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Presidential Address: My Expectations

Should the President re-open more sectors of the economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic?


By Phillip Mubanga

I still support the reopening of the following!

Schools: limiting it to Exam classes, Masters, and Ph.D. classes to allow the defense of their dissertations.

Bars to operate on the takeaway basis for them to meet their rental obligations.

Civil Service: 50% of the staff operating from their homes to return for work.

The world is grappling with a dilemma: Saving lives versus saving the economy. Globally, countries have begun to ease strict lockdowns imposed to contain the spread of Covid-19 and a number of African countries have taken a similar move albeit cautiously.

We must learn to live with the rules of the ‘NEW NORM ’.

Preventing or wiping out COVID 19 from Zambia this year is an impossible dream but at an individual level, we can win this fight against the virus.

Step out thinking whoever you meet is a potential COVID-19 patient. so deal with them like you are dealing with a confirmed case. That’s preventive measures are in place.

I expect more measures to ensure people in public places adhere to masking up, maintaining social distance, sanitizing, or washing of hands.

Should you get sick or show symptoms of COVID-19 go get tested, If positive get quarantined and begin treatment of the opportunistic infections treated and let life continue. About 70% of the COVID-19 patients in Zambia have recovered and we are still counting. Only 3% of the cases have ended up in death.

Africa, in general, must reopen up borders and all travelers must be issued a Certificate that they underwent a 14-day supervised quarantine before traveling. And upon arrival in another country, the traveler must be tested again to determine with certainty whether they are infected or not. They must complete another 14-day quarantine at the isolation facility.Thereafter allowed to trade

By so doing Hotels and Lodges will have business and tourism, in general, would, as a result, be partially resuscitated.

Anyone above the age of 60 should continue working from home including those with chronic conditions.

Celebration of fiestas must continue in the privacy of homes with household members only. Any gatherings for festivities should remain suspended.

Govt should continue to observe discipline and adherence to measures in the reopened sectors. If it’s exhibited then the re-opening of our society to business and activities should be extended to remaining sectors.

All provinces considered “low-risk” for COVID-19 should be prioritized in the reopening of sectors.

Life will not be the same at least not for now.

The NEW NORM is upon us!

We must accept that COVID 19 will be with us for years and that we must learn to ‘live’ with it, and not to ‘die’ with it”.

I submit

let’s get interactive, post your opinion


  1. Await his excellencys address today. I am sure most of those concerns will be addressed. We worked all night preparing for this address. Please ensure you listen to it. Kz

    • Hey nincompoop, yes we all await it. it should be interesting especially the real person you have cloned as adviser is not giving him adise. It will make sense. Ahh so you love my big head. don’t worry am a big all round

      Am just happy and happily investing at home as I will wine till old age as you ciber bandits run from authorities the rest of your lives. Don’t know about the real KZ but he wont go scot free I reckon. LOL

  2. Government should consider paying retirees now in this pandemic, not wthat they did during the last payment by leaving out those who retired in 2016-2017 only to pay those who retired last year in 2019. This confusion to retirees by Government. Open schools and colleges in exam classes and those in 1st year colleges. Bars to remain closed takeaway basis to enforce. Consider phasing away hiace mini buses during convid-19 they can not aford social distant. This my take. FIRST PAY OLD PEOPLE WHO HAVE RETIED AT PSPF.

  3. Time not given better you are swithed on to ZNBC1-2-3 or to radio. Lets hope money for retirees will be released.

  4. “Schools: limiting it to Exam classes, Masters, and Ph.D. classes to allow the defense of their dissertations.” End of quote. This guy seems to be a master or PhD candidate, he wants to defend his dissertation. My friend, defence can be done even without physical contant with your lecturers

  5. As usual don’t expect anything from the address. I suspect it will be like the last time, the blunder where you open churches and come and deny your own statement later when churches resisted the directive and then they started the damage control with too many narratives. I am tired, when is 2021 coming, we have some fresh air please

  6. Blah blah blah….that is my take of this article.
    From the address expect more contradictions, this president can only do well if he discards his close associate who have misled him big time to the point of killing his own economy, all for their personal survival or out of ignorance. Can the president seek the opinions of others instead of saying “I know because he told me so”.

  7. Mubanga boyi, your submissions are genuine. However, the danger here is that as a Country, we have not yet fully mastered the way this disease spreads i.e which are the high risk regions etc because the tracking of at risk people itself is still not certain at the moment. The minister of health will direct mass testing in one region today then report to the nation that no one tested postive only to return the very next day that we have new confirmed cases from the same previously tested sample like it happened in Kafue. Also there are different test kits which give false negatives especially the ones used in the first days of the pandemic. Which kits is Zambia using? Otherwise all in all opening the economy is the best option but it should be done with extreme caution. As of today Zambia…

  8. ….As of today Zambia is at 153 confirmed cases, that can be extrapolated to thousands who have not yet been confirmed. Herein lies the wickedness of COVID-19.

  9. @Doctalk therein lies the mystery of the disease. Those thousands you mention may have possibly been infected and already recovered without showing any symptoms or undergoing any tests. Latest reports now show that a Covid-19 patient was treated and died in France as early as November last year but according to WHO, the first confirmed case was reported late December in Wuhan, China.

    This and many other controversial facts around this disease just don’t add up.

  10. @Kaizar Zulu with a British Flag why would a normal person decide to clone a Thug of Formal Political Adviser? You must have a small head i always wonder why but today I’m forced to ask. What is so special about Kaizar Zulu that you would even find his picture to put it on your profile but kwena this is why our Zambia would not progress because we have people like iyi imbwa pretending to be Kaizar of all the normal people. Get some senses in your head and change this nonsense unless you just want attention but attention for what?

  11. Zambia is doing well At the moment with regards to containment , but has the economy got depth to handle long term containment ???

    All the best my countrymen……i am hoping this virus does not like the African climate.

  12. Zambiano had you been a loyal blogger on this site you would know that I am using a VPN connection for security purposes. The VPN automatically generate me a fake IP address outside of this country. Everyone who blogs here frequently knows this. However you are too f.oolish to simply ask why such a flag appears. Had you put your tail in between your legs and asked ,I would have explained the above. However you are an imbecile and so I expect nothing less.

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