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Many Katete residents resist COVID 19 preventive measures

General News Many Katete residents resist COVID 19 preventive measures

The regulations that the government has set up in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic in the country seem to have fallen on deaf ears as some people in Katete district of Eastern Province have continued with their usual way of life.

Some members of the public have refused to adhere to public health pronouncements in the district and have not perceived risk that is presented by the coronavirus pandemic.

A check by ZANIS around the Central Business District (CBD) of the district revealed that people seem not to care about the pandemic and have chosen to ignore most of the guidelines set out by the government.

One of the members of the public, Aaron Mwanza who was asked why he was not adhering to the preventive guidelines, said the measures being pronounced cannot save a person, arguing that it was only God who could save someone.

Mr. Mwanza claimed that death was inevitable with or without the coronavirus adding that there was nothing that man could do to save himself.

“If white people who are busy sensitizing us on social distancing are dying, death just comes. It is inevitable. It is only God who can protect and save us,” he said.

Another resident, Racheal Zulu, said she was failing to maintain the two metres social distance because she was accustomed to sitting close to others.

“I just forgot to sit two metres apart from the next person, otherwise I know about how one can protect themselves and that is by washing hands with soap, maintain good personal hygiene and social distancing of two metres,” she said.

On the measures put in place by government, Ms. Zulu said the regulations were valid and important as they were not only a means of preventing oneself from COVID 19 but also for other diseases that could come out of unhygienic practices.

And when asked if the public should not practice preventive measures but just wait on God to save them, Ms. Zulu said just waiting on God without practical preventive measures was folly.

Ms. Zulu said God helps those who help themselves adding that by taking necessary preventive measures while praying, God will come through to save someone.

Meanwhile, Katete District Commissioner (DC) Joseph Makukula took some time to sensitize the public at the Boma area who did not seem to maintain some level of social distancing.

Mr. Makukula underscored the importance of social distancing and not standing or sitting closer to one another.

He explained that being close to one another posed a risk to individuals and other people within the community.

Mr. Makukula further said adhering to some of these practical and simple rules of hand washing, social distancing and personal hygiene would prevent the disease from breaking out in the area.

“I have just been telling them on the importance of social distancing and not being close to each other. You can’t tell who has it and who has not, so it is important to take preventive measures,” he said.


  1. This is not good reporting, you just speak to one person and you generalise. Please help the nation by conducting proper investigative journalism before you report. You could have used the other example to create a positive story here and cite the other as a bad example in the body of the story to just balance the story.

  2. Well.we will soon step up enforcement. Do not force our hands because the very freedoms you are misusing will be taken away from you to save lives.

  3. “One of the members of the public, Aaron Mwanza who was asked why he was not adhering to the preventive guidelines, said the measures being pronounced cannot save a person, arguing that it was only God who could save someone.”

    Trust in God, but wear a seat-belt, God does not suffer fools lightly.

  4. Our people should be encouraged to practice physical distancing, and not this social distancing. We are copying terms from the West that we do not even know what they entail. Thats why the West is even “teaching” us how to wash our hands when we are born washing hands because we eat our staple food with bare hands. Let us do our own home work and sensitise people on what they are not aware of, and not things that are already part of our dominant value in our societies. COMPLETE SEALING OF BORDERS AND MEANIMISING INTERCITY MOVEMENTS IS THE MOST PRACTICAL SOLUTION FOR MOST AFRICAN COUNTRIES, the rest is too Wetern theories that might not help Africa that much. LOOK AT HOW INDIA HAS MESSED UP BY COPYING AND PASTING WHAT THE WEST IS DOING.

  5. Well I beleive the Government needs to senstize people Further, Of the dangers of not follwoing instructions. The same thing happened with Italy < spain now The United states.

  6. Tandabube wa Kali’gongo – India didnt mess up and they are not copying the West these are trialed and tested methods that worked in China…mind you India is by far densely populated country just the capital city’s population is more than Zambia and the poor are densely parked in shacks.
    Dont bring your ignorance here and coat it with Western imperialism which you dont even understand. You are the same chaps with a photo of Jesus in your living rooms and move about with a novel called the Bible.

  7. The people are not resisting its just that the govt is not doing a good job in sensitization the masses …the same medium of information the govt despises like social media and private media are the ones its in need now. They even have the audacity to turn its back on some just because they want them to free ads on prime viewing time.

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