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President Lungu differs with Dr Chitalu over Health Workers logistics after death of 24 year old Ian Mutamba


In what is becoming a new trend in government, confusion has arisen between President Edgar Lungu and his Minister of Health Dr Chitalu over the manner health personnel are being treated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

24 year old Ian Mutambo, a lab technician at Solwezi District Hospital died in a road traffic accident while transporting suspected COVID-19 samples to TDRC in Ndola.

During the COVID-19 routine updates, Dr Chilufya said there was nothing uncommon about COVID-19 samples being transported using public transport as they are safely packed and cannot affect other people.

Dr chilufya, however, regretted that a life was lost in the accident which occurred after the driver of the bus registration number ALT 2877 belonging to Power Tools
identified as Christopher Mulenga, lost control of the bus when he was crossing the Kabompo River at Mundanya in Manyinga District and hit the sides of the bridge and plunged onto the riverbank

But President Edgar Lungu says he is heartbroken that a dedicated health worker and biomedical student Ian Mutambo, aged 24 lost his life as he travelled on the Power Tools bus from Kabompo that plunged into the Kabompo River on 2nd May 2020.

President Lungu said this is contrary to his Government’s commitment to do more for the health workers as they remain at the frontline of fighting the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is contrary to my Government’s commitment to do more for the health workers as they remain at the frontline of fighting this deadly disease”, he wrote.

He said it is unfortunate that a health worker on such a crucial assignment could be subjected to public transport and has instructed the Minister of Health to work with the investigative wings to understand how this unfortunate incident occurred.

“I am heartbroken that a dedicated health worker and biomedical student Ian Mutambo, aged 24 lost his life as he traveled on the Power Tools bus from Solwezi that plunged into the Kabompo River on 2nd May 2020,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

President Lungu has urged the Ministry of Health, the provincial and district health offices to immediately ensure all the necessary logistics are in place to avoid such risks in the fight against COVID-19.

“I urge the ministry, provincial and district health offices to immediately ensure all the necessary logistics are in place to avoid such risks in the fight against COVID-19. While I understand the urgency of getting suspected COVID samples to labs, this risk must never be taken again.”, he said.

“It is unfortunate that a health worker on such a crucial assignment could be subjected to public transport. I am instructing the Minister of Health to work with the investigative wings to understand how this unfortunate incident occurred.


    • I thought this is time to use those ZAF planes and choppers to transport covid samples from all corners of the country, why should those choppers only be active during election campaigns and transporting cadres.

  1. Slow reaction, how many times have people lodged complaints over your Ministers including this same Chilufya man, but you were quite and humble as always, why cant this man learn from Magufuli, disappointment from day one. Stop surrounding yourself with bootlickers.

  2. How many cars can you PF buy from $1 million from Toyota Zambia? = 50.
    Can 50 cars used to fight coronavirus, sure, but not PF.
    How much is Chitalu Chilucya receiving in “allowances” to be on camera = at least $20,000 per week.
    How much you PF pay for 1 Fire truck, = $1 million.

  3. This is the worst Govt Africa has ever had, dear lord above in Heaven what did we do to deserve PF. Very soon corrupt KAIZER ZULU will comment on this page defending this evil Govt.

  4. Another sensationalist article by lusaka times. There is nothing in the article which shows the president differed with our hardworking minister. Like any manager in the world would, the president is advising his employeee and guiding him on what he should do to avoid another unfortunate event like this. Chizungu is hard I understand so sometimes just write articles in local language. This English is foreign to us. Kz

  5. Patriotic zambian you ain’t patriotic you silly boy. Supporting a regional leader of a regional party is not being patriotic. Kz


  7. I am appalled by the lack of priorities in this PF Government.. You spent $42m on fire Trucks and are putting Covid-19 samples on Power Tools busses.. Clearly the day of reckoning is coming for you..

  8. The president has simply asked for an investigation into why this young man was using public transport on official duty. Now the investigation has been commissioned because our president does not believe in assumptions and hearsay. He understands that there could be a myriad of reasons e.g. it could be there was a lack of transport or the young man was overzealous to get the samples transported and so used public transport rather than waiting for ministerial transport. It is very shallow of people to make assumptions without facts. This is why your party loses elections. You are good at assuming that you are in the lead when in fact not. You then assume that you are allowed 8 months to submit petition when its 14 days. Kz

  9. Bio samples are graded from 1 – 4, 4 being very contagious meaning pathogens can by mere touch.
    Medical rules and regulations in Zambia specify on how to handle and transport bio samples, what COVID-19 has done is expose the system that medical staff in Zambia treat bio samples very casually.

  10. Kaizer Zulu let me quote for you,

    “This is contrary to my Government’s commitment to do more for the health workers as they remain at the frontline of fighting this deadly disease”

    I know you’ve admitted in the past that you have are Grade 7 education. What the President is saying is that what CC is doing is contrary to what his government expects of him. Therefore, he differs with the Minister of Health. Tanvelana ai bossele?

  11. He stole from the widow and used pangas to ascend to power
    The president is captured
    Inonge is now Bemba
    Yaluma is tribal
    Nkandu Luo is Tribal
    GBM is tribal
    Kaizar is tribal
    Chitimukulu is tribal
    Sunday Chanda is tribal
    Davies Mwila is tribal
    Kampyongo is tribal
    Bowman Lusambo is tribal
    Concourt is corrupt
    ECZ is corrupt


  13. Where are the donations going, why are we not being updated on the flow of incoming and out going donations, the more we leave this important aspect out the more shock we will be subjected to and the more inaccurate the data will be.

  14. What’s there to investigate? It is what it is. The late young lab technician was made to use public transport instead of government transport as he was on official duty. Let’s hope we have learnt a big lesson

  15. Had there been a by-election in N-W province, there would been no shortage of vehicles. Zambia is refusing to grow up as a nation.

  16. This just makes my blood boil. And then when they are questioned on how they spend the donations they accuse journalists of being sent, PF government is corrupt and they would rob a grave if they thought the corpse was burried with money.

  17. First order of business in the house after 2021 should be to lift Edgar Lungu’s immunity. He needs to be dealt with.

  18. KZ u can bark as many times as u want my vote u got in 2016 is not for PF any more in 2021 put ECL in HH shoes do think his party wud have been existing i dont think so shows hw strong HH is strong committed organised and focused where Zambia is at the moment at the cross roads needs a leader like HH he has my vote .

  19. This is PF government for you, busy pabwato, pabwato, look at these subhumans. Where on earth would you put a biometric samples on public transport risking other people’s lives with such a deadly disease? Why didn’t they hire a private vehicle if they didn’t have transport? They sre busy stealing covid-19 donations and failed to buy logistical vehicles yo transport medical staff and supplies. Useless PF government. PF must go!

  20. Bally ni Bally, he will fix them. Uncle Lulu will remain alone, soon his fellow bandits will abondone him. Time is approaching quickly. They are good at embezzling funds. Shameless thieves. They steal as if there is no tomorrow. They have no shame even not hide their loots. Building mansions and houses with stolen money. Watch out! Bally and team are coming to fix everything. PF thieves must go!

  21. The Bottomline is to ensure that Everybody who travels on our Roads is Safe. Be it Private or Public. We Need a Forensic investigation of How this PT Bus ended up in the River.
    Was he Overspeeding ???
    Did He fall Asleed on the Steering ???
    Was he Travelling at Night???
    Bushe ali ingila muli ‘Fube Fube’ or Dew ???
    Bushe alimona ifibanda ???
    Is it time to put Alcohol Breath Analysers on these points of entry ??? Most of these drivers “Relax” drinking & Womanising & therefore have very little time to relax.
    Bushe alapepa ibange ???
    Life is Valuable for everyone. This unfortunate thing could happen even on a Private Vehicle or Ambulance if the DRIVER is indisciplined. & usually if you alone Complain, they threaten to kick you out. What happened to the Famous Citizens Arrest…

  22. It is not unusual to have differences in crisis management, especially when it involves the unfortunate death of a young health worker and medical student for that matter. The president has done the right thing to order an investigation and call for proper logistics to ensure that that such incidents don’t reoccur.

    With good reason, one would say too much responsibility was left in the hands of one person with public transport. As testing gets streamlined in the country, it would makes sense to develop a Covid hospital in all districts with all samples being tested there. This lessens the risk of healthcare workers carrying samples all over the place.

  23. What happened to the Famous Citizens Arrest where the Public can Arrest Unrully Drivers ???
    Surely this Driver if at all he Survived must be held to Account. I see no Reason to Politicise certain issue. It is a very unfortunate situation & our Hearts go out to the Families of all the Deceased & a Quick Recovery to the injured. The issue of Police at entry points signing on Sheets must be Analysed. I saw it work well in Tanzania. Electronic devices (galvanisers ?) & GPS must also be considered. Including devices that make the ignition Fail if the Smell of Beer is Detected. A Holistic Approach to every Problem in Necessary. Every Encapsulated problem Needs an Abstract Analysis in Totality. Finger Pointing does not Always sort out a Problem.
    On the issue of Civid-19, i advise those who…

  24. On the issue of Civid-19, i advise those who can’t afford expensive Masks, to make do with improvised & cheaper home made ones, of Cloth which can be washed, ironed & reused by the Owner. Maintain adequate Seperation if You have to go out. Asmathics & other such People need to use Apropriate masks which will not make them Suffocate.

  25. Nine chale your level headedness is very impressive. We need you back home so that you can contribute to the development of your country. I have been very impressed with your way of analysing things and your objectivity. If only more diasporans could emulate you. Kz

  26. Sakala you are not an eligible voter you diasporan. Whether you vote or not, it won’t have any impact on our inevitable election victory. Kz

  27. We told you that Chilufya Chitalu is a bandit and uncle Lulu is held hostage by these thieves. He has no decision of his own. Edgar Lungu can’t act abd is like a lame duck and mouth is zipped. PF must go!

  28. The President has demanded an inquiry as to why the young man was using public transport to transport covid 19 swabs to Lusaka. Most Zambians know that this inquiry is just a smoke screen by this clueless government to evade responsibility . The strong points should be :
    Is Chitalu going to take some responsibility if it is found that there was no money for the young man to use private transport ?
    Is Chitalu going to accept that people’s lives were put at risk because whoever sent this man did not risk assess and appreciate the fact that transporting biohazard materials on a bus endangers other passages ?
    What is government going to learn from this and what will change in future ?
    Has it happened before and is it happening still ?

    Maybe dickhe@ds like Lusambo and and KZ can…

  29. Dr. Chilufya is undergoing serious corruption investigations he should not have been put to head this covid19 fight. Now we are hearing of misappropriation of donation money. Surely all those 4×4 parked at Ndeke house couldnt you fuel one of them with covid19 donations to transport the youngman??
    Dr. Chitalu Chilufya must be fired!!! and ACC/DEC must move in to investigate his corruption case.

  30. It’s high time this incompetent minister resigned on moral grounds…. But thinking about his corrupt mind he wouldn’t, believe or not he will not….

  31. There have been instances where even Ambulances have been involved in Road Skirmishes. The point should be Sensibility on the Roads. Be it a Private or Public Vehicle. Of Course the issue of Compensating the Young Professionals Family is Pertinent. There are also Victims on the Bus who work on their Own Account. Normally, Bio Harzard Products are well Packed though, being preventive or Preemptive is Safer. I agree with the School of Thought here about Decentralising the Laboratories or Testing Methodologies. Safety is important. Be it on the Roads, Air or Sea.

  32. There is a serious leadership crisis under PF corrupt umbrella.
    The donors are pumping lots of money to fight the covid_19 but the donors effort lands in PF pockets.
    Failure to plan is planning to fail.
    Zambia is a poor country lead by poor leadership. May the young man R.I.P

  33. In Most Parts of the World, Fighting Civid-19 is being Done by Multi Sectored or Disciplined Entities. Not just one Minister or Ministry will make Decisions Alone. In Analysing issues, ‘What if’ Scenarios are Considered. Is there a Plan B or C, Should Plan A Fail ??? What Contingency Measures do We Have so that People do Not Die more of Hunger than the Virus ??? Are we Not Seeing Africans Continuing Towards Europe even in the Midst of Civid ??? Meaning that they have made a Choice Between Hunger, Risking the Seas & Oceans & the Virus itself !!! Let us all keep in Mind, Safety, Kulisunga Wemwine Weka !!!

  34. In all fairness, Dr. Chitalu Chilufya and his team of health care workers have done a remarkable job. It’s not easy to manage a pandemic. However, it is unfortunate that a young life has been lost while transporting the samples. Nonetheless, the young man has died a hero as he was serving his country at the time of his demise. It’s encouraging to read that the President has called for an investigation regarding this misfortune. The findings will definitely allow the Ministry of Health to draw some learnings and do better next time. May every level headed citizen continue to encourage and support Dr. Chilufya and all frontline health workers during this trying time. May the soul of the departed man rest in perfect peace.

  35. It’s a shame to lose such a young life and other people who died from Power tools bus.
    To say the least the transportation of Bio samples/covid19 samples by Health Ministry is too primitive & risky.
    Because Govt has the capacity to allocate vehicles at-least for each province.I hope they have recovered those samples from the accident scene.Free fuel from Puma but failing to find vehicles.No wonder testing results are taking more than necessary.
    Where is the fuel that Puma donated? Hon. Chitalu should stop doing a one man show but engage other line ministry to help out.Otherwise his all good work so far may go down the drain.

  36. Where on earth would you send a student who is on internship to transport sensitive Corona virus samples and by public transport? One must be stupid to support such recklessness. It is uncalled for, we are ruled by quacks and *****ic PF government never seen in the history of our country. Even Sata wouldn’t have tolerate such level of madness. This Chilufya Chitalu must have been fired yesterday immediately. This Lulu guy is a shame of PF leader. Infact PF if they are serious, they must replace him not in distant time, he will cost them badly.

  37. And upnd members wonder why upnd lose elections. You have to be a very dull and sad party to exploit the death of a young person for political points. They have failed to comment on why councillors are resigning from their party but are quick to use the death of a young man for their political gloating. When I tell you that these demon possessed chaps thrive on the death of zambians do you now believe me?

  38. Nine Chale and KAIZER ZULU (council tenant in the UK receiving benefits) what about the death of the UNZA student, why didnt the President order an investigation?

  39. KAIZER councillors are resigning because because you are bribing them to do so, it wont take long before they realise you are a fraud.

  40. The Minister of Health in one of his routine Covid-19 -updates, said that Lusaka alone has more than 14 Gen-xpert machines for covid-19 testing. That is in addition to the PCR that was already in existence. Why didn’t he distribute at least one Gen-xpert machine in each province?

  41. Disheartening! A great public servant on national duties using public transport? President Lungu drop Dr Chilufya and replace him with a woman! He’s a joke.

  42. The President is absolutely right to question the transportation of covid 19 samples on a public bus.
    Its extremely irresponsible to transport samples of a known leathal virus on a bus occupied by innocent non health personel withour proper PPEs.
    Chilufya sees nothing wrong with public transportation of samples of a deadly virus.
    Then he is the wrong man for the job , its time the President took action . Zambia is not short of qualified people to be in that portfolio.

  43. @ patriotic zambian who is unpatriotic because the police had already commissioned an investigation into the death of that young lady. There is no obligation to constitute a formal criminal investigation into a road accident unless foul play or careless driving is suspected. In this case the president is saying carry out an in depth investigation not only into what caused the accident but rather also what led to the young man making that decision to use public transport. The findings of that are to be used for learning lessons and will help closure for family and friends and also the nation as a whole. Just because an accident occurs does not relate to pf leadership being useless. It’s this type of childish ness that leads to election loss every time. Grow up

  44. These criminals have no clue how they are doing things except the usual cipantepante fye! No wonder they cannot speak the same language. What kind of govt does that, Lungu has his own way while his ministers are running like headless chickens. This is the time they would have shown the country that they are serious and working, not this mediocre rhetoric they keep exposing. These people are failing to handle the situation at this stage, what more when it gets worse (hopefully it does not worse)!

  45. Ok I don’t like pf and KZ but I have to give it to this ka thug KZ, he is too quick and very sharp. I now understand why lungu keeps him. He needs this guy to win elections. This ka man is dangerous. Just look how he has managed to argue the indefensible. I will take kz as my lawyer any day. Only a criminal can defend you against criminals. Like I said on my previous comments this man KZ needs to be looked at. Upnd to win election you need to be trying to counter argue this guys points because he is making sense. The chap is a logical debater. A very dangerous man. Last time he even stole my friends girlfriend in front of him. The man has a way with words.

  46. Here is a clear example of ineptness by Lazy Lungu I always talking about, What is ineptness? It is lacking or showing a lack of skill or competence; bungling or clumsy: an inept actor; an inept performance. 2. Showing a lack of judgment, sense, or reason; inappropriate or fooolish.
    Some poor Facebook Admin at State House probably typed this whilst Lungu was drinking whiskey with Chilufya oblivious to its content.

  47. The ultimate price paid by the young scientist reveals the rot at the ministry since the departure of Dr Joseph Kasonde. The president has been misled into thinking the health system is functioning well.The broken down system started when most vehicles bought by the government were being allocated to mansa and Luapula because of the ” they did not vote for us hate.”The purpose of this skewed resource allocation was to prop up a presidential bid.Ministry of Health in Lusaka has plenty of vehicles which are being misused,posed with, and has the luxury of allocating vehicles to cadres,concubines,girl friends,wives,and all manner of jerks at the expense of the front line convid fight.The few front line vehicles are even recalled for reallocation to bosses at provincial and national…

  48. Gambino chitambo – Let me guess…the impostor patting his own back? How low can some people sink surely…no etiquette, no class, no code of honor just a machine mirroring everything without shame.

  49. @KZ , Listen and take note. Its your character that should speak and persuade Zambians and not your meaningless endless views – check your ratings next to a nutter. Diasporan

  50. Reminds of my for former Geography teacher Mr Mills at Chifubu Secondary School on how ones reasoning can be affected by “Ignorance; Poverty & Decease “ and I could also add on “Stupidity “.
    To sum it all, ‘Zambia has gone to dogs‘.

  51. Knott – They were happy to transport Chilufya’s grossly inflated $280K ambulance to Chilubi Island during the by-elections but can not allocate a vehicles to transports samples…this is why I pity the fooooools who swallow Chilufya’s lies hook, line, and sinker at his press conferences.

  52. Best bloggers of the year :

    1. Kaizar Zulu aka KZ
    2. Nine chale
    3. Spaka

    Worst bloggers of the year :

    1. Kongola twibe ( irritating)
    2. Tarino orange ( boring lacks innovation)
    3. Roy mudenda ( vulgar old school )


  53. Best bloggers of the year :

    1. Kaizar Zulu aka KZ
    2. Nine chale
    3. Spaka

    Worst bloggers of the year :

    1. Kongola twibe ( irritating)
    2. Tarino orange ( boring lacks innovation)
    3. Roy mudenda ( vulgar old school )

  54. Be suspicious of any new unfamiliar bloggers with UK flags supporting the impostor, most of these are just trolls created by the bored man-child himself from his council flat meant to distract you..I dont know why anyone one can do this when Nine Chale can fill in for this role perfectly.

  55. I agree with my President as I have explained above, but on reflection I think my good friend Chitalu should spend all that donor money we have received on establishing testing lab facilities for COVID-19 at every provincial headquarters. Our country is too vast to be transporting samples to Lusaka and while we delay doing this, the potential COVID-19 infected is spreading the virus in society while they are awaiting test results.

    We need to do better so we don’t give ammunition to these tribal one man party to shoot us. We have been given enough funding and we could even buy specialized ambulances to help with COVID-19 cases. Or even better, we could cheaply hire stranded airplanes that have stopped doing international flights and use them as air ambulances. My friend Chitalu, if you…

  56. My friend Chitalu, if you abuse and misappropriate those funds meant for COVID-19 fight, and drag the name of the boss, the boss will surely fire you. Mark my words. Kz

  57. Chiboya, my dear friend, thanks and that’s an honour indeed. I don’t take that lightly and I realised that after Mushota left, I decided that someone had to fill the void left by our sister. We win at everything we do… whether it’s here blogging or elections time or who has power, we win over and over again while they lose over and over again with their tribal god. Kz

  58. @ tarino for me I just have a clone based in south Africa but he is quite useless as everyone can tell it’s not the one and only me. I don’t take clones seriously. Be like me, just embrace them.

  59. Interesting thought . F@cking d*ckhead KZ with a UK IP address has now become Chibolya now.

  60. Another hint by the d^ckhead KZ that he is the same tw8t blogging as Mushota ,Lusambo and Chibolya .In his previous blogs he wrote that he doesn’t know Mushota .Now he is saying he knows that Mushota has left LT ..

  61. Senior staff including the Permanent Secertary and front line staff live in fear of Chitalu Chilufya at Ministry of Health as he is vindictive and merciless on anyone except money and his hunt for power. People get demoted, fired, transferred and not allowed to speak on anything except him. To him Lusaka is Zambia and Zambia is Lusaka. He is the worst bureaucrat you will ever meet and cant separate official duties from personal egos .

    He pays workers within his ministry in each district and up to clinic level to spy on selected individuals. Apart from the Corona coverage, he pays journalists to cover his stories. HERE IS A POTENTIAL ECONOMIC LOOTER disguised in many ways.

    The president must take action twachula pafula over this heartless self centered bully.

    We have had…

  62. Surprisingly what happened but everyone is forgetting about the other lives that were lost due to the accident.
    my question is what time is a PSV transport must be allowed to or not travel.
    if I were someone with Powers will immediately request the Police in command and RTSA to give me a full report before I blame MOH.
    Secondly we have vehicles for health personnel that can be used to transport the samples or even use Zaf helicopters since we are fighting COVID-19 as a nation at large.

  63. Take Kaiser Zulu to Chainama please. He makes me sick. When people are debating serious issues that is when he comes up with his stupid foolish Chipata Kabova reasoning.
    A Zulu muli mphutsi m’mutu mwanu (You have maggots in your head. Your brain is rotten).

  64. The use of public transport was quite prevalent in the colonial times and the UNIP government. A transport requisition, whose name I have forgotten was issued to an officer travelling on duty and was quite cost effective. But now officers want to be given imprest which is misused on dubious purchases of fuel.

  65. @KZ ..Hi bae, when are you coming this side of the world, please bring kapenta n some dried fish .

  66. @Nine Chale… on the fence again, even in the face of such irresponsible government. This is not a ‘management disagreement’, A young life lost, a Covid – 19 sample transported on a bus. Whether one sample and recovered or not as the useless Minister of Health says, this is a serious dereliction of duty and he needs to step down or fired. Very casual shocking responses here and that of the minister

  67. Kaizar Zulu
    My friend Chitalu, if you abuse and misappropriate those funds meant for COVID-19 fight, and drag the name of the boss, the boss will surely fire you. Mark my words.HE IS DOING THAT. Mpungalume,Kongola twibe Government ,MunaDekhane,Gambino chitambo,PATRIOTIC ZAMBIAN SAKALA WATCH AT THE LEVEL OF THIS KZ MAN. CZ,HE LIKES KUNZINCENJELESA MANGI. THIS,IS TOTAL MADNESS AND HE IS GOING INTO DEPRESSION CZ HE KNOWS THAT HE IS AMONG THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE PREDICTED THE DOWNFALL OF ECL THROUGH THE ACTION AND WE NEED TO ARRANGE FOR BED SPACE AT CHAINAMA

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