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Lusaka City Council Revenue Collection down by 50% due to COVID-19


Lusaka City Council under collected revenue by 52 percent during the first four months of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

LCC Public Relations Manager George Sichimba says the Council planned to collect K132 Million during the period under review but only collected over K63 million.

Mr. Sichimba says this deficit is the lowest in the Council’s revenue collection in the last five years adding that the Council is currently operating at 48 percent capacity only.

He has attributed the under-collection of revenue to complete and partial closure of some local and international business entities due to the CIVID-19 pandemic.

He adds that the most affected revenue streams are property rates, business permit levies, personal levy and waste management fees among others.

He has appealed to companies and individuals to settle their bills promptly.


  1. Is this a result of closing bars?? Because other businesses are operating normally. Which international businesses is he talking about??

  2. Doesn’t make sense, the business levys and licences such as fire trading, wholsale, manufacturing etc for all businesses are paid for by september each year. This means for the year 2020, they were paid for in September 2019. Also rates are paid twice per year. Also the amount of council officers visiting businesses checking for non comliance is alarming and come up with silly reasons to nail individuals to solicit for bribes. This means any business running without a licence is surely found out and doesnt last for long. So businesses such as bars which are closed should have valid licences upto December 2020 but unfortunately they have been closed for sometime. So the council should Infact give businesses a discount for the licences for 2021 when they renew in September to compensate…

  3. The last time we saw reports, it was P.F Cadres harrassing market traders & bus operators when Bus operators threatened to stop operations, so please just say P.F Cadres & Vagabonds are restless & as they are not eating due to Covid, chapwa!!

  4. Sadly this is expected during these unprecedented times. Its is happening all over world. We just need to work with the little we have until the dust settles

  5. Let LCC reduce rates and levies
    In these corvid19 times.Businesses
    Are struggling and they want to
    Collect more.World is on its knees
    And LCC is worried about revenue?

  6. The Lusaka mayor is busy lazing around posting his luxurious life style and yet the his Organization is slowly going bankrupt. This is time to come up with ideas of how to improve revenues. PF must go!

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