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Chinsali market traders want vendors out of streets

Rural News Chinsali market traders want vendors out of streets

Traders at new Chinsali market have cried foul over the alleged failure by the local authority to control street vending in the district.

The traders told the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Chinsali yesterday that there is a need to control street vending especially this time around when Zambia and is ravaged by coronavirus (COVID 19).

They expressed worry that there was an increase in the number of traders that have opted to sell their merchandise in the streets of Chinsali instead of doing so in designated places such as markets.

The marketeers suggested that in the wake of COVID 19 and all the measures that the government has put in place, trading in undesignated places should not be allowed.

They said those who trade in the streets of the Central Business District (CBD) also risk their lives as they can be run over by vehicles.

They said about a week ago, some traders nearly lost their lives when an identified vehicle lost control and veered off the road.

The traders also complained that the same street vendors block members of the public from entering the market hence they opt to buy from outside.

They added that the street vendors pose a higher risk of further spread of the current pandemic that has hit the nation and many other countries globally.

The concerned marketeers charged that the street vendors do not adhere to the regulations and guidelines that have been put in place by the Ministry of Health in order to prevent and control coronavirus disease.

They said if the situation is left unchecked, Chinsali district will soon record cases of coronavirus.

But Chinsali Mayor Thomas Mutale assured the marketeers that their concerns have been noted and will be addressed.

Mr. Mutale has since appealed to all the traders to ensure that they observe high standards of personal hygiene by washing hands with soap and clean water.

He reiterated that COVID 19 has no cure hence it was important that preventive measures are strictly followed.

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  1. What are these people doing in the market while you are on lockdown? What measures our government is taking by allowing some traders selling their goods in the streets and markets how serious is our government? Do you take this as seriously or just a joke

  2. Our people should be encouraged to practice physical distancing, and not this social distancing. We are copying terms from the West that we do not even know what they entail. Thats why the West is even “teaching” us how to wash our hands when we are born washing hands because we eat our staple food with bare hands. Let us do our own home work and sensitise people on what they are not aware of, and not things that are already part of our dominant value in our societies. COMPLETE SEALING OF BORDERS AND MEANIMISING INTERCITY MOVEMENTS IS THE MOST PRACTICAL SOLUTION FOR MOST AFRICAN COUNTRIES, the rest is too Wetern theories that might not help Africa that much. LOOK AT HOW INDIA HAS MESSED UP BY COPYING AND PASTING WHAT THE WEST IS DOING.

  3. Let me educate Tundadube:
    Through the measures India has embarked upon, its death rate is 0.05 per million people…IDENTICAL TO ZAMBIA, but infinitely more densely populated. Zimbabwe is at 0.07

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