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We will start whipping people disregarding Covid-19 regulations-Lusambo

General News We will start whipping people disregarding Covid-19 regulations-Lusambo

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has warned that people disobeying regulations on Coronavirus such as not frequenting bars will get whipped.

Mr. Lusambo said it is regrettable that some people have opted to disregard regulations outlined by government to contain the spread of Covid-19 such as staying home and not visiting bars.

He said the Provincial Administration and officers from the Council will start going round the Province whipping people that fail to follow the regulations.

Mr. Lusambo was speaking this morning when he featured on Tuesday edition of Let the People Talk programme on Phoenix FM.

He said it is incorrect to assume that some people are not aware of the regulations issued by the Ministry of Health because the information flow has been adequate since the disease broke out.

“When I inspected J.S Mall in Chalala over the weekend, I found Elite people in Chalala drinking in these bars. They had locked themselves inside and they even had boor bouncers to limit entry and there was a notice placed on the door saying the Bar is closed but they were only taking takeaways which was not rue because when I entered, I found a lot of people drinking. Now these are educated people with big vehicles packed outside but they just decided to do silly things and this is why we are going to whip them,” Mr. Lusambo said.

The Lusaka Province Minister said a similar pattern repeated itself in Chelstone when he inspected the area on Saturday evening.

“In Chelstone, the people we apprehended after we found them drinking confessed when we interviewed them that they were aware of Coronavirus that they only wanted to drink a few bottles. So we know that Information is out there but people are just ignoring it,” he said.

He added, “We are dealing with adults and we can’t say we have failed to communicate as government, we will continue sensitizing the people but we will activate Plan B which is whipping these people because it appears that they are acting like Two-year-old babies who can only be controlled using whips. The same way we handle our babies in our homes, we give them strokes when they become indiscipline.”

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo interrogates some people found drinking beers in bars in Chelstone area on Saturday evening before apprehending them for disobeying coronavirus regulations
Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo interrogates some people found drinking beers in bars in Chelstone area on Saturday evening before apprehending them for disobeying coronavirus regulations

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  1. This is what happens when you appoint kaponyas as ministers …he thinks he is above the law no wonder corruption to him is a reward. He knows himself that there are no leaders above him apart from his dull boss Lazy Lungu who is inept and only comes to life when there is bye-election.

  2. Sometimes sense needs to be panel beaten into some heads. Some people are so stubborn that they only understand things when they are crying. It is nature. Some babies for example only listen when hit while others will follow instructions. You can also tell by the way people comment here as to their upbringing. For example you have a silly.cow above like tarino who lacks respect for seniority and will criticise anything and everything because in his own little imagination, he can do no wrong. This is the type of nonsense you get from people who end up abroad by chance. A brain washed psycho who does not know if he is coming or going. It appears even from his other posts he is a gay. Surely zambian why would you vote gays into power? Be wise and vote pf in 2021 otherwise you will get tribal…

  3. With illiterates like this guy, can you blame me when I say Zambia and Africa as a whole needs to be ruled by middle age white men for atleast 20 years in order to get some normality. This black skin is a curse

  4. If Bowman Lusambo thinks he is so powerful,why does he always have armed escort with him?
    The moment PF will be out of power,I will not be surprised if unknown people beat him up.

  5. People can easily hear from leaders who are not xorupt. You boman have all the foods in the house but you want a poor person not to move. Think Bowman. Plan first before you think of that kind of kaponya type of dealing with matters that concern inicwnt people. Infact it’s you who needs willing. PF members had a meeting few days ago in kafue estates hall disregarded the rules. They were not qipped

  6. @Kaizer Zulu you seem to have some serious beef with Zambians in the diaspora…you and dunderhead Lusambo plus the majority of Zambians back home……always insulting hardworking Zambians in the diaspora

  7. I am not a fun of this Lusambo but surely what do people want in bars. ? This is pure foolishness on the part of all those drinking from bars

  8. I am not a fun of this Lusambo but surely what do people want in bars. ? This is pure foolishness on the part of all those drinking from bars

  9. You guys balimidelela. Who the fvck Lusambo is to be embarrassing you like that? Lusambo and Kaizer kubaponona fye.

  10. Anonymous – You surely take that impostor seriously? do you not remember that when LT had location flags attached against the names that same account had a Union Jack (UK) Flag against it. Dont feed the internet disc-jockey clown who has more time on his hands to play around on LT .

  11. @Tarino, you are right. It is not Kaizer Zulu. The Kaizer we know cannot construct a simple sentence in English. He cannot even spell. Kaizer has the attention span of a squirrel on meth or is it vodka like his boss. Kaizer is dull and very dull. If you give him one ngwee for his thoughts, you can even get change.

  12. The 13th disciple -I can bet you his next form of attack will be to start posting using my alias…this is a simpleton with too much time on his hands.

  13. Muletambako na movies like. Darkest Hour: The newly appointed British prime minister must decide whether to negotiate with Hitler or fight on against incredible odds.

    LINCOLN:”With the nation embroiled in still another year with the high death count of Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln brings the full measure of his passion, humanity and political skill to what would become his defining legacy.”

    Martin Luther King:“With this faith we will be able to work together, pray together; to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom forever, )mowing that we will be free one day. And I say to you today my friends, let freedom ring.”

  14. And one should wonder why the country should be on its knees economically, socially, from a governance point of view and politically. Do you think that in a normal functioning country this guy can be called a leader. And for the avoidance of doubt, I am PF

  15. #Tarino Orange thanks for pointing it out…was thinking he is the real moron Kaizer Zulu…anyway be safe wherever you are

  16. That is why I like abena Zambia. Too much PHD pull him down. Some people think kaizer zulu can’t write simple English when he proved people wrong by articulating things during ilya interview on tv.. Kaizer continue standing up 4 wat is right. Hammer these tribal suntwes. Mwaya abroad you think uku sosa ichisungu eh sign of success.

  17. We are voting pf in 2021 and beyond. Let us dununa nafuti. No fisatana mu Zambia. Twatulefwaya.

  18. I would rather trust KZ than listen to a tribal party like upnd. Just reading comment here you can tell it’s tribal followers. They don’t even feel ashamed

  19. Hi tarino. Looking to like you by means necesity. Arrange to call even when away so can meet in my room. To hug and show some love. Trust in you my love here in forward.

  20. “If you are arrested, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to keep quiet until you are represented by a lawyer. The single most important thing to remember if you are arrested is that you have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney, but these rights protect you only if you use them.”

  21. HH was criticized when he was wearing a mask as he made a contribution on the issue of Covid 19 which was sad. Now the likes of Bowman a wearing masks but those that criticized HH are mute. There is so much hypocrisy in this country.
    By the way, there is no social distance in the manner in which those suspects are paraded.

  22. In 2021 this selfsame man Bowman will be on his kneels who has grown a fat potbelly full of cheese asking you the people he is threatening with wiping to give him votes. Today he is standing over you and looking down in you like dirty peasants…

  23. We need fresh bleed of leaders not these kind of leaders recycled ones like Kabwili,Lungu,Nawakwi,Kandu Luo,Gbm,Inonge Wina and musenge what is so special about all these aging leaders just called Dr. for nothing Africa is young but got too much old leaders who can’t think only thinks of their stomach we need to get rid of them let Kabwili go join PF who cares that’s why we are lacking be hide in terms of development and technology and the young ones we have are thugs like Kaizer Zulu,Lusambo,Chitotela etc Botswana got only 3 cases of covid 19 and there is a lock down already because there not scared of not having money to run the country Zambia corruption no money scared of lock down you have choped everything Ba mukukulu.

  24. “When a dictator dies, oxygen increases in the world!”

  25. Lusambo must be appoited full cabinet minister he is hardworking . Bakape ifinefine. Kz dont respond to tribalist like this bull tarino who writes under the influence of denkete,

  26. Please please people. There are some idio##ts who are very educated here in the northmead and rhodespark area that are filling up the bars. They’ve parked their tuma pajeros and BMWs outside. And you are shamelessly supporting these farts????!!!! Surely are these the ones you’re referring to who need to be educated rather than harsh treatment?. Are u sure its education which is lacking in these nincompoops or they are just being stupid? Muslim countries are busy whipping worshippers out of mosques and in America, idio##ts who decide to go jogging in central park new York are being dragged out like dirty dogs. Then here you want to be a cardre! In a life and death situation? Bowman please sign me up, I will cover kabwata constituency up to northmead, whipping these cunts.

  27. Why is the emphasis on the patrons rather than the bar owners? Aren’t there ‘orders’ that bars should be closed? Why wasn’t he talking to the bar owners? Anyway, there is no logic in whatever thugs like Lusambo come up with. You should restrict groupings and implement social distancing, but you have to know how to deal with this and who should be empowered for the same. Not a ‘lone’ minister that always masquerades as some sort of ‘mean’ cowboy.

  28. Primitive people are quick to resort to primitive solutions. Whipping is applied by those who can’t use reasoning to convince others.

  29. Just cane them!
    Don’t be intimidated by the cars they drive or their miseducation!
    Rules are rules and there must be consequences for breaking them!
    India is whipping their own. Zambians are not special! Let the Soldiers do it since people fear Soldiers more than Council police! Bars found flouting rules should also have their licenses permanently cancelled! People are dying and you want to play games with the very measures meant to protect everybody? Don’t be selfish! As a medical practitioner, I fear what will befall this country when this disease takes root! Ba Lusambo, just advise your boss to declare a state of Health Emergency and get Soldiers to drum some sense in the “some of us!”

  30. Discipline those that are not heeding to the Covid 19 advice by Govt because we need to protect mother Zambia. Well done Mr. Lusambo!!

  31. I must also state that I am not a fun of stone age man Bowman Lusambo but I support whipping people who act like kids. Covid-19 is no child’s play. They are puting a lot of people at risk when they act like kids.

    In a society like ours with a lot of weak people, draconian measures work and I support Lusambo for this. Look at how he rectified the meali meal situation a few days ago. It was primitive action but it worked on unscrupulous people.

  32. I must state, I cannot stand bowman lusambo as a person. How ever, I feel his frustrations. If a “civilized” country like Britain, can send 4 police officers to wallop 8 *****ic men who had secretly congregated in a birmingham bar, who are we? Amongst them was believe it or not, a retired clinical officer, a former cop and a software engineer. Honestly do you think that these people just need to be spoken to, do you think they don’t know what’s going on with corona virus around the world. Are you going to allow them to endanger the whole nation! Do you not know that ba chakolwa shower each other with saliva as they talk to each other. You cant reason with fools who’ve made a conscious decision to be stupid. That’s why the were beaten with police short Barton’s.

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