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ZRA Tax Compliance Visits to Media Houses Worries Stakeholders

Headlines ZRA Tax Compliance Visits to Media Houses Worries Stakeholders

The decision by the Zambia Revenue Authority to commence Tax Compliance visits at media houses has worried some stakeholders.

On Monday, ZRA through its Acting Director-Investigations Catherine Chilambe had written to a number of radio stations including ZNBC, Daily Mail, Hot FM and Prime TV informing them that ZRA will be undertaking an exercise to check their tax compliance for the period between January 2015 and December 2018.

But some stakeholders are fearing that the Compliance visits are merely a camouflaged assault on Prime TV, seen by many as anti-establishment.

Transparency International Zambia President Reuben Lifuka says no media house will be spared by the government tough stance against divergent views ahead of the 2021 elections.

“When the Zambian political establishment went after the Post Newspapers, other media houses were silent and some celebrated the downfall of the Post and Fred Mmembe. Now the bells are tolling for Prime TV and all others are silent- take note you could be next. Speak out,” Mr. Lifuka said.

He added, “Clearly as we go in Elections 2021, the PF will continue to narrow the space for a free independent media and vibrant civil society.”

Mr. Lifuka said the clampdown on the media makes it difficult for them to provide checks and balances.

“This dilutes checks and balances. We shouldn’t allow this to happen because soon, individual liberties and freedoms will be assaulted,” he said.

And Ackson Sejani accused President Edgar Lungu of plotting to kill Prime TV.

“In 2016, just before Lungu closed the post newspaper, the post asked the following fundamental question: Who will defend the opposition victory? This was in an apparent reference to the imminent closure of the paper then.”

“The fears of the post came to pass as Lungu did whatever he wanted without fearing being exposed by the media. Another election is coming and Lungu wants to do something similar because it worked for him. He is plotting to close prime TV so that no one will defend opposition victory again.

Me Sejani added, “It is happening right before our eyes and I hope we will not take it lying down.”


  1. This Lifuka thing. I hate black People who like selling their fellow black People in the hands of the whites.if you know you what what am talking about.
    White supremacy doesn’t like black individuals for nothing.Even this Lifuka thing he is being used like a toilet tissue.Sooner or later he will be dumb.I wonder how cliche that position on that vital organization.

  2. Only the guilty are afraid. Tax is a vital source of income for development. It is a legal obligation to pay what you owe in tax. If we let them go then everyone will say you let them go and therefore let me go too.

  3. Media houses, including ZNBC and PrimeTV should not be worried if they do their work following the law. Only worry if you are doing something illegal. So Mr. Lifuka you are subscribing to lawlessness by blaming ZRA for doing their mandated job. And a caution to all, never through stones if you live in a glass house. Do the right thing and get on with your work. Do not give govt cause to stop you from doing your work.
    It is time that Zambians stopped supporting companies that break the law in the name of democracy. Tax evasion is an offence, everywhere you go. There is no right or wrong time for ZRA to come and audit your tax compliance, so just do the right thing and pay your taxes.

  4. This is routine, stop making everything political. If pressure is felt use the courts. It’s time for the nation to come as one, and the president needs to freeze tax application on businesses or reduce it so as the economy and workers stay employed and moving. Stay in God’s Grace and prayer field.

  5. The problem with the likes of my friend Reuben, other NGOs, International Aid Organisations and Churches is that they don’t pay taxes. That’s why they make such useless pronouncements.

  6. No one can blame the Govt for the demise of the Post Newspapers. It was the company itself which thought it was above the law and did not pay taxes. Time caught up with them. So if Shawa and his gang have not been paying taxes, the law will catch up with them. It has nothing to do with Lungu and his govt. Ba Lifuka mwilabwatabwata fye.

  7. The post was very popular and had an big readership. Unfortunately it was the readership did loud mouthed journalists reporting for you and including those analysts on your prime news will not come to your aid when ZRA faces you. You will be alone and these journalists and news analysts will be seeking jobs with Diamond TV, ZNBC, MUVI tv , cbc etc. You will be left alone bwana!! Ask ba Mmembe.

  8. The post was shut by lungu for being critical of his theiving……..why else would ZRA refuse a payment plan proposed by the post , which was a viable bussiness ?

    We all know lungu is out to get prime tv to silence any real news of his corruption and pf cader lawlessness in the run up to 2021 as stated above…….

    It was prime tv that exposed PF brutality in the sesheke elections that made them marked targets for lungu……..prime tv had damaging footage of PF cader violence….

  9. Lungu will be a sorry sight in 2021 …I mean what is he going to say on the campaign rally platform – Vote me if you want development…really laughable…no wonder he is cleaning house!!

  10. KAIZER, don’t think all days will be ROSY? You know that PF are doing. Shame that an Institution like ZRA should be influenced by Politicians. It’s pathetic.

  11. Prince my days now are far from rosy. If you call working 16 hour days rosy then maybe that is the case.

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