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Limulunga residents ignoring COVID 19 preventive measures

Rural News Limulunga residents ignoring COVID 19 preventive measures

Limulunga residents have been urged to seriously take preventive measures against the deadly coronavirus in order to prevent the outbreak of the virus in the area.

Limulunga District Commissioner Maurice Litula said in a speech read for him by the District Administrative Officer Allan Simakando that people were not observing social distancing.

Mr. Litula said during the district epidemic preparedness stakeholders’ meeting that the behaviour of some people was contrary to the directive from the Ministry of Health.

He therefore appealed to line departments and stakeholders to enforce measures holistically.

And Mr. Litula has announced the cancellation of unessential travels outside the district adding that social visits and patrolling shopping malls should be minimised.

He has also called on public institutions to maintain hygiene by providing sanitizing facilities for their staff and visitors.

Mr. Litula said the department of health and the council should spearhead sensitization to the communities.

Meanwhile, Limulunga District Disease Surveillance Officer Vincent Siaziyu disclosed that the Nang’oko health post has been earmarked to be an isolation centre for patients with moderate or severe symptoms of COVID 19 in the district.

Mr. Siaziyu said those that will test positive to COVID19, they will be ferried to Mongu district hospital, which is the provincial treatment centre.

He has since urged people in the district to distance socially, cook meat thoroughly and avoid being touching their faces.

He further urged people to adhere to all precautions and to seek medical attention whenever they fell unwell.

And the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has closed court sessions as a preventive measure against COVID 19.

And Western Water District Manager Francis Nakweti said the utility company will not disconnect water supply residences following a directive from the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection.

Mr. Nakweti said the company has also increased water rationing hours from three to six hours in the district.

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  1. Let them be warned that when the authorities swing by they will regret not listening to government advice. Guys we are only trying to save your lives.

  2. Our people should be encouraged to practice physical distancing, and not this social distancing. We are copying terms from the West that we do not even know what they entail. Thats why the West is even “teaching” us how to wash our hands when we are born washing hands because we eat our staple food with bare hands. Let us do our own home work and sensitise people on what they are not aware of, and not things that are already part of our dominant value in our societies. COMPLETE SEALING OF BORDERS AND MEANIMISING INTERCITY MOVEMENTS IS THE MOST PRACTICAL SOLUTION FOR MOST AFRICAN COUNTRIES, the rest is too Wetern theories that might not help Africa that much. LOOK AT HOW INDIA HAS MESSED UP BY COPYING AND PASTING WHAT THE WEST IS DOING IT.

  3. To them COVID -19 mean nothing. Please do not insult them, they need some one to teach them about the danger of COVID -19. No politics..

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