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People in Lusaka seem not to care about the importance of adhering to the Coronavirus measures


Flash buses proprietor Ismail Khankara has called for collective responsibility that will help the government fight COVID-19 successfully, noting with concern that most people in Lusaka seem not to care about the importance of adhering to the Coronavirus measures, citing lack of social distancing and failure to mask up.

Speaking when he featured on ZNBC during the COVID-19 program, Mr. Khankara who is also the Association of Indian Community in Zambia board member said the government is in an awkward situation as a result of the pandemic and requires the full support of the citizens.

“Government is between a rock and a hard place and initially I wanted to shut down the business but I understand the President’s predicament and his desire to keep the economy running for the sake of the poor,” he said.

He said the President is doing everything possible to ensure the economy continues to run but requires that people mask up, ensure social distancing and other measures so that progress is not retarded.

And Mr. Khankara has said he is making sure his workers are supporting the health guidelines and said he has gone further to put disinfection facilities so that all the buses are disinfected for the sake of the traveling public.


  1. And a man hh is calling for total lockdown, under5 lacks wisdom and understand of the matter at hand,he even failed to explain to the people of Zambia as to why he was calling for a lockdown, busy misleading people. What a useless opposition leader. Iam sure Mazoka is turning in his grave.

  2. Very good gesture Ismail, that’s what we really want. Please people in Lusaka, adhering to CoronaVirus health set guidelines are also means of saving our lives and others. Let’s be cooperated.

  3. All businesses providing services to the public should emulate Khankara and review their ways of doing business. Prevention should be the key driver for operating their businessesand a preserve of the general public.

    If Covid-19 becomes worse, all businesses which have been allowed to operate will cease operating. The customers should be helped to understand the importance of masking up and following guidelines laid down by authorities. If people do not comply, deny whatever services those people seek. Let’s keep ourselves safe by having a mindset like Khankara. Together we can overcome enemy and thumbs up to Khankara.

  4. UK Prime minister has allowed the people to come out of lockdown, provided they follow measures put in place and advised the people to be careful when using public transport. Here in Zambia Mr 10 point plan, hh a crook of privatisation is calling for total lockdown.. What a shame. Zambians please let’s be careful with conman hh.

  5. Most Zambian Id!ots brainwashed with their slave masters religion say believe that a dead jew by the name of jesus is in control. Instead of prevention they would rather pray the whole night in a packed church and give money to con-men that call themselves bishops, prophets, papa’s, and pastors

  6. Do we really have coronavirus here in Zambia?…The same virus that has killed thousands and thousands in Europe and America??

  7. Ismail Khankara is a hypocrite and it’s members of his Community that aren’t being truthful about the prevalence of COVID-19. They’re secretly seeking treatment in private institutions without informing authorities. They don’t want to reveal how they traveled recently. There are many in this Community that are sick and are hiding, they’re infecting their workers. So let him direct his concern at his fellow dishonest indians

    • My appeal to private clinics, especially dentists, please alert authorities whenever you come across any sick mwenye. Ginger and pilipili doesn’t cure COVID-19. As for the workers please don’t hide information because they’re giving you iftitah, nyopola will not take you anywhere. Tabligh Jamaat isn’t wajib, it’s just a tradition by Indians


  9. Here are the 14 points that certain people are insulting HH ;
    1.Complete lockdown of Zambia for at least 2 weeks to halt the infection rate.
    2.Enhance testing for COVID and extend testing services to all provinces.
    3.Mobilise retired medical staff to be on alert for a possible call to help and also enlist help from Doctors in the private sector.
    4.Procure enough medical equipment and protective clothing for medical personnel on the frontline.
    5.Restrict unnecessary movement from homes.
    6.Encourage all workers (private and public) to work from home.
    7. Encourage banks to deal in electronic transactions than cash.
    8.Restrict Intercity (domestic) travel unless absolutely necessary.
    9.Limit all gatherings to not more than 5 people.
    10.Restaurants and cafes to operate ‘take away’…

  10. @ patriot… with a mortality rate of 0.2%, there will be NO bodies in the streets. The vast majority will survive without symptoms.

  11. Cont.
    10.Restaurants and cafes to operate ‘take away’ (fast foods) only.
    11.Remove all import duty and other taxes on medical equipment and Personal Protective Equipment.
    12.Reconvene Parliament to sit virtually and approve supplemental funding for COVID 19
    13.Withdraw Bill 10 and channel resources to the fight against COVID 19
    14.Parliament must exercise strict oversight on the funds approved for Coronavirus, and no corruption and theft of the resources should be entertained or tolerated.
    If we had done some of these measures,the infection would have been lower than it is.

  12. @street kid
    I totally concur with you. Though it is highly infectious, the chances of survival at the same time are high. Those with chronic illnesses and the elderly are highly at risk.

  13. All this lock down excitement is simply to create a playing field for Gates and his vaccine manufacturing pharmaceuticals to cash in on the much anticipated vaccines.

  14. Gaborone, is in total lockdown because of a truck driver from South Africa who tested positive after having delivered goods around the city.
    From now own all truck derivers will be tested at the borders and only allowed to travel after confiermation of results.
    Now that is what a I call vigilance and seriousness and no-nonsense.
    By the way this is how the Govt. of Botswana fights corruption.

  15. AND by the way, just so we get prepared… Where in Africa do you think these so-called vaccines will be tested?? We will soon become guinea pigs just as we did during Cholera. That is why they haven’t provided us with any debt relief. Gates and his allies have bigger plans for Mother Zambia.

  16. @ Street kid, lockdown is aimed at reducing the transmission of the virus. China achieved it not because they became a playing field for Gates as you put it.
    Look at countries in SADC which have secessively implemented lockdown with discipline, Namibia , Botswana and Lesotho. Look at their numbers and then compare to Tanzania and South Africa.

  17. Sometimes, it is good to be diplomatic but not always. It is also very much essential to have our voice and opinions about the wrong. … Diplomacy doesn’t work everywhere. One can be diplomatic according to the situation but being diplomatic in every situation is going to hurt the person who is being diplomatic.

    The narrative has to change. If is not the western world, Opposition post news, Prime TV, IMF, And now is COVID-19….

    “On Dec. 2, after the sentencing of the two men, President Edgar Lungu defended the anti-gay laws, calling homosexuality “unbiblical and unchristian”- The Washington post.

    PF administration be concerned with narration. We know Who brought COVID-19 to Zambia, now the less fortunate people get the short end of the stick.

  18. There is no hiding from this virus, it will either continue to spread until 70% of people have had it and have become immune after which it will burn itself out, or, it will mutate until it becomes a common cold like most other corona-viruses have in the past. Severe lockdown will merely postpone the inevitable en do more damage to the economy. We should protect the old and the vulnerable not cower in our houses.

  19. The fact is that it is inevitable that most people who get the flu will also get this virus.

    And, the faster healthy people get it, the faster the relevant population will be immune, and by being immune protect those who are at risk.

    Catching more of the virus earlier is actually the best protection for everyone.

    So there should be no lockdown at all. This virus will come and go before you know it. Just like every year’s flu. Which no one paid attention to last year, so why go overboard this year?

  20. The problem is lack of seriousness by govt officials themselves just look at Chilufya the way he wears the face mask and for some like Sampa its a fashion accessory like his yoga sessions, Ismail Khankara wont say it for fear of his business being targeted by PF cadres. If you had a serious govt casinos and restaurants would be the last places to open but these are reckless corrupt individuals.

  21. Mr. Khankara who is also the Association of Indian Community in Zambia board member said
    This board has only one member??

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