Decision to shut down SAA saddens CTPD

South African Airways
South African Airways

Reports that a decision to shut down troubled South African Airways has been reached has saddened the Centre for Trade Policy and Development.

CTPD Executive Director Isaac Mwaipopo said the development is saddening.

He said shutting down SAA is bad for South African but hoped that Zambia could learn from the experience as it attempts to relaunch Zambia Airways.

“Too bad for South African Airways, hopefully, our government can learn something from this turn of event,” Mr. Mwaipopo said.

He said CTPD has for the past two years been advising the government to reconsider its intentions to relaunch a national airline.

“CTPD has for the past two years been advising the government to reconsider its intentions to relaunch a national airline, we have raised concerns around the business model, the financing plan and many other aspects drawing our lessons from regional carriers like SA, Ethiopian Airlines and Malawi Airlines,” Mr. Mwaipopo said.

On Wednesday, the National Transport Movement (NTM) said a decision to shut down South African Airways (SAA) and form a new airline has been reached.

The union says the plan was confirmed on Tuesday during a meeting between SAA unions and Public Enterprises Minister, Pravin Gordhan.

In terms of the agreement, the government will source R2.2 billion funding for severance packages.

The decision will result in the termination of all SAA employees’ contracts.

However, current airline staff will be given preference for employment in the new airline.


  1. SAA has been a loss making for sometime and it has been draining billions if Rands fir it to survive. As gir Zambia airways relaunch is just a wishful thinking by these lazy PF government officials, the airline will be unsustainable unless they just want to abuse by taking free government rides. There will be nothing to write home about. If they cannot run a tuckshop what more a complex airline. Jokers of leaders. PF must go!

  2. Usual business practices. Just an extreme restructure . Zambia airways is going ahead . We know some people especially in diaspora have an inferiority complex of thinking anything zambian is bad. I saw some even commenting about how they can only use Emirates and not Zambia airways. This is the level of jealousy we are having to put up with. The upnd should just move to diaspora and become team leaders for diasporans there far away from us

  3. Typical of black skinned people….their mindsare too deep, bold black they can’t function properly….having another airline won’t be a solution if you stick to your BRE nonsense…..

  4. Covid 19 will be with us for a long time and launching an airline now is not good idea. The SWOT depicts greater risk for aviation industry as the destinations are susceptible to national guidelines on covid

  5. I know that every case is different but when you do a SWAT analysis, South Africa stands at a better position than Zambia and yet its airline has found itself in such quagmire. It is from that point of view that there are some skepticism about the relaunch of Zambia Airways. So it is not always about sour grapes but prevailing circumstances on the ground.

    • analyst
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    • AIrFrance is also in trouble. Some US airlines are also straggling. Apparently Ethiopian Airways is doing well. So what are you saying about boer White) and blackman? It does not add up..

  6. Long overdue…this airline has been spoon fed by taxpayers for the last 15 years …should have streamlined but didnt at least the small independent airlines should fill up those transit flights from Joburg.

  7. Zambia airways will never get launched.

    It’s just that Lungu is very stubborn as dull as he is.

    This was just another of many ideas someone had while very drunk.

    Next page please.

  8. analyst – You must be one of those young chaps who never cares to read history …when your Boers were there very few airlines flew into RSA only SAL flew are the same people who say at least we had food when the colonialist were in Zambia. The mind of a poor man is such that even when you cause so much pain on him he will follow you when you throw him scraps and remember you for that them scraps!!

  9. PF’s Zambia Airways have employees trained in Ethiopia. They even pay a director an Ethiopian and they pay him more than Inonge Wina.
    Styupid idyots…

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