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Ndola City Council and Department of Health told assess the legality of the buildings erected at Prophet Yakobo Yakobo’s Church


Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Permanent Secretary, Dr. Howard Sikwela has challenged Ndola City Council and Department of Health to carefully assess the legality of the buildings erected at Prophet Yakobo Yakobos’ church “Restoration Pentecostal Apostolic Church International

Speaking today when he undertook a fact-finding mission to Restoration Pentecostal Apostolic Church International in Ndola a church-run by James Mwale (Prophet Yakobo Yakobo), in the company of Ndola City Mayor and Town Clerk, Dr. Sikwela said the government has a duty to protect its people from all manner of exploitation.

Dr. Sikwela said his Ministry received with sadness the news of some alleged inhuman practices that the church is said to have been conducting.

Speaking to the media in Ndola while he toured the church facilities, Dr. Sikwela said he was not happy with the state of buildings the church had put up and wondered if all procedures under the Urban Planning Act were followed at the time of construction.

He explained that the building alleged to have been used to host people as sleeping spaces were not in a habitable condition.

He, however, explained that churches have the responsibility of taking care of people’s spiritual wellbeing and but that does not allow them to accommodate or admit sick people that visit them for prayer.

He added that considering the current prevailing situation where Zambia and the world are fighting COVID-19 and discouraging gatherings churches such as restoration Pentecostal Apostolic Church International should not accommodate or admit people at its premises for a longer period of time.

He charged that the local authority should quickly move in and ensure that people’s lives are protected.

But Ndola City Mayor, Amon Chisenga said the local authority and the people of Ndola have had enough complaints against the man of God and his church.

Mr. Chisenga said his council will work together with the department of town planning and the Ministry of Health to ascertain the conditions of the buildings and further find out if legal processes were followed in building the structures.

The Mayor appealed to Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs to find a way of doing away with false prophets and preachers who have continued to cause harm on communities.

Last week Ndola city council rescued a girl alleged to have been living with the prophet on the pretext of being sick while her family in Kitwe was looking for her for seven months.

Prophet Yakobo Yakobo is famous in Ndola for various scandals ranging from alleged false church practices, extortion of money, and witchcraft practices.


  1. This is very good and a proactive response to a very worrying situation. What surprises me is that you never hear from upnd candidates in these areas. What are their views ? How are they helping? You only hear from then during elections. They are opportunists like the sadists in diaspora who ran away for greener pasture only to end up in low level front line jobs and victims of racism

  2. While this ministry was busy chasing zodwa for not putting on mubinde under her dress, yakobo yakobo was peacefully settling down and making followers, where was this religious fimofimo all this time.

  3. Some modern pentecostal churches have commercialized Christianity in such a way that guest houses or lodges are built not to distant from the main church building. Even building plans are certified by local authorities and regular stage inspections sre vigorously undertaken. Since we are in a lawlessn and most corrupt country in SADC region all those requirements are thrown in Luangwa river.

  4. This is a sad situation in my country. Corruption sweeps a lot of dirt under the proverbial carpet.

    Laws need to be observed and applied justly in order to have an orderly and decent society.

  5. People like this false prophet and very dubious churches continue to thrive in our country because they are tolerated. The tolerance is not from the genuine believers, but from the relevant authorities although it must be said that believers share the blame with the authorities for keeping quiet about the activities of these prophets and dubious churches. All these prophets and churches are in our midst, in our communities and we do nothing about them apart from pointing fingers at them. Let’s help to get rid of such scum from our society by being vigilant and reporting with evidence of their activities.

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