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The Foolishness of Shouting Amen to Lungu’s Opening of Churches–Stay Home on Sunday!


There is foolishness and there is faith–the PF declared Christian government is simply foolish. Among my people, it is said madness is curable but not foolishness. I am not surprised at the number of Zambians celebrating the opening of churches in the name of Christian faith. The opening of churches will fool masses into believing COVID-19 can be stopped by prayers. I don’t think so. We have been here before–for years some pastors lied that they could pray out HIV AIDS. After many pastors and their followers died in masses, the Church finally accepted that there is no cure for AIDS–we can only control it. Of course, some pastors still claim to cure it while being on HIV medications themselves, while fooling unsuspecting followers.

Faith is not foolishness. Your car is on fire, and everyone is shouting at you to come out. Then you hear your pastor shouts, “just claim Jesus putoff the fire. Amen!” If you choose to remain in the car, is it faith or foolishness? Of course, the pastor will surely bury your burnt body–simply because you had no faith–stupid!

The reopening of churches amidst increasing COVID-19 cases befits this life-ending scenario. Nothing shows that the spread of the virus is under control in the nation; we are at the brink of COVID-19 disaster. Pastors for Lungu and Rev. Sumaili’s bishops are busy shouting, “sit in the burning car Mr. President. Our prayers will putoff the fire.” In his wisdom, Lungu trusts his pastors over healthcare workers and public health experts. The truth is, people will die in the masses. Broke pastors, however, will make money for conducting many funerals. Surely more money in their pockets!

President Lungu and Rev. Sumaili are playing politics with people’s lives. My wife and daughter work in the medical field and l hear COVID-19 death stories each day–Americans are dying in masses. Who is so foolish to believe Zambia is more advanced than the US or Europe when it comes to the control of the spread of the Coronavirus? Yes, attention is on Europe and America, but soon Zambia will be hit and Lungu will be forced to reverse this irresponsible decision after countless infections, and innocent lives are lost.

President Lungu is courting the votes of conmen turned pastors in 2021 at the cost of people’s lives. “Amen and Alleluia” may sound good especially to Rev. Sumaili–the minister much concerned with fighting Freemasons and gays than this deadly virus. The good news is, Lungu and his ministers are not immune–it is just a matter of time. The Coronavirus pandemic may be the very killer of Lungu and Rev. Sumaili’s own political careers. As for his pastors, they will gather around HH.

The so-called apostles, bishops, pastors, and prophets are celebrating this foolishness–God has finally answered their prayers for more tricks and deceit. The closing of churches robbed them of their tricks–nobody was able to claim to cure COVID-19 by shouting amen. This is because the cases were limited to hospitals.

Now the Lungu administration has opened a can of worms–creating a public health messaging crisis on the one hand, and the exploitation of poor citizens on the other. Starting this Sunday, look out for claims of curing COVID-19 with holy water. Many poor people will be asked to lie. Worse still, the reopening of churches’ endangers healthcare professionals who are already working under very hard conditions.

I am not against prayers, but the fooling of people from accepting that COVID-19 is deadly. The nation has tested very few people to declare victory or reopen the churches. Indeed fools don’t learn–we have seen it in England and the US. Every public health analyst would tell you that based on the smallest sample of tests conducted so far, Zambians must brace for the worst.

My relatives are worried about my safety and have called to check on me because of the number of deaths in the US. But l am million times better than they are–Zambia has no capacity to handle COVID-19 patients. I commended the government’s social distancing policy, closing of schools, and churches for this very reason. All signs are that we should lockdown the nation. Instead, Lungu opened churches–presenting the myth that we have defeated the virus. Implementing social distancing earlier has proved to be effective in combating the spread of this deadly virus. Unfortunately, the PF government reversed its own science informed policy–thereby compromising lives of the masses.

I am a minister and l understand the need to have people in churches. After all, people pay for our work. But to let God’s people die to ensure my salary is immoral. As religious leaders, we are morally responsible for all those who enter our churches. Moreover, we must remember that healthcare providers have families too. Our foolishness should not send them early to their graves–they will never be replaced.

Before you insult me, do me a favor. Ask your loudest miracle-working apostle, bishop, pastor or prophet to be among those dying from COVID-19. After all, they may pray themselves out of the deadly virus.

Please don’t be a fool, stay home on Sunday. Don’t listen to Lungu, Rev. Sumaili or conmen turned apostles, bishops, pastors, and prophets–you are so valuable to your family. Your God and not your pastor, will hear you from your home.

Rev. Kapya Kaoma


  1. He is a F.o.o.lish reverend, probably based in diaspora. The president did not direct anyone to go to church by force. He was clear that the social distancing rules still apply. It is down to each one of us to take responsibility for our hygiene. You expect the government to bath you and control you ? Reverend you are a dull man with nothing between those ears. I pity the followers you have.

    • Kaiser the whole country knows you are the biggest FOOL in Zambia,just go tuck yourself where the sun don’t shine you criminal

  2. People perish for lack of knowledge. Lungu wanted to entice his pentecostal pastors’tuma Christians for Lungu ‘. There is reason why God created us with heads and eyes, all whatever God gave us must coordinate to bring us out of danger. You see a big lion in front of you and with your bear hands can you approach it!? The answer is clear, it is no run away. In the case of Lungu, he wanted to push us to the early graves even though he knew that it was dangerous. Meanwhile PF must go!

  3. Rev. Kapya Kaoma,
    Please leave them alone. I’m a subscriber to Charles Darwin’s principle of natural selection, you are not selected you die. There are too many fooling people in Zambia today and this is not good for the national gene pool. If Coronavirus can weed out stupid *****s, so much the better for the country.

  4. @ Kaizer zulu, you’re just an id!otic imbecile with a violence-infested head. Going by the way the virus is spreading, Lungu should have given and stood by an emphatic, firm decision to have churches completely shut as opposed to this nosense of making church-going optional and under Covid 19 guidelines

  5. not in agreement with the opening of churches by the President but daaamn…the writer must be having a rough time out there…such dark, crippled, depressed, unclean tone coming from a pastor… for the word says…’But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness’ Galatians 5:22

  6. Sometimes it is good to be blunt and direct.

    Zambians are generally dull. That is why they tolerate Lungu and his corrupt cadres.

  7. is you who is being foolish here. Lock downs the world over are being announced by Heads of state and government and are meant be strictly adhered to. These are strict rules/orders, straight forward and NOT left for citizens to make own interpretations of the rules. No congregating should have meant just that and “not you may, if you” as Lungu is trying to put it. Lungu should have stuck to his earlier pronouncements and not interfered with himself. Is he looking for a reason to postpone 2021 elections due to mass infections encouraged by his careless pronouncements. Or should we believe in his lack of vision?

  8. “Safete Kulisunga Wemwine”.
    Indeed the ‘man of god’ has some issues in his head.
    Prayers go and pray, observe social distance, wash your hands 70 x 70.
    Don’t hug, don’t kiss, dond shake your hands.
    Because these are SARS-CoV-2 rules.
    It is a Covid-19 kingdom.
    A coup de’ ta.

  9. These are the embeciles they don’t want in America. You stay there like a tick and trump is trying everything to kick you out. Just concentrate on your begging

  10. I have no issues with the President but I have issues with all these con Pastors and Bishops etc. They have cheated our people for long and indeed COVID has exposed their lies.

  11. Why do we like insulting each other even when we are not at war. The word FOOLISH means a lot in our Zambian languages and should not be used loosely. It is actually an INSULT. Do not call people FOOLS, probably say they are ignorant about COVID-19 and how it is transmitted. No one is DULL in this country, what you and me lack is confidence and end up using insults to debate anything. Be patriotic and do not look up to other countries to solve your problems. Let us work together to fight COVID-19. The Whites won’t fight it for us.

  12. Rev may be you should have toned down a bit. Your message is full of meat….Zambians should close the church-buildings. My church-building has closed but we have continued meeting online using zoom. It is like the usual physical meetings we have at the church-building. But given that the loose papas and false prophets are broke during the COVID-19 period, they will coerce their indoctrinated followers into gathering for false miracles and tricks. Sad really.

  13. Iwe Kaizer Tallmber know call what’s wrong with your head. My advice to you is simple ‘ Get your head checked at Chainama’

  14. Lungu opens the churches and the cases rise to nine, the highest number ever recorded for a day since the start of covid in zambia.

  15. A Zulu na Chikopo!!!!! always insulting and claiming to be a Director of OP. Go and have extra lessons from Chungu. You are an embarrassment to the office of the president. And you boast of having flats in Surrey, day time money laundering and buying personal Jets. hope you are fly to check on your 48 houses.
    Kunali bantu imwe mukali unyera mkabudula nalisiya dziko! Tikuoneni!!!!

  16. Finance minster pay retirees at PSPF. You have broght confusions at PSPF, you are leaving old retirees who retired in 2016, 2017 and you are paying these who just retired in 2019. Why? Now you cannot know how pension numbers can be followed now. PSPF this is your baby advise the government and all those you have skeeped.

  17. What is a Church? Can someone open and close a Church? What comprises a Church? Why talk so much about Church when shops , banks, courts and many public services are operating? To completely say Christians stay home is not very prudent. Those who can manage to comply o the directives should be allowed to gather.

  18. If you know what’s good for you, PRAY AT HOME.

  19. keizer, churches have toilets normally one for males and one for females, and people will sit on those toilets in succession during the sermon, let us try to think with our brains

  20. satan ni satan repent and thou shall be saved God bless our President and God bless Zambia Amen

  21. The timidity and simple mindedness of most zambians makes the harsh words of the writer offensive.

    We are too much too kind, weak and docile, and render ourselves artificial.

    The language is ok

  22. This Christianity nonsense is just too much. Why dont the proponents emigrate to where it came. On bus, markets and everywhere is a fool with a bible talking about senseless things. Who re we geneologically?

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