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Stop Discriminating Against Deaf People, Let Them Drive, Government told


The Zambian Roads and Highway Safety Group (ZRHSG) is urging the Zambian government to stop discriminating against the deaf in our society and allow the deaf to start driving.

The Zambian Roads and Highway Safety Group has not found any reason that could stop a deaf person from safely and professionally driving a motor vehicle of their choice or any class.

The Group has also not found any research that shows that deaf drivers have been the leading cause of road traffic accidents in countries that allow the deaf to drive, like in the European Union countries, in the United States of America, United Kingdom, South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe among others.

In fact, research shows that deaf drivers are among the cautious and law-abiding motorists on the road because of their sensitivity to what is happening around them, including the reading of all road signs and checking their mirrors all the time.

Research has also shown that non-deaf drivers are easily distracted by the noise around them including listening to music, talking on the phone, honking, and other noises on our roads.

Research has also shown that most road signs and flashing lights are designed not to be heard but to be seen and as such the deaf should have been the first persons to be licensed to drive because of their easy understanding of road signage on our roads.

Not giving the deaf their chance to drive actually hinders the deaf from doing business like other citizens and denies them their freedom of movement without depending on others.

Zambia is among a few countries that still discriminate among the deaf in so far as driving on our roads is concerned.

Let the deaf drive.


  1. How can a deaf driver who cannot hear the sound of a siren give way to an ambulance or police car in an emergency?

  2. It’s not discrimination. We need the infrastructure to be able to mitigate any risks. We cannot take chances. However ,if you table your proposal with ideas of how we can effect this, I mean a detailed proposal then we can begin to work on this together. It does not help to just cry when you can be proactive and tell us what need doing. Kz

  3. KZ today only you have my support good one. Blind people wanted to play football, this is a true story. A ball with a bell inside was made. Two teams were organised for same. Game started. Following the sound of bell inside the ball, all the blind players followed. The ball went outside the bounderies of the playing field, the referee blew the whistle no oneheared, interest was every player to hit the ball, there were a lot of casualties as they were kicking and hitting into each other. Spectators also tried their best trying to block the players not to play outside the pitch but to no avail. The two teams continued hitting the ball covering a distance of over 2 Km in the bush and the ball busted the bell came out, it was evening the game started 10:00 hrs. No bell sound, END OF GAME. NO…

  4. Con/… NO SCORES, more casulties and a lot got lost in bush. As we feel for them as our brothers and sisters, DEAF people DONT ALLOW THEM TO DRIVE. Dont start issues that you will REGRATE later. PAY RETIREES AT PSPF.

  5. Hon. Kaizar, allowing deafs to be driving is also what we want. I’ve seconded my X writer who says- deafs are sensitive to many things. On the road, they pay attention more than the most gifted ones. Let’s take this into consideration. If this seem to be difficult to handle- please take a SURVEY.
    #MassCom and PR- Cavendish University.

  6. I am very HAPPY this matter has been resolved.
    Sight plays a role in driving .. I am deaf and I have been driving for many many years without causing an accident.
    And owns Opel Zafira 7 seator car .. this is my third car in a role

  7. RTSA should recertify all vehicles!
    There is no need for The Horn since we are all as good as deaf, especially our politicians!

  8. RTSA should recertify all vehicles!
    There is no need for The Horn since we are all as good as deaf, especially our politicians!!!!

  9. Ubufontini ba Zambia, driving is about sight and not sound. After morden cars like electric cars do not product any sound. Ambulances and police cars uses a blue light that can easily be seen

  10. Ubufontini ba Zambia, driving is about sight and not sound. Afterall morden cars like electric cars do not produce any sound. Ambulances and police cars uses a blue light that can easily be seen

  11. Lesson C19 the siren (alarm) was not meant just to be seen but to heard as well. And please dont use the word discrimination. You are the safety argent.. is all about safety…

  12. Ba Redo naimwe, did you know that in most counties, that is considered as noise pollution!! Its not about sound, but sight. A driver is supposed to be observant of her environment at any time, so the blue light is so noticeable. Mule ends and be exposed to how other societies are doing it so that you can learn one or two things bane!! Also, technologically, drivers who are deaf can utilize special devices that alert them when emergency vehicle sirens are nearby.

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