Friday, April 12, 2024

Samfya Town to get an International Convention Centre.


The Samfya Town Council and Workers Compensation Fund Control Board have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for development of an international convention centre.

Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa who witnessed the ceremonial signing of the MoU, said the development of the convention centre is one of the many fruits of the Luapula Expo and Investment Conference which was held in 2017.

Mr. Chilangwa who was accompanied by Provincial Permanent Secretary Dr. Felix Phiri said the convention centre will boost the tourism sector in the Province.

The Minister said the establishment of the convention centre would give a rebirth of Luapula’s standing as a world to tourism wonder.

He added that the development would propel the Province to claim its rightful place on the global tourism map.

He explained that the move resonated well with the Ministry y of Tourism and Arts’ tourism policy which has place Samfya as a gateway to the northern tourism circuit.

And WCFCB Chief Executive Officer Priscilla Bwembya is confident that her organisation is will deliver the project due to the conducive environment that government has created through the Provincial Administration.

Mrs. Bwembya said the investment will help the organisation to have a strong financial position that will help it administer compansation to workers who get injured in the line of duty.

The ceremony was witnessed by Chiefs Kasoma Bangweulu and Mibenge


  1. I hope they also build a sewage treatment plant. Witbout it, the soakaways will just drain in the lake and pollute it. Over time the finger-licking tasty Luapula fish we all enjoy will lose its attraction.

  2. Samfya is the second most beautiful town in Zambia. That lake Bangweulu looks like Mediterranean sea.

  3. Maurice Katumbi is building a beautiful hotel by the Lake. Where do Zambian thieves take stolen public funds?

  4. I hope this move is not aimed at boosting the businesses some politicians have established there…the lodges! We know who has put up what there!

  5. Why are we not building industries? Samfya needs an industry ti creat jobs and wealth not a convention centre.

  6. Nemwine, where do you think the fishermen who spend the whole night on the lake dump their waste?

  7. I have an appointment with Samfya after the pandemic and vaccine! We are so lucky to have this place of beauty in Zambia. Currently still unspoilt. Govt, Tourism Board should have a strong Environmental Policy around this area to protect it.

    Every Zambian should take their family at least once a year to Samfya, Victoria Falls and the lesser known beaches. We must be the biggest Tourism clients in Zambia ourselves, Staycations are glamorous, why go abroad and bring back Corona?!

  8. If its not a shopping mall its a conference hall…this is a brainchild of a dull PF cadre, I mean how many conferences are you going to have in a year in Samfya? Its only govt ministries with officials(with girlfriends) who will be booking those facilities and not paying for using them. Instead of investing in manufacturing industries like sanitizers …already someone has said a hotel is being built.

  9. That’s the malaria capital of Central Africa, only Luapulans think such a remote god forsaken place so far away from anywhere is beautiful. Kusiyana siyana kwama office sure!

  10. The airport is no longer there. They built houses on the airport plot. By the way industries are not just built by who? For get the government – we used to have Mansa battery factory, Zambia airways etc, what happend? The government can build the the sewer system because the private business is not interested in such advatures as at now. I love Samfya.

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