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Siwale Hopes For Rational Concensus on 2019 /2020 Season Conclusion


Former FAZ executive committee Blackwell Siwale is calling for wide consultation as Football House looks at ways of concluding 2019/20 season that has been halted by coronavirus.

CAF has guided member associations to come up with a plan on ending the troubled season.

Siwale said there was need to engage all clubs during the consultation process.

“I would agree that we take it easy. Many a team, even those who are at number five had a chance to probably become champions,” the ex-Nchanga Rangers president said.

As at week 25, Forest Rangers, who have never won the FAZ Super Division title, are leading the table with 46 points from 24 matches played.

‘This issue requires engagement. The association should talk to all clubs and find out which way is possible. Then at the end of the day we should be able to agree and say most clubs feel it should end in this manner,” Siwale said.

“It’s not a one man decision; it affects many people, many clubs, sponsors and other stakeholders. We need to talk to clubs engage them so that we hear their views in relation to concluding this season,” he said in Chingola.

Forest chairman Ben Mukuka recently said his team should be declared champions if the 2019/20 season is declared null and void.


  1. The view that every stake holder must be consulted before arriving at consensus sometimes only retards progress. It is quite clear that many clubs want the league concluded on the pitch with on average only 10 games to go. That’s why we have a leadership in place who can decide on the right path to take. This can be done in consultations with the Ministry of Health as regards Covid 19. Forest Rangers may want and feel good to be crowned champions in default. But this is not the right way to be crowned champions. Its like a student made to pass his examinations without writing it. It will be at the same time make us doubt Forest Rangers prowess as to weather they meet that grade to compete at Caf club championship level. We have nothing against Forest Rangers but we want them to show…

  2. I agree with you, wider consultations will just bring confusions because even the one saying so in this article has some interest to save. Already he says Kamanga is illegally at football house so will he and his people including Mulenga Emmanuel and Mosho allow the current Faz President to Chair the proposed consultative meetings? Let Healthy ministry advise pantu sports ministry yena it’s like asking for advice from the devil

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