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Green Party President Peter Sinkamba accuse WHO of frustrating efforts by African Countries to find a cure for the coronavirus pandemic


Green Party President Peter Sinkamba has accused the World Health Organisation of frustrating efforts by African Countries to find a cure for the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Sinkamba says there is alternative and complementary medicines which Africans have developed over the years and require support from the World Health Organisation.

He says it is not right for the WHO to think that medicines that are developed by the Western World are what is best for the entire world.

Commending Madagascar for developing COVID-Organics, a herbal cure for the coronavirus pandemic, Mr Sinkamba said it is important that medicines developed by Africans based on indigenous knowledge are promoted as well.

He has since urged the Zambian Government to consider importing the herbal drug and use it to treat patients in Zambia.

Mr Sinkamba said it is important that African Countries support each other.

The World Health Organization has issued a warning against people using untested remedies for coronavirus.

Africans deserve access to medicines that have gone through proper trials even if they are derived from traditional treatments, it said.

Its statement comes as Madagascar’s president is promoting a herbal tonic for treating Covid-19 patients.


  1. If the AU can grow teeth this shoudnt be a problem. Africa should unite and support each others efforts in this fight. Bravo to Africans countries that have ordered the Corona Motototo from Madagascar. Thats the way forward

  2. I have a cannabis smoke based remedy…..enough proof !!!!! it cured my grand father from Spanish Flu in 1920.

  3. You mean like the corrupt Chinese WHO headed by a corrupt Ethiopian. Just pay him enough bribe and he will advocate for your cause. Obviously the WHO is acting like the insecure Diasporas who hate on their own people. Congratulations to Madagascar for the cure. Kz

  4. Africans are slowly starting to wake up from their mental lockdown. Fact is that if the same herbal cure was announced by a country in Asia, America, or Europe they would have embraced it.
    African leaders lack support for each other. No unity at all. The least they could have done is send a congratulatory message to Madagascar’s president to honour the country’s efforts instead of discrediting the drug without even testing it.

  5. All we ever do is revert to witch doctors…..Corona won’t respond to a stick being shaken over it!

  6. There’s only one method of testing the efficacy of medicines. It’s called the scientific method. There’s no alternative to it whether u’re European, African or whatever race. Science is science. There’s no African science or Western science, there’s just science.

  7. If the alleged remedy developed in Madagascar is a cure, it will pass if subjected to the usual test. There’s no need for any recrimination. Let science be the guide, not emotion and pointless African solidarity. It’s not Africa versus WHO or Africa versus the West but the world versus covid-19.

    • But why has it been discredited before being tested. And that one method of testing was it declared By God or other imperfect human beings? Sometimes it’s not what the majority vote for which is good, but that which a few voted for. The truth is that the west always want to be superior even in this fight against covid bcz they will claim they have advanced health equipment and assets than Africa. And this one method must be approved by them. Well only God can give wisdom to a few.

  8. This is a fantastic opportunity that Bill Gates and his friends didn’t calculate. It is a huge loophole that can easily see Africa break free and run ahead of the pack. I urge all African researchers, regardless of what they are called (herbalist, scientist, witchdoctor, etc.) to put concerted efforts in rolling out their cures, with efficacy to boot! We can do it. We are worth it!

  9. Nemwine, you have to know that there is a glass ceiling for the science developed by African countries. The Madagascar story is a great one that needs support, but instead of embracing it and redeveloping it, WHO is turning a blind eye to it because it does not fall within its protocals that only accepts the so called western science defined by western epistemology. Africa has survived millions of years using its own science like the Madagascar way.

  10. Kalikeka: WHO is a bureaucracy. Without that bureaucracy it wouldn’t function because it’s a large organisation. You’re not going to support Madagascari alleged remedy via short-cuts. Order it and put it to the test. The AU has since asked for information from Madagascar and that’s great. And who told u that there are no failures in Western medicines? There are many African scientists employed by large Western pharmaceutical companies and universities. I can refer you to Ohio State University in USA and see the achievements of a Ghanaian biochemist there who has been honoured by having a research institute named after him. Have I convinced u?

  11. With the mentality of the Kaizas of this world, who ONLY thinks in terms of bribes and hate for diasporans, you should not be suprised the status in Africa.
    In stead of relying on WHO, grow up and use your AU(OAU), I am sure you have a Health Department, let it be instrumental in promoting the herbal fimo fimo that you are talking about.
    Take initiative, and drive your own goals, and stop crying foul everytime you need attention. The article has no facts, its the usual African mentality of blaming others when things are not going their way. President Peter Sinkamba, I normaly read your contributions, but this one just sounds like attention seeking. ITS a pity Africa is toothless without Col. Gaddafi

  12. Kalikeka: Look for the Badu Research Group, named after Ghanaian biochemist Abraham Tawia-Badu. He studied up to masters level in Ghana. They made him read for another masters degree in America, perhaps because they had doubts about his Ghanaian post-graduate degree. Anyway, he studied again, passed and went on to do a PhD. Again he distinguished himself.

  13. very true yatata ya sinkamba,more especially that amongst some African leaders are enjoying the donations from these colonial donors at the expense of our pipo.
    With or without WHO serious leaders must emulate Madagascar!
    These horn nosed chaps don’t value Africans no wonder the corona demon is devouring them despite boasting they have best medical care.
    BA zed do something don’t delay like has been the sondashi formula issue

  14. Yes we do not have to always rely on others to tell us what to do. What kind of Christians are we if we do that? Does God only give knowledge to the Westerners? Why should they always want to control our discoveries? We don’t need bureaucracies to waste out time. God can give an African knowledge to find a solution to this problem it’s not every health problem that required phds and masters. Some people are just blessed

  15. Being strong is not winning the fight, having a PhD or the best health care in the world is not being perfect but being blessed with the knowledge is having power to do great things even when the majority with Phds and masters from 1st grade world universities don’t agree. The knowledge u acquire directly from God is powerful than the knowledge you acquire from a University headed by imperfect human beings. We should not be turning down others just because we regard them low levels.

  16. @Nemwine you say “WHO is a bureaucracy” the question is: a bureaucracy for who? Even America, the most powerful nation literally “trumped” them and refused to continue funding them because they seem to be taking sides with China. They are now treating Covid-19 patients with Remdisivir in the US because US scientists approved it, NOT the “bureaucratic” WHO.

    So why doesn’t African drug approved by African scientists qualify for use in African countries? Is it because it is “Made in Africa”?

  17. But Africa needs its own scientific testing system instead of waiting for labs in Europe/America/E Asia to do it for us. AU should be in the forefront of such initiatives. All able countries MUST get the Madascarian herbal med and start testing it ASAP-RSA, Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, etc. WHO are just doing what they were created for-promote the interest of the West!! China is were it is today because they thought outside the western norm, Africa needs to do the same. Asia believed in itself and its leaders first while western propaganda pasted innuendos on them, that’s why Africa needs to get rid of the corruption tag the west has pasted on its leaders. Otherwise we will always play second fiddle to other regions….

  18. It’s up to the owners of the discovery to show that the drug works. What percentage were healed. What was the population. No one can argue properly documented tests.

    So publish you results covid-organic and let people judge

  19. You can promote and promote as much as you want , if it don’t work , it don’t work ……it must be a sondoshe formula.

    If it worked , no amount of bias would stop it, if it worked you don’t need WHO to show it works , you have patients , use it on them

  20. Some times I wounder at how much sinkamba smokes ………

    last time he was telling us that it was the lozis who invented a sniper rifle using bones as the barrel….

  21. While African traditional medicines work , like Chinese traditional medicines , it is up to us to push the agenda and promote them more……the Chinese don’t cry for WHO to push their medicines….

  22. The Western world will not allow us to develop any medicine bcoz they will be caught pants down for lying to the world that viral diseases have not cure. Those billion dollar medical companies will go under if Africa steps in. What happens to their economies? People in countries like the USA are enslaved by these companies through the so called medical insurance. They cant support our cure bcoz corona virus is big business for them

  23. I am not surprised WHO Boss was active participant in tyrant system of Ethiopia. He is endemically corrupt. He was overwhelmingly voted into that position by repressive and corrupt countries

  24. KZ insulting well meaning citizens will not insulate you as public enemy of Zambia. You or impostor, Zambians will not forget that you have harassed, beaten, maimed, humiliated, kidnapped, fired guns and shot Zambians and dehumanise Zambians. Zambians deserve justice and time is coming to get it. Cleansing yourself on this site will not wash up, records, living witnesses exist and testimonies will be in your face.

  25. Why does Africa always wait for these western countries to solve their problems i think it’s high time Africa break away from this kind of mentality even the issue of HIV is the same Africa doesn’t put any effort to find the cure always only waiting for the west even when there is a cure Africa will not support each other because we have been brain washed by the west that anything from Africa is evil and demonic.

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