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Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund distributes PF regalia for to tailors for the Face mask Initiative Project


The Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund yesterday empowered tailors and fashion designers in Mandevu constituency with materials through the Facemask making Initiative program.

Fund National Coordinator Clement Tembo disclosed that over fifty local tailors selected from all seven wards have been engaged in this exercise.

Mr. Tembo reiterated that the Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund will continue buying the locally made facemask and distribute them to the public for free as a way of fighting COVID-19 in the country.

And Mr. Tembo has urged Councillors in Mandevu constituency to unite and fight the spread of Corona Virus in the constituency.

“The President is a man of love and harmony, he has sent me here to empower our local tailors and at the same time to encourage everyone to work as one as we fight the pandemic in our midst”, he added.

Meanwhile, Mandevu area Member of Parliament Jean Kapata has thanked President Lungu for the love he has for the people of Mandevu as well as remembering them during these hard times when the Country has been hit by Coronavirus.

She added that the cases have increased hence the need for community members to practice safety measures as guided by health authorities.

Hon. Kapata further urged the traders to take advantage of the initiative as the Office of the Vice President will start buying masks from them for school-going children.

And Fund Manager Andrez Luneta disclosed that the targeted number of facemasks to be made now stands at one million pieces due to an increase in demand.

He also announced that the next program will be on the 24th of May 2020 where surviving freedom fighters will be honoured.


  1. Until, or why not Mama Mukula the sham Baptist donate some of her lucrative proceeds from her illegal Mukula export??
    These G00n’z are always singing “when is H.H donating, despite H.H donating but donations refused as P.F Donchi really donate, ni campaign chabe’!

  2. Meanwhile childish baby HH is busy crying about IBA and appearing on radio stations. How can a presidential candidate go about social media calling himself bally . Ati bally will fix it.. and yet he cannot tell you how he will fix it. Ask him how Haha.
    This is good initiative by his excellency. What have you sadists done to help your adopted countries where people are dying like chickens.

    • Meanwhile you have been pushing for the new normal , just because the Europeans are talking about the new normal naimwe ati new normal, stop begging for donations , there is something called Tax, that the money you use in times like this.

  3. Reducing the whole nation into beggars, looking up to that one individual who needs to be praised even when one just answers the call of nature….ni thank you for providing the toilet, the tissue paper, the water and sanitizer!….why has the country come to this….people can’t think for themselves…it’s a shame and it’s a deliberate attempt to have everyone dull, impoverished and let them think they need to align to a certain party and individual for them to survive…..it’s all there…whether working in government, in grz owned companies in bus stations, in markets and just about everywhere….you need alignment least nothing won’t move in life, you will forever dwell and perish in abject poverty…..I fear what will be after 2021…Will be a nation of living zombies!

  4. kz,u are a big devil together with your pf. on this time of the pandemic u distribute vitenge with ecls face. nonsense. ubupuba sana and thuis london whore is busy talking rubbish. you,will pay for all your nonsense

  5. You can abuse the presidential empowerment fund but it won’t win you elections. MMD was more formidable party than PF and all sorts of citizen empowerment programs country wide. Where are they today? PF government is deceiving itself and people are doing donchi kubeba, they will never refuse but come the day voting “Wina azanya” PF must go!

  6. Covid go away. I miss relaxing in kafue. I also need a break from my crazy kids. Who is with me? Haha. For those with side chicks, remain strong.

  7. It seems we have an outbreak of “Ubuwelewele” in Zambia. Who is going to restore Discipline in Zambia? A country that does not uphold Discipline cannot develop!

  8. You can make your own PF mouth G-strings but people are resolved to cast their votes for his able servant of people president Bally who gonna fix the economy. PF lost in an opportunity and everyone has sern how Edgar Lungu has failed lamentably:

    US dollar @K19.2
    Fuel price @k17.8
    Inflation @15.9%
    Political Violence@6000%
    Laziness by Edgar Lungu @1000%

    All these rates are abnormal under PF government but they themselves have accepted the reality making themselves abnormal too.

    This is not kind of leadership we want.

    Bally must fix them.

  9. @madilu what g strings does your wife wear for you to compare those masks to gstring. Does your wife wear pf g strings? Even your wife supports pf and you don’t even know it

  10. “The President is a man of love and harmony, he has sent me here to empower our local (PF) tailors and at the same time to encourage everyone to work as one as we fight the pandemic in our midst”, added Fund National Coordinator Clement Tembo.

    Man of love and harmony? That should be from the “new normal” English dictionary. The one we have been using at school all these years does not have such definitions….

  11. “Meanwhile, Mandevu area Member of Parliament Jean Kapata has thanked President Lungu for the love he has for the people of Mandevu as well as remembering them during these hard times when the Country has been hit by Coronavirus.”

    That must be another “new normal” definition of love. God, if you are there please come back and re-teach Jean Kapata and her colleagues the original and true meaning of love. So, God, please are you coming to answer our prayers, and when?

  12. Coming back to the Presidential Initiative Empowerment Fund, this must be a government budget line right? Uuhmm, must be the largest chunk of the budget, seems to have an unlimited budget line. What a nice job for Clement Tembo, no shortage of resources like the poor local councils, or even the donor begging ministry of health. nikutapamo chabe zamene ufuna kupasa.

    Must also be a big time fund raising for PF, all those branded campaign materials that Presidential fund is buying from them.

    But wait a minute, do I see levels of desperation by a political party never seen before in the history of this country until the new normal?

  13. Presidencial empowerment good move for empowering our brothers and sisters in mandevu,those agrived should consider helping selfish hh to empower cattle raiders in bweengwa where he comes from

  14. When we sy there is no leadership this is what we mean…these people are capable of anything name it burning markets, gassing its own people and now using pandemic to campaign even cooking figures to encourage donors to give them money.

  15. Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund distributes PF regalia for to tailors for the Face mask Initiative Project
    By Chief Editor- May 16, 2020
    What load of bull cr*p is this and by the Chief Editor? Malabishi!!

  16. All well meaning zambians should help the premature hh and upnd to stop politicisin everything. Let the sale their cattle and join the fight against convic, hh should consider cuttin those t-shirts with his thick face make masks for the people of bwengwa where he originates

  17. As for KZ, stop insulting well meaning citizens. Insults will not insulate you as public enemy of Zambia. You or impostor, Zambians will never forget, you have harassed, beaten, maimed, humiliated, kidnapped, fired guns and shot Zambians and dehumanised them. Protection from president Lungu who abets your criminal acts against Zambians will one day end. Police should have arrested you on all known crimes committed. Zambians deserve justice and will get some day. PF regime hasn’t the capacity to prosecute any case of corruption in Zambia, Hence, your boasting that you made Lungu win elections. So, you hold president Lungu at ransom for your crimes against Zambians. However, cleansing yourself on this site will not wash up, records, living witnesses that exist and a day will come to face…

  18. We don’t expect anything reasonable from the PF. When there was backlash from the people about party branded donations, Mwila said PF distances itself from such, Dora said there was nothing wrong with it, and now this?

  19. These are the same fools who denied being part of this movement when people got disappointed a few weeks ago about the k25000 that was dished out for this political move. Now they are embracing it proudly like it is a good move. Who is blind enough not see that this is clear politics at the wrong time? Only fools who support PF either bcz they are beneficiaries of corruption or scared to go against bcz they hv cases which hv been put on pause in exchange for silly support. Madness PF must go.

  20. Of all the decisions people can make to show equal support to all provinces they take tailors to make adverts for 2021. Businews is not all about adverts, monopoly, and unappreciated dominance. Business is about creating friendship with your customers based on mutual respect. Not upsetting customers. The vote is the product that will wipe you out of governance bcz u hv failed to seek it the right way. Wait

  21. All the decisions you keep making are just upsetting the majority. U must learn to differentiate true loyalty from fake loyalty. Forcing people to support you does not mean they faithfully support you. They are pretending to support you so that u can continue thinking you hv a big team & feeding them but Wat goes up comes down. When you are down not even your shadow will follow you. And you will wish you had done the right thing but it will be too late, everything you own will be confiscated & will be owned by the new state government.

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