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Government must inspect and certify schools for the commencement of classes next month


National Action for Quality Education in Zambia has welcomed President Edgar Lungu’s directive for examination classes to resume on June 1, 2020.

NAQEZ Executive Director Aaron Chansa said that he cautiously supports the move because no one knows when Covid-19 will end.

Mr. Chansa adds that the government must distribute masks to all pupils and teachers and ensure daily screening to protect them from the virus.

He has further urged the government to inspect and certify schools for the commencement of classes next month.

And Deputy Parliamentary Chief Whip Tutwa Ngulube has urged Members of Parliament to help in the Provision of Masks following the reopening of schools for examination classes.

Mr. Ngulube said that apart from what the government is going to provide, he will also use his resources to provide reusable masks to pupils in all the schools in Kabwe Central Constituency.

Mr. Ngulube said that even before the announcement was made to re-open schools; he had already started mobilizing masks for the people in his Constituency.

Mr. Ngulube told ZNBC news that his team is also working out measures to provide handwashing soaps and masks NOT only to the pupils but Teachers as well.

Meanwhile, the Opposition FDD has commended President Edgar Lungu for reopening schools for examination classes.

FDD Spokesperson Yotam Mtayachalo says continued closure of schools was going to undermine the education sector which is key to National Development.

Mr. Mtayachalo says his party is looking forward to the opening of the remaining classes on condition that they adhere to the health regulations.

He has however expressed concern with the difficulties that small businesses are facing in accessing the ten billion Kwacha stimulus package which has been provided by the government.


  1. Thanks for this constructive contribution. Your letter was received by the office of president. We will surely take your points up for discussion in our next session. Thank you and God bless

  2. Its totally wrong to re-open schools. Cancel this academic year and catch up next year. The e-learning plan is best until next academuc year. You can hold tests/exams next year.

  3. It is encouraging to see that inspectors will be sent to schools to assess the readiness for opening. This is indeed a very good idea and will ensure that only safe facilities are open for learners. What is not clear is a declaration if there are plans to improve government schools that will not meet the safety features. Will government build toilets to replace pit latrines in most schools that lack this basic requirement. Will government sink bores at schools with inadequate running water? It should be noted from the two examples that it is one thing to make a declaration and another to correctly implement. We need to take stock of the amenities in schools, in 90% of government run schools conditions of ablution blocks are a death trap and urgent attention is needed.

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