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No restaurants or Casinos will be allowed to operate as bar-Charles Banda


Minister of Local Government Dr Charles Banda says no restaurants or Casinos will be allowed to operate as bar.

Dr Banda says any such place that will be found selling beer to its clients risk having its license revoked.

Speaking at a media briefing today, Dr Banda said casino and restaurant owners must not take advantage of the situation to operate outside the confines of their licenses.

President Edgar Lungu on Friday 8th May, 2020 directed the re-opening of some businesses in a bid to ensure that the country’s economy continues to operate amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr Banda received K100, 000 donation towards the fight against corona virus from National Breweries Plc and disclosed that councils countrywide will not relent in ensuring that businesses that have been allowed to operate do so in accordance with public health guidelines.

He said those whose business have not yet been allowed to operate should not feel victimized saying government would have wanted all the business to be reopened so that people return to work but that the situation now does not allow.

And Dr Banda has refuted media reports that he asked businesses to be paying the Council for certification before they are allowed to operate.

He clarified that business owners will have to engage the Local Authorities and deal with issues depending on what they will agree.

And, National Breweries Managing Director Martin Makomva said the Covid -19 has negatively affected the economy.

Mr. Makomva said his company has made the donation to help government fight the pandemic.


  1. …but as long as alcohol is being sold in a restuarant, it’s difficult to know who’s there to eat and who’s there to drink. Same applies to casinos.

  2. The opposition will have a field day on this one. I can imagine how that Nigerian bonethrower seer 1 will mock the president. Cmon, PF, you needed to coordinate better on this one. How can one go to a casino and not order their favorite drink?? How can you go to Marlin or other restaurants without ordering a glass of wine?? The emphasis should have been on social distancing, masking up and hygiene. Not threatening grown up people not to drink. You look very disorganised!!

  3. It’s not about being a bar or drinking. It’s being in an enclosed space with many others that provides the chance of infection. It’s the fact that a cough sneeze can travel across a room.

    Casinos (gambling), gyms, cinemas are totally unnecessary. The restaurants, bars can operate as Takeaways serving 1 customer at a time with social distancing and not allowing customers inside, this will allow proprietors to earn some money during this time. It’s not necessary for people to be in a room together. IT IS UP TO EVERY CITIZEN TO PLACE A VALUE ON THEIR OWN LIFE, YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO TO THESE PLACES. STAY AT HOME.

  4. @Patriot Abroad: it’s shocking that a whole ministers with their group of technocrats are coming up with such resolutions that are really questionable.

  5. These dull pompwes should just say we are banning the sale of alcohol in restaurants and casinos……..

    Or, if you mean what I understand , just say no congrigating in groups and be 2 meters apart. But you can have a beer at a restaurant

    Very uncordinated waffelling , looks like every PF has their own take on this and no one has a definitive answer……they give vague rulings leaving the door open to bribes for the patrolling gangs who have their own interpretations…

  6. Are degrees becoming cheap in zambia? There are just so many doctors in zambia with useless degrees.
    Politicians especially,eg.,. Dr Kambwili, Dr Lungu, Dr Lusambo, Dr Mwamba ,the list is endless.These politicians are just confusing the people as they have never been to university. Let people who have studied for them to use the title doctor and not honourary degrees. Are degrees becoming cheap and misplaced pa zed ? Late medical doctors remain with these titles to minimise the confusion.

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