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Covid-19 grounds Mahogany Air

Economy Covid-19 grounds Mahogany Air

Mahogany Air has announced it has suspended all flights from 30th March to 30th April 2020 in response to the Coronavirus control measures and to join the rest of the country in less contact and observance of staying home.

Company Chief Executive Officer Dr Jim Belemu has noted that since the announcement of the pandemic, the major control measures have been travel restrictions across the globe which put Mahogany like any other airline in the frontline of being negatively affected.

Dr Belemu said Mahogany is open to support flights for any emergency supply that the Ministry of Health may require to move around the country.

In a statement, Dr Belemu said Mahogany flight crew will be on standby to undertake flights as it is everyone’s concern and contribution to prevent and control this disease in Zambia.

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  1. Its disheartening to see educated people freezing before a grade 2 drop out in the name of Minister without brains. Zambia twasebena. Lusaka times may you kindly remove this pic

  2. Now we wait for Tarino Orange to give us the Brian Mushimba hate speech when Mahogany air ha clearly stated the reason for gounding.

  3. Great to hear you are at the disposal of the health ministry incase of emergency- The spirit of Ubuntu. We are in this together.

  4. I hope they were not trying 2b the exception to the rule. It’s a terrible time for all of humility . We probably needed this to rediscover our common future on the planet.

  5. Yes people before property…people before wealth and its about time greedy Politicians start thinking about improving peoples lives first instead of stealing and enriching themselves…poor healthcare system etc…..building expensive unnecessary airports that poor don’t even use..lets build more hospitals and schools after Convid 19 phases out….and this is not time for Political theatrical and attention seeking…lets all work together as human beings regardless of tribe,color,political affiliations,religion,believers,non believers etc…born agains have a tendency of isolating themselves from the ones they think are not born agains..this must come to an end now…thank you

  6. @Kci – We told you that it was not wise to invest taxpayers money in the airline business but you ignored us …and yes I am not going to leave out that educated foooool Brian Mushimba who wasted $30 million because Zambians are too forgetful, if small private airlines are parking for one month what more National Airline.

  7. I will keep mentioning these greedy shortsighted imbeciles like Mushimba, Lazy Lungu and Co. as that is money they have poured down the drain…EA is not having it easy as well as alot of its lucrative routes are down.

  8. kci – where do you think Mahogany is going to get money to pay its workers even if they give a reason? Of course workers will not be paid…

  9. A very responsible thing to do. Lives come before money. The business will still exist after the virus. We are not like that evil party upnd which only looks at money. Are these the devils you want in power ?

  10. Dobadoba politicians like boman lusambo addressing uza degree holders,they even freezing to kabusha mp drop out sole William.old days of unip when we had Mr Steven manjata and Clement chiimbwe but the goodness of these guys used to respect zambians and it’s constitution not bakabushi mp

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