

His Party president Bantu Holomisa tweeted that he had planned to attend the funeral of the politician, who some people described as flamboyant, but had abandoned his trip on account of COVID-19.

SOuth African Politician Tshekede Buffon Pitso's resting place
SOuth African Politician Tshekede Buffon Pitso’s resting place

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  1. Stupidity at its finest….He thinks he will go in comfort, such people can never maintain a corrupt free lifestyle in Political office with such tastes!!

  2. At least he went with something to his grave rather than just dying with qualifications. Some of you look down upon people that have made it with minimal education but all you will leave are papers that didn’t achieve anything for you. Others think their British passport is an achievement.

  3. KZ you are really ***** and brainwashed .how could you think like that what kind of people do we have in our government think like you where are you driving our nation?

  4. @KZ it’s better to die with nothing than be rich with wealth from theft. That kind of thinking has caused this country to be doomed

  5. Why is it stupidity or why is it bufontini? The coffin in which you Zambians put Levy Mwanawasa or Michael Saya costs more than that old car and you never complained

  6. It’s not about the cost of the car or your f.oolish materialistic arguments. It’s the absurdity of it all. The vehicle also took up valuable land space. And by the way, qualifications ARE an achievement. They don’t have to be linked to the attainment of wealth. The’ thinking’ of some here, if we can call it that, is unapparelled in it’s shallowness.

  7. If Kaizer dies next week and buried in that SUV from State House, I bet Lusambo will go and dig out and sell that vehicle to Congo.

  8. Stupid foo.l indeed. We have a lot of such fo.ols in pfools government. They have amassed too much wealth in the shortest time of their lives through stealing, deceit and trickery on the expense of the toiling and suffering masses. One kazizi above is one of them. Mwanya!

  9. Is this KZ the real Kaizer Zulu? If so the Lungu has a thinking empairment. Its unimaginable how a HOS could have such a low calibre and childish man for an advisor or anywhere near ths corridors of power. The man is a bird brain.

  10. Bird brain? That’s being disrespectful to the birds. Kaizer Zulu has brain like a worm. Again that being disrespectful to a worm.

  11. Brain of dead bacterium really. Strange. So some People just have beards but still don’t know the value of education.

  12. @Harold Muna even then Chiluba Mwanawasa, Sata took up more space in their burial grounds than that man who in any case paid for the space you are pontificating about.

  13. Zambians like Muna, Tarino Francis and others are judgemental because they are used to being ruled by dictators. So they have adopted dictatorial attitudes. Leave the man alone. He is free to do what he wants unless he interferes with your life.

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