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The 2021 Elections are likely to Remain Tribal and Regional


By Antonio Mourinho Mwanza,

People may pretend and say whatever they want to appear morally upright or politically correct but the truth remains that no one can ignore the potent role that tribe and region play in African politics.

To ignore or pretend otherwise is to be hypocritical to the realities that we face as Africans.

While tribe and region are important demographics in elections and campaigns, tribalism and regionalism are dangerous sentiments that needs to be fought with everything we got.

The world over, demographics such as race, ethnicity, religion, gender, education, age play very crucial roles in politics, campaigns and elections and it would be naive and lackadaisical for anyone to ignore this reality.

In the Middle East, Religion plays a central role in Middle Eastern Politics. Most (if not all) Middle Eastern countries make sure that their constitutions, laws and education curricula comply with the religious norms dominant in each society, this has sometimes fuelled sectarian divisions and conflict, like what is currently happening in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Yemen and Lebanon, let alone the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict which has a prominent religious aspect to it.

More than a decade after America elected its first black president, fears of worsening racial tensions are are on the rise with the growing emergence of white supremacism. A poll in February from the Pew Research Centre, a think-tank, found that 58% of Americans think race relations are “generally bad” and 45% believe it has become more acceptable to express racist views since Donald Trump was elected president.

The exit polls by various researchers show divisions across racial and educational groups, too. As was the case in the 2016 presidential election, white men voted Republican by a wide margin (60% to 39%) while white women were divided (49% favored the Democratic candidate; as many supported the Republican). Blacks voted overwhelmingly (90%) for the Democratic candidate, including comparable shares of black men (88%) and black women (92%).

As we edge closer to the 2021 elections we expect to see desperate political shenanigans resort to tribal and regional sentiments to woo and hoodwink voters.

What we should guard against is the dangerous animalistic instinct of some baseless individuals to try to divide and take advantage of us using tribalism and regionalism for their political expediency.

We must summon our moral and intellectual authority and fight tribalism and regionalism with everything we have got for the unity, peace and prosperity of our nation.

One Zambia, One Nation.

Stay Home. Mask Up. Observe Social Distancing. Wash and Sanitize Your Hands Regularly.

The Author is Ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Media Director, at Patriotic Front Headquarters.


  1. Very true. You just need to look at the political history and make up of the upnd. It is well documented that the party will never allow a non Tonga to rule. Meanwhile pf has had 2 president from different tribes. We believe that every zambian is equal and deserves a shot to rule their country unlike our friends in the backwards party upnd

  2. Well said Anthonio, especially ba UPND. These other tribes like Bembas are flexible but Tongas will never be

  3. Well said Anthonio, especially ba UPND. These other tribes like Bembas are flexible but Tongas will never be. From time immemorial tongas have been the same

  4. But iwe Kainyokola Zulu honestly, just what the hell do you have up your as.s with the UPND? They have never been in power and you cannot call a party that has nearly 100% parliamentary seats in Western, North-Western, Southern and half in Central province a tribal party. Those areas literally constitute more than 50% of our population and more than hald in terms of landmass. Now look at the PF, for you to get any appointment, even as a GRZ cleaner, you better be called Zulu, Nyirenda, Mulenga, Mubanga or ChibesaKunda. If you are called Hamusankwa, Mwiinga, Mwangala, Mubukwanu, Mushala or Mulemba, just forget! And yet you lousy stinking piece of have the gaul to come here and smear us with your stinking bigoted faeces! Wait until we split this country right in the middle and you can…

  5. Tribalism is the best tool PF uses together with violence, bribery and impoverishing the masses to control them through handouts. Period. You can write bitting about the bush and confusing

  6. … link up with your Katangese Kasais to eat baboons and also your “Malawan” achimwenes to smoke out rats from their ground holes to chew them up.

  7. Well said, a professor once said elections in Africa are not issue based but on who is standing with who. Phiri standing with Chanda and Akolwa.First Akolwa out because of tribe, then Mwanza even though being a cousin he’s from the other region, Chanda, awe mwana wesu.This happens to all candidates .

  8. Guess which party’s leaders and aligned chiefs have been consistently peddling tribal talk. Guess which tribes have been victims of being “retired on national interest”. Check Cabinet, foreign service and heads of Government Institutions and Boards and see if the diversity of the Zambian nation is equitably distributed. When you have done that, you’ll get a definitive answer as to who is really peddling tribalism in this country. Its a tired trick to hide your evil by continually pointing fingers at others. Stop it. Its getting annoying!

  9. This is a very shallow and myopic analysis. Start by addressing the Tribalism and nepotism in all appointments in the PF!

  10. One of the key attributes of a civilised and properly-educated person is good social skills. Unfortunately universities aren’t teaching this critical skill. I hv seen it lacking in both lecturers and students alike.

  11. the key points Antonio Mwanza is saying are;
    1. tribalism and regionalism are dangerous sentiments that needs to be fought with everything we got.
    2. demographics such as race, ethnicity, religion, gender, education, age play very crucial roles in politics, campaigns and elections and it would be naive and lackadaisical for anyone to ignore this reality.
    3. As we edge closer to the 2021 elections we expect to see desperate political shenanigans resort to tribal and regional sentiments to woo and hoodwink voters.

    However, he has deliberately failed to name and Shame the real shenanigans as they are members of his PF party-such as Yaluma, Luo, Mumbi Phiri, Tayali, and the list is endless but not excluding Chitimukulu who seriously is in desperate need for a spokesperson.

  12. poor and totally troughed analysis. The elements in the US electral mapping system do not correlate with that of Zambia. very misplaced comparisons. little man don’t just copy and paste, learn to cite sources of your data.

  13. Bembas are tribal and today i can not vote for a BEMBA PRESIDENT. In this Antonio article i expected
    these individuals/tribalist to be named and not defended or protected in the article.
    1. Yaluma
    2. Kampyongo
    3. Nkandu Luo
    4. Chief Chitimukulu
    4. GBM
    5. Lusambo
    6. Chitotela

  14. Before addressing the public , first talk to Edgar Lungu , Nkandu Luo, Christopher Yuluma, Bizwell Mutale ,Chanda Nyela etc.

  15. Correct analysis!! Forget about being a leader of UPND if you are not Tonga… this is a proven fact by pronouncement!!!

  16. If Antonio Mwanza still eats tribal politics, you’ll wake up to the rude shock on the election day. Tribal politics is perpetrated by PF thinking the Bemba block of voters will still vote for PF. The tide is changing, there is new generation of voters who have felt the impact of bad leadership and don’t care about tribal nonsense. Nobody eats tribe and economic misfortune knows no tribe but the whole entire Zambia is affected whether Bemba or Tumbuka in Lundazi. Bally never named himself and the name was coined by the same young generation yearning for new economic approach to their sufferings. Those politicians who have played a tribal card will wake up to their rude shock. PF had a chance but they ignored the youth and continue stealing in broad daylight. Bally will fix it! PF must go!

  17. There is no known political system that doesn’t use tribalism or group-ism to determine the fortune of individual politicians in elections. Tribe is DNA based it’s not just sharing a language or chief like we always simplify it. Someone can become Zambian, but one can never become Tumbuka without having Tumbuka parents. Tribes are just one very big extended family. Tribalism is a reality, a reality we must all live with but fight to change to reduce the damage it’s doing to the country. Politicians should lead the fight by demonstrating to us that Zambia is bigger than a single tribe.
    Instead of always talking about it let’s find a way to identify and stop it.

  18. So you think us from Northern/Eastern will vote for PF by you saying this nonsense… Forget Antonio we are voting on merit, the modern generation knows no tribe that why we are intermarried and living happily.

  19. We know its your Pf that has successfully put tribalism on the Zambian map since 1964! Your article is very vindictive! When growing up 45 years ago on the Copperbelt I never saw this until around 20111 to now! This just kills the spirit of African unity! We call ourselves Christians but our hearts are full of hate, tribal stupidity and vengeance! Zambia, sure!

  20. The 2021 Elections are likely to Remain Tribal and Regional
    Antonio, haven’t we seen this all these past elections!. Problem guys mumafuna che kukambako chee…’silence is golden”

  21. Zambia is poor bcoz of bad corrupt rulers. And these rulers except for upright mwanawasa come frm eastern and northern province.

  22. Tribal wars can’nt solve the problems, together as one. pf 2 different presidents from 2different tribes.upnd 20years of existance 1 tribe. Kkkkkk even a goat can point out who are tribalists here.

  23. The PF spokesman is right on many points. One would only wish laws could be enacted to stem the primordial escalation of tribal tides on the political surface just so as to help protect democracy

  24. This is confirmation of PF’s tribalistic agenda. A vain attempt to justify this primitive and evil injustice. Just so that the can continue plundering beyond 2020. Mwailasha!

  25. This analysis fails to see that the economic insecurity of the middle class makes them willing accomplices in ethnic clientelism and its supporting ideology of tribalism. The current ruling party where you belong fails to see the numerous tribes in Zambia as a strength in a positive sense. The PF political party tends to see some tribes as a threat to their hold on power. This is against the vision of competition for state power in a strong and vibrant democracy.

    When one advances tribe’s continued potency in elections and campaigns it shows failure by competing political parties and politicians to embrace competitive politics. This failure to embrace competitive politics leads some political parties to depend on tribalism and regional transactional rather than ideological or class…

  26. If we choose to ignore such warnings, we will end up in serious trouble. Jonas Shakafuswa equally brought it up-he mentioned that we don’t need national reconciliation but a national indaba to table tribalism. He pointed out how tribalism crept into our system after 1991 multipartism. KK had generally snuffed out tribalism and kept it under wraps. But after 1991 it brought back its ugly head. Another significant event was the creation of a particular party in 1998 where tribalism manifested fully after the founder’s death in 2006. Antonio is very right here and must be commended for highlighting this fundamental national issue.

  27. Only a dunderhead can believe that tribalism was brought by the creation of a particular party in 1998. Any normal person knows that the ruling PF is leading in promoting and using tribalism as a means of holding on to power. Zambian Citizen, affected tribes and regions which are discriminated by the ruling PF government are already in serious trouble.

  28. Only a dunderhead will misinterprete the word “significant event”. PF has grown from their small base in Luapula to sweep Eastern, Lusaka, Central and now Western and N/W. Since its creation in 1998, Southern province has never voted for any party but upnd. Who’s promoting tribalism????

  29. Its very difficult to reason with Tonga’s they are like Arabs, to them its normal and OK to vote 30,000 to 200. 2016 general election FDD won a seat in Eastern, We have independent Mp who have won election in central, copperbelt,Luapula,Northern, Muchinga,Western and North Western. Southern province kaya and when people speak what is true..its foolish to take that as offensive. Tonga’s hh has messed you up big time. In Mazokas time such was never heard of. You bring in hh mamama and he makes a statement only a Tonga can rule upnd. 2021 dudumwezi formula we back fire

  30. Tonga’s are difficult to reason with they are like Arabs. Which independent candidate has ever won elections in Southern province from the time hh became upnd president? Tonga’s hh has messed you up.How can you hh say only a Tonga can rule upnd. It was not the case with the late A. Mazoka such was not heard of. In 2016 FDD won a seat in Eastern province, we have Independent Mp from all the provinces apart from Southern so who is practising tribalism? Dudumwezi formula will back fire in 2021.

  31. Bwanji Antonio,
    Kindly link up with Mpandashalo, He has an antidote to this tribalism menace.
    Conversations needs to start now and create a platform we can build on after the 2021 elections.

  32. What is wrong with my comment awaiting moderation ba LT? Mr Mwanza how can one contact you for advise. Ba LT are becoming undemocratic

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