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Kampyongo Warns Casino owners against turning the Gaming clubs into bars


Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has warned Casino owners against turning the Gaming clubs into bars.

Mr. Kampyongo says Casinos should continue to operate as gambling places and serve their purposes rather than turning them into drinking places.

Speaking when he appeared on Radio Delight FM in Chinsali District of Muchinga Province, Mr. Kampyongo said there will be stiff punishment for those that go against President Edgar Lungu’s directive.

He also urged all those that will visit the Casinos to observe social distancing and ensure they wear face masks all the time.

Mr. Kampyongo noted that all those that go against the Presidential directive risk having their businesses suspended or their licenses revoked.

He said police and other law enforcement wings will continue with patrols day and night.

Meanwhile, the Zambia Gaming Association -ZGA- which regulates the operations of Casinos has thanked President Edgar Lungu for reopening Casinos because they are key in national development.

ZGA Chairperson Gift Simusamba says Casinos in Lusaka alone employ close to 2-thousand people and that their reopening is key for social and economic development.

Mr. Simusamba has however appealed to ZGA members who include Casinos, Sports Betting facilities and Slot Businesses to adhere to health guidelines as they resume operations.

And a check at Galaxy Casino at Lusaka’s East Park Shopping mall found management making arrangements to resume operations.

Galaxy General Manager Chris Cousins said while most Casinos were taken by surprise because they did not expect to reopen soon, they are happy with President Lungu’s move as it will help the over 2-hundred workers.

And a Check at some Bola Bet outlets found the premises opened but operations have not resumed.

Outlet Manager in Chelstone Godfrey Kasanga said the workers are waiting for further guidance from Head Office.


  1. Ifipuba fibili Kampyongo and Lusambo over trying to show that they reconciled. Unfortunately nobody like neither of them. Zambia lost respect, just waiting to give last respect to all PF .

  2. The president was clear in his speech that bars are not open. My bro lusambo made it also clearer yesterday and now my bro kampyonga has polished and shined it to make it even clearer. Now tell me, if we find you drinking in public and we invoke shamboko, would you blame us really?

  3. So if casinos put tables 3m apart, only allow masked up people to enter, sanitised every 1 hour or so, restricted number of people and served alcoholic drinks, is it a problem??? WHO IS DOING THE THINKING, MWEBANTU???

  4. So if I go to Marlin or Four Bistro for a meal with friends and we order some wine or lagers, and they obey the new normal regulations, then they are breaking the rules?? This sounds more like intimidation than regulation, PF GRZ.

  5. To the comments above ,let us be realistic. Me and you both know that when we hade had a few to drink it is in our nature to hug our friends and speak to them at close proximity. Alcohol inhibits actions. So please do not come up with silly excuses. We know you in diaspora want to see many people in Zambia die. Maybe that is why you are for opening bars. Twakana. Kz

  6. He’s repeating what Bowman has already said. Anyway he has found his voice, he lost it after signing the 42 Wheelbarrows Tender

  7. This is the end result when you have a dull president appointing uneducated cadres as ministers ….a casino is a bar, you can go there to live watch football and boxing that’s where they make their money to keep people gambling…its strange that the same hypocrites are now championing gambling in a so called christian country.

  8. But all casinos serve alcohol! And whats the thinking behind their reopening? People don’t need to drink but they need to gamble?

  9. That’s why these foo1s are always talking down to Zambians in diaspora. They don’t seem to have a clue as to what they’re doing. Alcohol is served at Casinos, even in America. Some casinos sell and others give it out free. It’s part of the vice. The question is, who decided to turn Zambia into gambling country? A few casinos are okay, but if you begin to have casinos on every corner, like you foolishly allow malls to be built everywhere in Zambia, it’s a sign of a failed economy. The casinos, most likely being run by the Chinese “investors,” (correct me if I’m wrong) siphon money out of the communities, and then the money laundered away to other activities, or even sent to China. Stop building more malls and casinos, and instead promote local manufacturing. Currently malls…

  10. … in Zambia serve only one purpose—being a conduit for cheap Chinese goods. Casinos too don’t manufacture anything, except debts, alcoholism, poverty and sometimes death by suicide. Stop importing cheap Chinese goods, and secondhand clothing from Western countries. Instead encourage people (real investors) to begin manufacturing clothing and other goods locally. Manufacture locally, buy locally and export to earn Forex. That’s how you grow the economy.

  11. These are sentiments of clueless cadres in administration warning the general public when there laws to be obeyed enforced ny police. Stiff punishment is for courts to decide not Kampyongo.
    As for KZ insulting well meaning citizens will not insulate you as public enemy of Zambia. You or impostor, Zambians will not forget that you have harassed, beaten, maimed, humiliated, kidnapped, fired guns and shot Zambians and dehumanise Zambians. Zambians deserve justice and time is coming to get it. Cleansing yourself on this site will not wash up, records, living witnesses exist and testimonies will be in your face.for

  12. Besides, it would be prudent for LCC to come up with by-laws to enforce the new normal for restaurants and casinos. Having the Home Affairs and Provincial ministers threatening people makes the country look like a police state. Why hasn’t Steven and Bowman enforced social distancing at Soweto and other markets and bus stops?? If there’s a fear that people might forget the forget the regulations when drunk, restrict operation hours. There is no scientific evidence that restaurants, gyms, bars or casinos are a conduit for the virus. South Korea shut down bars and restaurants because they proved scientifically that cases there have spiked, let’s not have unqualified people making decisions for us.

  13. Its because Lungu, Kampyongo , Lusambo etc. All of them own casinos. So this is just a facial cover up. They want there illegal businesses to continue operating. There is no normal country, with a sober leader that ll prioritise the opening of Casinos. Its the very last thing ever, comes even after clubs.

  14. This covid has exposed our main industry in Zambia, quite shameful, casinos and bars!as in for real!???and even these are owned by foreigners!imwe mwebantu we can do better….when other countries are crying foul with broken supply chains to an extent of destroying litres of milk, tonnes of meat, eggs and vegetables all we can talk of is casinos????hmmmm there’s something seriously wrong with us….our thinking bane no bwino, bwino….tulibambuli wa bantu….our minds are bold black, deep bold black like a thick black wall with black mortar!

  15. It’s either he doesn’t know what a casino is or he was not listening to what was coming out of his mouth. It’s like telling someone to start using his car but not to put fuel. Casinos have bars within them I don’t think there is any casino that only has gambling machines without a counter for beer & other refreshments in the entire world

  16. Of all human endevours of the country, the first thing they thought of was to free the evil-doers, the GAMBLERS!! then ends by asking God’s blessings! God bless casinos??

  17. When 1d!0ts /CL0wns run affairs of State, the whole nation turns into a massive circus, as evidenced by statements being spewed by this 2 crazy baldheads Kimpy0ngo & Coffindozer Cheeseboy B0wman.

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