Monday, June 24, 2024

Court Order stops Food Lovers East Park Auction


The much-publicized auction sale of Food Lovers East Park property which was to be held today has been stopped after the Lusaka High Court issued an order to L.N Bubala Auctioneers not to proceed.

Lloyd Bubala, a Director at L.N Bubala Services confirmed Friday evening that his firm was served with a court order halting the process of auctioning the seized items.

L.N Bubala Services were engaged by Graduare Property Development, the landlords at East Park Mall to help recover unpaid rentals on Stand no 5005 East Park Mall, Shop No. 6 from the tenant, Emporium Fresh Food trading as Food Lovers Market who have defaulted on four months’ rent.

Earlier in the week, Bailiffs pounced on Food Lovers store at East Park Mall and confiscated various goods including pizza making machines.

And according to a list of goods seen in the notice, the Bailiffs also confiscated Upright Fridges, Pizza Fridges, Under Bar, Water Chillers, Cold Rooms and Plastic Chairs.

Other properties that were to be auctioned are Butcher Boys, Gas Stoves, Vacuum Machines, Trolleys, Bread mixers, Bread Molders, Bread Rollers, Industrial Ovens and Slices Machines.

A check at Food Lovers East Park on Friday found the store closed and a notice placed on the entrance stating that the closure is temporal and that the store will reopen soon.


  1. At the rate we are going economically, most of these shopping malls will become deserted white elephants!

  2. Where are those PF squirrels who jump like mad dogs with rabies? Economy has deteriorated, your so called investors are failing to pay rent. Cost of doing business in Zambia is very high. Even when fuel prices on international market reduced in Zambia it is still very high with plenty of excuses. PF must go!

  3. Signs the economy is in ICU. Covid is also a possible contributor. The government should look seriously into this to make sure businesses are not vulnerable especially local ones or else high unemployment numbers will surge unfortunately.

  4. PF has no capacity to heal the Economy they have diseased and destroyed. Their many populist legislations have made Zambia’s business environment toxic and non- competitive. PF must surely be put to rest!

  5. This is what the PF rats have learned from lungu …….shutting down businesses with no reprieve like the post and prime tv….

    A normal grz would be weary of company shutdowns , but the PF rats thrive on this like vultures and dirty scavengers looking for a quick buck out of the carcasses

  6. And this kz all he knows is opening his mouth on useless issues when the rest of Zambians cry on situations like this.
    Our own people are losing jobs.
    Sleep tight while your kids are jumping around in your bedroom. Useless man.

  7. Let these foreign exploiters go. Zambians shall apply for loans under 10 billion n special fund to takeover retail business

  8. food lovers should know competition in business. they should not think that there in the business alone. there prices are higher than others in most of their items. please take a close check,you will agree with me. like in Kitwe, they have a plastic carrier bag is just pegged st k2.50. but if you go in other chain shops. they have for k.50, k1, and k2.

  9. Sichinga robertsylvesters: the plastic carrier bag is something we should all consign to history for the sake of the planet. U hv gone astray by citing this as loss of their comptitive edge.

  10. I think loss of FoodLovers competitive edge stems from their specialism in fruit and vegies that require expensive refrigeration and only a small section for other consumer goods and total absence of fast-moving condumer goods. Shoprite has all three classes of goods and this helps. Add to that the mad increase in cost of electricity, and u hv a nightmare for FoodLovers.


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