Friday, April 12, 2024

Escalating numbers of COVID-19 cases in the Zambia calls for more input from health workers than ever


Health Professions Council of Zambia Director Corporate Services Innocent Kolala says the escalating numbers of COVID-19 cases in the Country calls for more input from health workers than ever.

Mr. Kolala says it is not the time for health workers to relax if areas in which they operate have not yet recorded any case because the risk is everywhere.

He was speaking in Livingstone, Southern Province at the just ended training of health workers in Infection Prevention Control and Case Management of COVID-19 organized by HPCZ in partnership with the Zambia Medical Association.

Meanwhile, a medical expert has noted that failure to strictly adhere to infection prevention protocols and measures has contributed to some health workers getting infected.

Dr. Francis Mupeta a Consultant Physician says health workers may have all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment but they risk being infected with the Coronavirus if they do not follow stepwise approaches when handling patients.

He has disclosed that no medical doctor so far has contracted COVID-19 from within an isolation centre but that the positive cases involving medical doctors were contracted outside the isolation centers.

Dr Mupeta has since urged other health workers to desist from casual approaches but follow laid down protocols of preventing infections.


  1. Wherever she is, she has done well to stop her numerous useless movements with an entourage and security detail equivalent to that of the VP. Tell the First Lady that we don’t miss her, let her remain where she is and out of sight. We won’t talk about her. She is just a huge burden on the Treasury. Savings from her office can help meet incentives for front line health workers

  2. It’s the flu. Don’t worry about it.
    If the gvt wasn’t following the internatioanl guidelines, they would:

    – isolate only those who are vulnerable to the flu: the very old, the very sick.
    – let everyone go about their business: the faster everyone catches the flu, the faster they are immune and the virus dies out.

    No vaccines – EVER.

    There is no vaccine for Sars-Cov-2, nor will Sars-Cov-2 be around by the time they have a vaccine for it. Flu viruses mutate too quickly, which is why there is no effective vaccine for the seasonal flu.

    So get it, get over it, be immune to it.

  3. I don’t mind nurses leaving patients to go for weekly training. Surprisingly, in Zambia you get a salary plus allowances to be in training in coronavirus. Double pay.
    The same with dull Chilufya, he get his salary as minister and allowances for saying nonsense of prostitution on TV. And he is no where interested in ending coronavirus, he will loose allowances. Journalists too, they are being paid to be in Nakonde.

  4. Tell Edgar Lungu and his fellow PF ministers to cut their salaries by 20% and award the Frontline health officials. Let action speak louder than words. These thieves in PF must go.

  5. You’re calling for more input from health workers but you’re not providing them with PPE? They also have lives and families

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